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Central Bank of Armenia announces bank details for donating funds to  the All-Armenian Fund

 Monday, September 28 2020
Central Bank of Armenia announces bank details for donating funds to  the All-Armenian Fund

ArmInfo.The Central Bank of Armenia provides bank details for donating funds to the All-Armenian Fund. Information about this is posted on the website of the Central  Bank of the RA.


EEC: Holding the EAEU Intergovernmental Council in Yerevan remains in  force

ArmInfo.The holding of the EAEU Intergovernmental Council on October 9 in Yerevan remains in force, but the format is still being worked out. On September 28,   assistant to the chairman of the Board of the Eurasian Economic  Commission Iya Malkina announced this on her Facebook page.

Results of control over alcoholic beverages market were summarized

ArmInfo. By order of the head of the Food Safety Inspection Body of Armenia, during the last two weeks of September, state control actions were carried out on the  alcoholic beverages market.

"Armenian Wines in Russia" program kicked off
Armenia and EDB to revise terms of investment loan provided for  construction of North-South road corridor

Finance and banks

On September 22-25, 2020, the volume of transactions in the Armenia`s  foreign exchange interbank decreased by 34.8%

ArmInfo.The volume of  dollar transactions in the foreign exchange interbank of Armenia from  September 22 to September 25, 2020, decreased by 34.8%, after growing  by 55.6% in the previous week (September 14-18). At the same time, in  the intrabank foreign exchange market during the reporting week,  dollar-denominated transactions went into decline, in euro  transactions, purchases fell into recession amid a slowdown in sales  growth, and in ruble transactions, the growth in purchases slowed  down while sales entered growth. The exchange currency platform  continues to be idle. As a result, from September 22 to 25, the dram  continued to revaluate against the dollar - from 485.5 to 485 AMD / $  1, maintaining the same trend towards the euro - from 575.5 to 565.5  AMD / 1 EUR, while intending to revalue against the ruble - from 6.5  to 6.3 AMD/ 1 RUB. A year earlier, as of September 25, 2019, the AMD  exchange rate against the dollar was 476 AMD / $ 1, against the euro  - 523 AMD / 1 EUR, and against the ruble - 7.5 AMD / 1 RUB, which, in  comparison with the current exchange rates, indicates the y-o-y  devaluation of the AMD against the dollar and euro, in case of  revaluation against the ruble.

Striving for new heights: ARARATBANK rebrands itself 

ArmInfo. ARARATBANK announced rebranding, marking the beginning of a new historical stage, for the bank itself, in particular, and the entire banking  system of Armenia in general. Symbolically, the event was organized  at the height of 2851 meters above sea level, on the top of Mount  Teghenis, which offers an incredible view of the biblical Mount  Ararat, Lake Sevan, Mount Arai Ler, Geghama Range and 4 peaks of  Mount Aragats.

Expert: The impact of the pandemic on the banking system of Armenia  was not as severe as expected
In 8 months of 2020, the shortfall in tax revenues to the state  budget of Armenia amounted to about 49 billion AMD


Membership in international Green Card system and broad cooperation  within CIS countries -these are the goals of Armenian Motor Insurers`  Bureau

ArmInfo.The Bureau of Auto Insurers of Armenia celebrates its 10th anniversary in September. By that date, the Bureau issued a progress report and presented in  figures the achievements on the main indicators. As ArmInfo was told  in the press service of the Bu Armenian Motor Insurers' Bureau, the  Bureau's long-term plans include membership in the international  Green Card system and broad cooperation within the framework of the  CIS countries. In the medium term, it is planned to liberalize  insurance premiums either with the establishment of maximum and  minimum thresholds, or without the need for them.

Certificates of insurance of e-CMTPL have grown several-fold in  Armenia

ArmInfo. In Armenia, the share of electronic CMTPL (e- CMTPL) certificates of insurance in the total number of contracts increased 3-fold by August 2020 - up to 13% from 4% a year earlier.

Expert: The agricultural insurance program has shown its  effectiveness, despite the 100% loss ratio
FinRating ArmInfo: Agreements on tourism and cargo transportation  segments have significantly declined in the insurance market

Armenia significantly increased imports of liquefied gas

ArmInfo.  According to the  data of the Customs Service, the supply of liquefied gas to Armenia  increased 2.1-fold on an annualized basis (against growth by 74.9% a  year earlier) to 20,463.1 tons, with an increase in customs value by  77.5% to $ 7.5 million.

Armenia increased natural gas supplies from Russia by 3.3%,  significantly increasing gas imports from Iran

ArmInfo. Armenia increased  supplies of natural gas from Russia in the first half of 2020 by 3.3%  - up to 1,050,062 thousand cubic meters, against an increase of 8.1%  a year earlier over the same period. According to the RA Customs  Service, imports in value terms also increased by 3.3% to $ 173.2  million.  At the same time, supplies of natural gas from Iran  increased significantly - 2.3-fold (against an increase of 39.5%) to  275,166.2 thousand cubic meters, having increased in value terms - by  84.2% to $ 45.4 million.

Interdepartmental Commission will study the problems of small HPPs on   Yeghegis River
Reactor annealing unit delivered to Armenian NPP


CyHub Armenia webinar guest will be technical consultant for Mr.  Robot TV show`s seasons Ryan Kazanciyan

ArmInfo.As part of the CyHub Armenia initiative, run by the Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF), a number of webinars will be held, one of the guests of which  will be Ryan Kazanciyan an international cybersecurity expert,  Facebook security engineer and technical consultant for the Mr. Robot 

Engineering and Scientific Center of Applied Sciences to be  established in Armenia

ArmInfo. An engineering and scientific center of applied sciences will be established in  Armenia. Government

Armenian specialists from Diaspora will bring their experience in the  development of the high-tech sector in Armenia
Beeline continues to modernize its 4G mobile network

Real estate

Foreigners tend to sell real estate in Armenia rather then buy it  

ArmInfo. In August 2020, 327 transactions for the purchase and sale of real estate were made in Armenia by foreigners, which is 9.4% higher than the July  indicator. At the same time, of the total number of transactions,  only 100 accounted for acquisition.

Real estate market is recovering in Armenia

ArmInfo.n Armenia, real estate transactions are on the rise despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Head of the State Committee for Real Estate Cadastre of  Armenia Suren Tovmasyan said this at a press conference on September  23.

In Armenia, pledged real estate transactions on mortgages increased  by 66.4% in July
Foreigners sell their real estate in Armenia

ArmInfo. A more impressive decline in imports compared to exports reduced Armenia's foreign trade deficit in January-August 2020 by 18% per annum. At the same  time, in August 2020 alone, the growth of this indicator accelerated  to 13% from 7% in July, against the background of a more accelerated  growth of imports than exports. And in August 2020, compared to  August 2019, the foreign trade deficit decreased by 5% as a result of  an almost equal decline in exports and imports.

ArmInfo.During the period of the state of emergency declared in the country due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, Armenia significantly increased imports of wheat, barley and buckwheat.


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