Tuesday, April 25 2017 17:08
Naira Badalian

Karen Karapetyan suggested Indian Vice-President perspective directions for cooperation

Karen Karapetyan suggested Indian Vice-President perspective  directions for cooperation

ArmInfo. The Prime Minister  stressed the need to provide conditions for the import agricultural  equipment from India and establishment of agro-machinery centers in  Armenia. Priority was given to the development of cooperation in the  field of seed production. Karen Karapetyan stated on April 25,  meeting Indian Vice-President and the head of the delegation Mohammad  Hamid Ansari.

In this regard, the Prime Minister stressed the need to  provide conditions for the import agricultural equipment from India  and establishment of agro-machinery centers in Armenia. Priority was  given to the development of cooperation in the field of seed  production.

As the Government's  press-service informed ArmInfo, Karen Karapetyan  and Hamid Ansari first met in private, after which the talks  continued in an extended format. Welcoming the Hamid Ansari's  delegation, Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan expressed confidence that  their visit will give a new impetus to the development of the  Armenian-Indian economic cooperation. Karen Karapetyan reminded, "The  relations between our two peoples boast a long history. The  Armenian-Indian relations are characterized by high level of mutual  understanding and trust. This year we are marking the 25th  anniversary of diplomatic relations between Armenia and India.  Despite the high level of political dialogue between our countries,  there is still much to be done in the field of economic cooperation,  as there is a lot of potential."

Expressing gratitude for warm receive, Indian Vice-President  highlighted the friendly relations between the two countries and  nations as a key asset. "Our countries have always identified goals  and ways for cooperation in every stage of relationship. This was the  case in the past and will continue in the future. Today's world is a  world of technology and we have achieved progressive growth in terms  of adapting to the technological world. India has the capacity and is  ready to share them out with Armenia in engineering, mechanical  engineering, information technology and healthcare, including  pharmaceuticals, agriculture and other sectors," the Vice- President  of India said.

Attended by Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan and Indian Vice President  Hamid Ansari, the following cooperation instruments were signed  between the two governments: a memorandum of understanding on  cooperation in the field of youth affairs between the Armenian  Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs and the Ministry of Youth Affairs  and Sports of India as signed by RA Minister of Sport and Youth  Affairs Hrachya Rustamyan and Indian State Minister for Small and  Medium Enterprise Giriraj Singh; practical program of cultural  cooperation in 2017-2020 between the Armenian and Indian Ministries  of Culture as signed by RA Minister of Culture Armen Amiryan and  Indian Ambassador Yogeshvar Sangvan; a memorandum of understanding on  cooperation in the field of peaceful uses of outer space between the  governments of Armenia and India as signed RA Minister of Education  and Science Levon Mkrtchyan and Secretary for East of the Indian  Ministry of Foreign Affairs Priti Saran.

Later today, Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan will host an official  dinner in honor of Vice President of India M. Hamid Ansari. 

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