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Over the year, the volume of indemnities of Armenian insurers  decreased by 4.7%

 Tuesday, August 4 2020
Over the year, the volume of indemnities of Armenian insurers  decreased by 4.7%

ArmInfo. For the first half of 2020, Armenian insurers reimbursed 11.3 billion drams or $ 23.4 million in different classes (the figures are given from the reports  of IC portfolios according to the standards of the Central Bank of  Armenia). In y-o-y terms, insurance claims declined by 4.7%, against  an increase of 9.8% a year earlier. The same deterioration in the  y-o-y dynamics was demonstrated by insurance premiums - from an 18.7%  growth to a 7.7% decline, amounting to 24.3 billion drams or $ 50.3  million.


Alex Holding was fined AMD 24.7 million for abuse in the sugar market

ArmInfo.  Alex Holding was  fined 24.7 million drams for abuse in the sugar market. This decision  was made at a meeting of the State Commission for the Protection of  Economic Competition (SCPEC).

EDB: Total GDP of the EAEU States by the end of 2020 will decrease by  2.2%

ArmInfo.  Each month of  quarantine measures costs the countries of the Eurasian Economic  Union (EAEU) with a drop in GDP of 1.5 to 3%. This is stated in the  materials of the Eurasian Development Bank, portal  reports.  According to the bank, GDP losses of the unification  countries from external factors in 2020 may be about 2%.

Armenia`s state budget recorded a deficit of $ 101 million in the first half of 2020
Arsen Bazikyan: In Armenia, the leasing regulation is transferred  from the contractual to the legislative field

Finance and banks

Russian Fora-Bank launches mobile transfers to Armenia

ArmInfo. Clients of the  Russian Fora-Bank can send money to Armenia using the "Mig"  international mobile transfer system, the press service of the credit  organization reports.

Shnogh community of  Lori region of Armenia received agricultural  machinery with  funds of the World Bank

ArmInfo. The Territorial  Development Fund of the Ministry of Territorial Administration and  Infrastructures of Armenia has provided agricultural machinery to the  Shnokg community of the Lori region of the republic.

IFC`s $ 15 million loan to INECOBANK aims to support MSMEs to resist  COVID-19 challenges
The work in IDBank is well under way during the pandemic


FinRating ArmInfo: Agreements on tourism and cargo transportation  segments have significantly declined in the insurance market

ArmInfo.According to the results of the first half of 2020, the corporate component dominates in the premium portfolios of Armenian insurers - 56.2% (13.7 billion drams), while the retail component accounts for 43.8% (10.6 billion drams), against 55.9% and 44, 1% respectively a year earlier.

Insurance sector of Armenia in H1 of 2020 increased tax payments to  state treasury by 23.9%

ArmInfo.  In the H1 of 2020, the  insurance sector of Armenia paid taxes for 1.2 billion drams, which  is 23.9% higher than a year ago. Out of this amount, 339.6 million  drams fell on income tax, with a y-o-y growth of 37.6%.

In Armenia, CMTPL electronic policies are becoming more popular among  car owners
Sales of  Third party Liability (TPL)  electronic policies grow  rapidly in Armenia

Solar power plants installed in Armenian Noyemberyan

ArmInfo. The Territorial Development Fund of the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructures of Armenia, with the assistance of the United States  Agency for International Development (USAID), is implementing a local  self-government reform program, which, among many other investments,  provides for the introduction of AMD 30 million for the installation  of solar stations in the enlarged Noyemberyan community.

IFC, EBRD and EU to support the development of the first  utility-scale solar power plant in Armenia

ArmInfo.IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, the  European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), and the  European Union (EU) have signed on to support the development of the  first utility-scale solar power plant in Armenia, which is also the  first for the Caucasus. This is stated in the IFC press release  received by ArmInfo. 

The company "Cascade Energy" in the implementation of the project to  modernize the electrical substation "Lich" will receive the right to  make purchases from one person
"TRANSGAS" Co.Ltd. will transport gas at a tariff of 7790 drams per 1  thousand cubic meters


PicsArt acquired application of a resident of one of  cycles of  Beeline Startup Incubator project

ArmInfo. PicsArt has acquired its first company, which turned out to be a resident of the 3rd cycle of the Beeline Startup Incubator project, implemented by "Beeline  Armenia" company together with the Business Angels Association of Armenia (BANA).

Premier: "Digitalization is a revolutionary process: we should work  to develop both content and the technical aspects"

ArmInfo. The Digitalization  Council was held in the Office of Government, chaired by Prime  Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan. The draft of Armenia's 2020-2025  digitalization strategy was discussed during the meeting.

In 2019, the revenue of the high-tech sector of Armenia amounted to $  320 million.
The 3rd takes place online

Real estate

Armenian citizens make money and get rid of the burden of mortgage  loans ahead of schedule - Pashinyan

ArmInfo. In September 2019,  compared to September last year, the number of mortgage loans in  Armenia increased by 23.3%, or by 7261 mortgage loans. The Prime  Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan wrote about this on his Facebook  page.

Cadastral value of expensive real estate in Armenia may increase  eight fold

ArmInfo. The cadastral value of  luxury expensive real estate in Armenia can increase eight fold. This  was stated during the discussion of the draft law "On Establishing  the Procedure for Calculation of the Cadastre Approximate to the  Market Value of Real Estate for the Taxation of Real Estate" on  September 11, head of the Real Estate Cadastre Committee of Armenia  Sarhat Petrosyan. Thus, with the adoption of the law, the tax on  particularly expensive real estate will increase significantly.

Apartment prices in the regions of Armenia increased by 4.1% in the  first half of 2019
Property tax in Armenia will increase significantly from 2021

ArmInfo.  By June 1, 2020, the  client base of Armenian banks totaled 3,016,449 individuals and  100,678 legal entities. According to the Central Bank of Armenia,  provided to ArmInfo by the Statistical Committee, a total of  3,117,127 clients had 6,075,554 accounts in Armenian banks, of which  5,853,174 were accounts of individuals and 222,380 were accounts of  legal entities.

ArmInfo.  In Armenia, in the  first half of 2020, the service sector reduced volumes by 6.4% per  annum - to 861.7 billion drams ($ 1.8 billion), against 15.3% growth  a year earlier. According to the data of the Statistical Committee of  the Republic of Armenia, in June alone, the volume of services  provided increased by 8.2%, amounting to 143.5 billion drams ($ 298.2  million).


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