Saturday, September 30 2017 14:21
Alina Hovhannisyan

Beeline launches first in Armenia Symkomat - terminal for selling SIM-cards

Beeline launches first in Armenia Symkomat - terminal for selling  SIM-cards

ArmInfo. Beeline announced  the launch of Simkomat - own self-service terminals for the sale of  SIM cards, which was developed in Armenia jointly with Esay Pay.  The  first simcoms in Armenia will be installed in Yerevan.

As the press service of the company informs, Simkomat Beeline allows  to purchase SIM-cards with the tariff plan Smart 1500 without the  help of employees of the company, as well as make payments for  communication services Beeline.

According to the source, SIM cards with this tariff plan in the sales  and service offices are provided for 1,600 AMD, but through the  Simkomat this tariff plan is sold for 1,000 AMD. The service is  available to citizens of Armenia and other countries.

"Development of self-service and digital-channels does not stand  still, and we have long sought ways to increase efficiency and reduce  costs through digital devices. Thanks to the Simkomat subscribers in  the 24/7 mode can purchase a SIM card Beeline. At the same time he  conducts the entire procedure himself, which removes his dependence  on the schedule of the sales and service offices. At the moment we  are working on making SIM cards and paying for Beeline communication  services through a non-cash method from Simkomat - so the user will  not necessarily keep cash with him," said Beeline's Director General  in Armenia, Andrey Pyatakhin.

The principle of the work of the SIM is the following: the user  selects the option , the document type (passport  or ID-card), installs the document in the reader. The Simkomat takes  pictures of the client using the built-in camera and compares the  photo in the passport/ID-card with the actual photo of the client.  After acquainting himself with the subscription agreement, the client  signs an electronic signature on a special field. Then the customer  chooses the form of payment and pays the cost of the SIM- card, and  the device issues a card, subscriber variant of the contract and a  check (the subscriber contract can be sent to the user's email  address). The process of formalizing the contract takes an average of  about four minutes.


The Simkomat meets all the requirements of the Armenian legislation  and thanks to the modern encryption system it provides reliable  protection of the subscriber's personal data. It is impossible to get  a SIM card with someone else's passport, because the system,  comparing photos, will reveal a discrepancy and refuse to connect.

"ArmenTel" CJSC (Beeline trademark) is a member of the Veon group of  companies, which is one of the world's largest integrated telecom  operators. The group includes communications companies providing  voice and data services based on a wide range of wireless and  fixed-line technologies, as well as broadband Internet access to more  than 200 million subscribers in Russia, Italy, Ukraine, Kazakhstan,  Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Algeria,  Bangladesh and Pakistan. The companies of the group provide services  under the brands Beeline, Kyivstar, Wind, Mobilink, Banglalink and  Djezzy.

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