Wednesday, October 4 2017 14:56
Naira Badalian

There will be no lustration: SRC is doing its own business and is not dealing with cheap PR

There will be no lustration: SRC is doing its own business and is not  dealing with cheap PR

ArmInfo. "SRC does its work and  does not deal with cheap PR," said Vardan Harutyunyan, Chairman of  the State Revenue Committee of Armenia (ARC) on October 4 at a  meeting with journalists, responding to a request to advertise those  who conduct business in the "shadow."

Vardan Harutyunyan once again refused to name the names of  businessmen who are doing business in the shadow sector. "If you want  to hear information about any businessman, I will not say that as in  the previous press conference, now you will not hear it." SRC does  its work and does not engage in cheap PR.  "We daily struggle with  the shadow and its results are obvious, "he said, stressing that the  ministry's employees set a very high standard for themselves.

According to him, in January-September 2017, the Office of  Operational Investigation conducted about 2000 events, fixed funds to  be paid to the budget for 2.2 billion AMD. "According to our  estimates, the turnover in the shadow sector is 2.8 billion AMD," he  said. Regarding the checks in the "Multi Groups" and "Katherine"  companies, Vardan Harutyunyan noted that the regulations of the said  events are approved by the annual program, the Committee does not  influence its drafting. "The system chooses risk companies where they  need to undergo inspections," the head of SRC said, noting that these  companies included a list of upcoming inspections at the end of 2016,  and he does not see anything surprising in it.

According to Harutyunyan, the current year was marked by structural  reforms for the tax and customs bodies. Tax inspections have been  disbanded, 3 departments have been established to provide services to  taxpayers, a tax inspectorate for small taxpayers, and a tax  inspectorate for large and medium taxpayers who have become part of  the committee's units as a subdivision of a higher tax authority. In  the current year, a centralized accounting system was also  introduced. On this, as the head of the tax and customs body noted,  the reforms in the sphere did not end, and in this connection did not  rule out the possibility of new structural changes.

Earlier, ArmInfo reported that for the first quarter of 2017 Armenia  recorded an unprecedented level of tax collections - 255 billion AMD  instead of the planned 242 billion AMD and managed to significantly  reduce the amount of "shadows" - from 48.8% to 33.2%, the chairman  said. Committee of State Revenues (ARC) of Armenia Vardan Harutyunyan  on May 11 summing up the activities of the department last 7 months.  "It is impossible to eliminate the shadow turnover by 100% in any  country, but it is necessary to conduct a consistent struggle, which  we are doing," said Harutyunyan. At the same time, he refrained from  voicing specific companies and indicators for today, referring to the  tax secret and the fact that some realized their mistake and managed  to improve. 

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