Wednesday, March 15 2017 11:39
Alexandr Avanesov

Up to 1 mWt capacity third solar plant construction started in Armenia

Up to 1 mWt capacity third solar plant  construction started in  Armenia

ArmInfo. Solar plants   construction projects speeding up in Armenia.  This month a  construction of  third unit of solar power generation  started in  Armenia.  According  to the suggestion of Ministry of Energy  Infrastructures and Natural Resources of Armenia the Public Services  Regulating Commission has set earlier a new tariff for up to 1 mWt  solar power generating , capsulationg a field of activity for private  investors. 

 " After that the interest to the projects in solar energy sector  essentially increased," Hayk Haroutyunyan, the Deputy Minister of  Energy infrastructures and natural resources says. Following  Haroutyunyan in recent months a construction of three power  plants  started, and those number  is expected to increase. At that, the  volume of investments needed for the construction of 1 plant, is  equal to approximately USD 1 mln.

The interest to construction of  solar power plants in Armenia is  expressed both by internal and external investors. According to  Haroutyunayn, recently design and preparation works have started in  respect to the construction of another sola power generation unit  in  Vayots Dzor.  .  Earlier in his conversation with ArmInfo reporter  the Deputy Minister stated  that currently the process of  prequalification criteria is under development is close to  completion. In   late January of this year within the framework of  investment forum different companies presented their positions in  respect to this issue. Based on the results of discussion a roster of  criteria was capsulated  and is subject to be reflected in the tender  reference. Harutyunyan mentioned that more than 40 foreign companies  expressed interest in participation in the tender mentioned. "But our  goal is to  get involved in the tender procedure only high skilled  teams and highly qualified companies. The companies having no  appropriate performance history, should be excluded from the tender.  Within the project we want to obtain a modern, technically  fully  equipped  plant.  And we do not need companies with suspicious  performance history, which will present their proposals, but after  may avoid observing  the liabilities undertaken," the Deputy Minister  stated adding that only those companies passed the prequalification  stage will be allowed to participate in the tender.  

To note, the Spanish company of Acciona,  the worldwide leader of the  renewable energy production, is intended to invest this year about  EUR 600-700 mln in the construction of  energy parks. The management  of the company estimates to invest the same volumes in the projects  of alternative electric power annually until the year of 2020. The  total volumes of  investments estimated for the current period forms  EUR 3,5 bln, EUR 2 bln of which will be allocated for the  construction of units  located out of Spain. " We have studied  proposals from more than 100 countries of the world, interested in  solar and wind plants construction. Now we have to choose projects  that will be priorities for us," Jose Manuel Entrecanales, the  President of Acciona Company said at the meeting of shareholders

To remind, within the forum investment package on development of  solar energy in Armenia will be presented to foreign companies.  Considering drop of world prices on production of equipment for solar  power plants the Armenian authorities are sure that it will be  possible to produce electricity on acceptable tariff.

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