Monday, June 19 2017 14:43
Alexandr Avanesov

Rosatom: our aim is that nuclear power will become significant component of future carbon-free energy balance

Rosatom: our aim is that nuclear power will become significant  component of future carbon-free  energy balance

ArmInfo. The development of  nuclear energy continues all over the world. In 2016, as well as a  year ago, the production of electric power by nuclear power plants  increased by almost 10 GW, more than twice the average annual rate  for the previous 25 years. Starting from 2012, the amount of  electricity generated by nuclear power plants is growing every year.  For the first time since the beginning of the century, growth has  been observed for four consecutive years, on June 19 in Moscow, at  the opening ceremony of the Atomexpo-2017 forum, said Agneta Rising,  General Director of the World Nuclear Association (WNA), ArmInfo  special correspondent from Moscow reports. 

According to Agneta Rising, access to inexpensive, reliable,  sustainable and modern energy source - is one of the most key tasks  of sustainable development proclaimed by UN. Demand for electricity  increases as the world population grows, the economy develops and the  standards of living of the population improve at the level of  individual countries. Harmony program, proposed by the World Nuclear  Association, determined the vision of the future of energy. The  combination of non-carbon energy sources should be such to maximize  the advantages of each of them, and the negative effect should be  minimized. "Nuclear power should play an important role in a  carbon-free energy balance. The goal of nuclear energy is to provide  25% of the total electricity produced by 2050, which will require the  construction of a nuclear power plant with a total capacity of about  1,000 GW. The construction of 1,000 GW of nuclear generating capacity  by 2050 is a practical and achievable goal that does not require  higher construction rates than those achieved in the nuclear industry  in the past. But it is important to remove barriers that can hinder  the achievement of this goal. We must ensure equal conditions for the  implementation of all non-carbon technologies, taking into account  not only the environmental consequences, but also reliability and  price for the energy networks.

According to Rosatom State Corporation General director Alexei  Likhachev , one of the main topics in the world is the improvement of  the planet's ecology and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions into  the atmosphere. For more than a year, the world energy market has  been operating, taking into account the principles of the Paris  agreement on fighting  climate change. "Our goal is to ensure that  nuclear energy becomes an essential component of the future  carbon-free energy balance. The new safety and environmental  standards, and the course taken to implement  the closed fuel cycle,  allow us to confirm that nuclear power is one of the most green for  today. Nevertheless, we must continue to improve in terms of  technology, safety and economic attractiveness. We plan to discuss  all these aspects at ATOMEXPO 2017 and develop joint approaches,"  said the head of the State Corporation.

In his turn, the chairman of the World Association of Operators of  Nuclear Power Plants (WANO), Jacques Regaldo believes that in a  rapidly changing world, nuclear energy faces new challenges. Aimed    to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, most countries are reviewing  their energy balance, and nuclear power is one of the main ways to  achieve this goal.  But, one way or another, we must remember that  the safety of nuclear energy is an unconditional priority for all.  WANO's mission is to increase the safety and reliability of nuclear  power plant operations around the world, relying on our strong,  cohesive and active community. Safety is our top priority, and a  safety culture is also a key issue for every employee in our  industry, including the supply chain and production control. With the  support of all participants of our world organization, we have  already made tangible progress in solving the most difficult  problems. But, as I always say, we cannot relax, we need to act on  the lead, we need to prepare our organization for future changes in  the field of nuclear energy, "the chairman of WANO said. 

AtomExpo 2-17 IX  international forum  started in Moscow on June 19.  According to the information of ArmInfo reporter, this event is being  held every year  based on intiative of RosAtom State Corporation and  has a  status of   the largest international exhibition and business  platform, where the  issues of modern situation  in nuclear sector is  being discussed and  trends of its further development capsulated.  This year the main  issue of the forum is Nuclear technologies -  safety, sustainability  and environment. Attendants of the forum will  have a rich business  program.  This year the forum is attended by  participants from 62 countries, representing more than 600 companies.   In total, the number of participants of the ninth forum will exceed   5000.

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