Monday, October 9 2017 13:39
Alina Hovhannisyan

Absolute innovation of Armenian brandy production: Yerevan Brandy Company presented a new product ARARAT Single Cask

Absolute innovation of Armenian brandy production: Yerevan Brandy  Company presented a new product ARARAT Single Cask

ArmInfo. In the year of the  130th anniversary of Armenian brandy production, the Yerevan Brandy  Company (YBC) presented a new unique product ARARAT Single Cask, a  57% strength brandy, issued in strictly limited quantities and  numbered bottles.

"This is an absolutely unprecedented case in the history of Armenian  brandy," said Hamlet Antonyan, director of production at the YBC, on  6 October, presenting a new product prepared solely from premium  brandy spirts obtained and held in the unique climatic conditions of  the Tavush region of Armenia. "We are proud to be able to personally  present our new solution, which absorbed the strength of will and  endurance of the inhabitants of the Tavush region, known for its cool  climate and crystal clear air, which gives spirits an exceptional  subtlety and unique organoleptic characteristics, worthy of enjoyment  in a pure, non- profitable form. The character of this drink is  manifested in deep woody and smoky notes with a soft touch of vanilla  and spicy cinnamon," he stressed.

A. Antonyan noted that ARARAT Single Cask passed a single process of  double distillation and is kept in one barrel without further  blending. He stressed that this is the only product from the entire  line of ARARAT, the past stage of cold filtration, which allows you  to save even more notes of flavor and emphasizes the authenticity of  the drink.

For the limited edition ARARAT Single Cask, which includes only 1440  bottles, the masters of the Yerevan Brandy Factory selected only  three barrels. For each of the bottles of the innovative series, a  specially invited calligrapher from Matenadaran manually applied a  unique number indicating the barrel in which alcohol was maintained.  He also said that the expert commission called the unique shade of  ARARAT Single Cask "the color of the autumn Armenian sunset."

Responding to the question of ArmInfo, Antonyan noted that the  realization of the drink is provided only within the domestic market.  In particular, he informed that from 1 November connoisseurs will be  able to purchase ARARAT Single Cask in Duty Free, and from December 1  - already in the retail trade network of Armenia. The preliminary  cost of an exclusive drink is estimated at 90,000 AMD per bottle.  According to Antonyan, the drink is suitable for consumption both as  an aperitif (with ice or preliminary cooling of a glass) and a  digestive.

The quintessence of the new product of the YBC, according to the head  of production, was the luxury of minimalism and the Kraft concept,  which was reflected in modern wooden packaging. "The composition of  the labels frames the bottle with the iconic outline of Mount Ararat  and emphasizes the luxurious color of the drink," he remarked.

As noted in the message of YBC on the entry of a new product to the  market, throughout the history of brandy-making Armenian masters  found the courage to push creative boundaries and act with  avant-garde solutions for their times, which soon became an  unchanging canon. Thus, at the beginning of the last century, Mkrtich  Musinjants created the first Armenian brandy, having determined the  triumphant future of Armenian brandy, several decades later, in the  middle of the 20th century, the patriarch of Armenian brandy-making,  Margar Sedrakyan, proposed a revolutionary idea to add distilled  water to cognacs. The idea, which was innovative for its time, later  became the golden rule of Armenian brandy making.  ARARAT Single Cask  is a harmonious continuation of the innovations of ARARAT, offering  the connoisseur of the whole exquisite new drink, which  metaphorically can be called a "single brushstroke" made in the  technique of the shortest way from a barrel to a glass.

The legendary Armenian brandy ARARAT is produced at the Yerevan  Brandy Factory using traditional technology, the foundations of which  were laid back in 1887 by the brothers Vasily and Nerses Tairyants.   When creating brandy, only high-quality Armenian grapes of endemic  varieties and crystal-clear spring water are used. Precious brandy  alcohols ARARAT are aged in barrels from the age-old Caucasian oak,  made in the Cooper's own cooperative workshop. In 1998, the Yerevan  Brandy Factory entered the international company Pernod Ricard, the  world leader in premium alcohol.

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