Thursday, April 6 2017 18:58
Alina Hovhannisyan

Bank Anelik summed up lombard loans by holding a lottery and presenting winners with "golden" gifts

Bank Anelik summed up lombard loans by holding a lottery and  presenting winners with "golden" gifts

ArmInfo.Bank Anelik summed up  the winter action of lombard loans on the security of gold by holding  a lottery and presenting the winners with "golden" gifts. As the  press service of the bank told ArmInfo, according to the results, 10  lucky winners received three 10-gram and seven 5-gram gold bullions.  The names of the winners are published on the official website and  the Facebook page of the Bank. This winter action started on November  28, 2016 and ended on February 28 this year.

Congratulating the winners, the director of the public relations  department of Anelik Bank, Nune Melqumian, said: "This is another  pleasant surprise, presented by Bank Anelik to its clients." In  addition to affordable lending, the Bank is pleased with its  borrowers and gifts." At the same time, she stressed that similar  actions and surprises in the Bank of Anelik will be sustained.

According to the source, the action was held on April 5 at 12:00, the  online broadcast of which could be watched on the Facebook page of  the Bank.

For more detailed information, please visit or call 010  59 33 33.

According to the Financial Rating of Armenian Banks, prepared by IC  ArmInfo, the volume of credit investments of Anelik Bank increased by  3.6 times in 2006 to 218.8 billion AMD, of which retail crediting  accounted for about 13% or 27.7 billion AMD. Such growth of the loan  portfolio allowed the bank to increase its assets in the reporting  year by 3 times up to 283.5 million AMD. As a result, the share of  the loan portfolio in the structure of the bank's assets increased  from 68% to 77%. Net profit of Anelik Bank increased by 5.3 times in  2016 - to 1.2 billion AMD. (The calculated exchange rate of AMD as of  December 31, 2016 was 483.94 AMD/USD1).

To remind, Bank Anelik functions in the market since October, 1996.  After the additional share issue in November 2016, the membership of  the Bank's shareholders changed - the entry of the Cypriot company  FISTOCO LTD with a stake of 59.68% reduced the share of the former  shareholder represented by the Lebanese Bank CreditBank S.A.L from  100% to 40.32%. Indirect majority shareholders are physical persons:  Tarek J. Khalefe (CreditBank S.A.L) and Vardan Dilanyan (FISTOCO  LTD).


Exchange rates

Government Bonds

Issue volume

10 billion

Volume of T-bills for placement

200 million

Volume of submitted competitive applications

200 million

Volume of satisfied bids

200 million

Yield at cut-off price


Maximum yield


Мinimum yield


Weighted average yield


Number of participants


The maturity date of T-bills




СПРОС (Покупка)


Средневзв. Цена




Средневзв. Цена




Цена откр.


Цена закр.


Мин. Цена


Макс. Цена


Ср/взв. Цена



Кол-во сделок


Объем (инвал.)

200 000

0бъем (драм)

96 400 000