Wednesday, February 21 2018 18:05
Naira Badalian

In March 2018 a bill on public-private partnership will be presented in Armenia

In March 2018 a bill on public-private partnership will be presented  in Armenia

ArmInfo. With the expert  assistance of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, a  draft law on public-private partnership has been developed. In March  the project will be submitted for discussion. This was stated by  Minister of Economic Development and Investments of Armenia Suren  Karayan during the working meeting with President Serzh Sargsyan.

The  Minister reported to the President about the works and their results  implemented in the direction of the implementation of his  instructions, on the problems fixed in the sphere of reforms and the  still existing problems, as well as on the main lines of work planned  for 2018.

According to the press service of Armenian President, the minister  said that for the year 2017 the export of Armenian products grew by  25.2%. In order to ensure a simplified exit of Armenian producers to  foreign markets and in accordance with the instructions of the RA  President, measures were taken to increase the availability of  information on target markets, including by launching an online sales  system. According to the results of the past year, the growth of  industrial products amounted to 12.6%, the role of the main violin  was played by the manufacturing industry with 15.7% growth.

In addition, negotiations on the conclusion of an agreement between  Iran and China are coming to an end.  Negotiations are conducted with  Serbia, Israel, India, Egypt and Singapore. The head of the Ministry  of Economic Development and Trade noted the importance of the  introduction of the electronic system for the self-declaration of  exporters (Registered Exporter System - REX) operating under the  preferential trade regime with the EU GSP +. In the registered system  at the beginning of the year the process of registration of domestic  exporters was already started.

Over the past year, Armenia has also recorded achievements in the  field of tourism: the number of tourists who visited Armenia in 2017,  compared with 2016, increased by 18.7%. In this case, the Minister  noted the important role of marketing.  Regarding reforms in the  context of improving the business environment, Suren Karayan noted  that in 2018 special attention will be paid to simplifying procedures  in the sphere of granting construction permits, improving tax and  customs administration, a mechanism for protecting the interests of  small shareholders, as well as work in the field of bankruptcy and  contractual relations . To protect the interests of a foreign  investor, a bill has been drafted that has already been approved by  the government and sent to the National Assembly in due course. The  Head of the Ministry of Economic Development of Armenia reminded that  on December 15, 2017 the official launch of FEZ Meghri was given.  According to the approved project, the construction of a free  economic zone is planned to be completed in 2 stages. At the first  stage, the minimum necessary conditions for its work and organization  of work with companies interested in the activities of FEZ on the  ground were created. At the second stage, expansion of the territory  is planned. The work is planned to be completed during the current  year.

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