Central Bank of Armenia: Deposits in the banking system of Armenia  slightly decreased

 Tuesday, October 27 2020 20:15:00
Central Bank of Armenia: Deposits in the banking system of Armenia  slightly decreased

ArmInfo. There is a slight decrease in deposits in the banking system of Armenia. This was announced on October 27 during a press conference by the Chairman of  the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia Martin Galstyan, noting  that the share of reduced deposits in the structure of deposits is  scanty - about 1%.

Central Bank of Armenia again lowered the refinancing rate by 0.25  percentage points - up to 5%
 Wednesday, April 29 2020 15:11

ArmInfo.The Central Bank of Armenia has once again reduced the refinancing rate by 0.25 percentage points to 5%. As the Central Bank of Armenia press service  told ArmInfo, this decision was made at the April meeting of the  Central Bank Board.

International financial organizations intend to deepen cooperation  with Armenia
 Wednesday, April 29 2020 13:49

ArmInfo. International financial organizations intend to deepen cooperation with Armenia within the framework of their assistance instruments.

Armenia`s banks and credit companies granted loan holidays to 470  thousand individuals and 14.6 thousand legal entities
 Tuesday, April 28 2020 21:44

ArmInfo.As of April 27, commercial banks and credit companies of Armenia provided loan repayment holidays to 470 thousand individuals and 14.6 thousand  legal entities.  ArmInfo was informed about this in the press service  of the Union of Banks of Armenia.

Ameriabank announces public offering of dram and dollar bonds since  April 28
 Tuesday, April 28 2020 19:34

ArmInfo.Ameriabank announced the  public offering of two issues of registered, coupon and  non-documentary bonds with emission volumes of 5 billion drams and $  10 million from April 28, ArmInfo was informed in the press service  of the bank, noting that it was planned to complete the placement of  these issues on July 3.

IMF forecast: GDP decline and inflation in 2020 will be more  significant in countries neighboring with Armenia
 Tuesday, April 28 2020 15:03

ArmInfo.According to the IMF forecast, the decline in GDP in 2020 will be more significant in the countries neighboring with Armenia. Namely, in Georgia GDP is  expected to fall by 4%, in Azerbaijan - by 2.2%, in Iran - by 6%, in  Turkey - by 5%. In Armenia, GDP is projected to fall by 1.5%.

Ministry of Finance: In September 2020, Armenia will have to repay  the last tranche of Eurobonds of 2013
 Tuesday, April 28 2020 13:32

ArmInfo.In September 2020, Armenia will have to repay the last tranche of Eurobonds of the year2013. On April 28, Minister of Finance of the Republic of Armenia  Atom Janjughazyan stated this from the rostrum of the National  Assembly of the Republic of Armenia while presenting amendments to  the Law "On the State Budget of 2020".

IDBank: Retirees will receive their cards free of charge
 Tuesday, April 28 2020 13:29

ArmInfo.Taking into account the fact that coronavirus infection is especially dangerous for the seniors, pensioners no longer have to visit the Bank to receive their pension cards.

World Bank ready to continue supporting Armenian government
 Tuesday, April 28 2020 10:57

ArmInfo.The World Bank continues to be one of Armenia's key partners.  RA Deputy Prime Minister Mher Grigoryan stated yesterday during a video - conference  with the newly appointed WB Vice President for Europe and Central  Asia Anna Bjerde.

The first Mortgage Company UCC ("PIC") again two years later decided  to issue mortgage bonds, but COVID-19 delayed
 Friday, April 24 2020 11:21

ArmInfo.The universal credit company First Mortgage Company (PIK UKK) plans to issue two tranches of registered, coupon, non-documentary bonds with issue volumes of  100 million drams and $ 800 thousand secured by mortgage loans. This  is evidenced by the prospectus for the issue of these bonds posted on  the website of the Central Bank of Armenia.

SRC decided to refrain from further discussion of the bank secrecy  bill
 Thursday, April 23 2020 18:24

ArmInfo.Based on its obligations, the State Revenue Committee of Armenia initiated and submitted for discussion to the public a package of draft laws on  introducing amendments to the RA Bank Secrecy, Insurance and  Insurance Activities Act and amendments to the RA Tax Code.

The limit of contactless payments without the need for entering PIN code via IDBank’s Visa cards is already 20.000
 Thursday, April 23 2020 17:56

ArmInfo.Contactless payments are more than applicable nowadays. From now on, the limit for making a payment without entering the PIN code for newly issued cards is 20,000 AMD. To pay via IDBank’s Visa payWave cards at different stores, you just need to keep the card near the POS terminal.

SRC presented procedure for receiving one-time grants for  beneficiaries of 10th package of anti-crisis measures
 Thursday, April 23 2020 14:04

ArmInfo. The State Revenue Committee (SRC) reports that the beneficiaries of the 10th anti-crisis measures package (micro-business entities) who have  submitted an application (CV)  in electronic format and do not have a  bank account can receive one-time grants at any of VTB Bank branches.

IFC Invests €18.5 million in EFSE to Boost Lending to MSMEs in the ECA Region  
 Wednesday, April 22 2020 15:45

ArmInfo.IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, is investing €18.5 million in the European Fund for Southeast Europe SA, SICAV-SIF (EFSE). The facility will be used for on-lending to micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) through banks and microfinance institutions in fourteen European and Central Asian (ECA) countries. EFSE is the largest regional debt facility financing MSMEs in the region.

EFSE provided two loans to INECOBANK for a total amount of $ 15  million for micro and small enterprises and mortgages 
 Monday, April 20 2020 15:02

ArmInfo. The European Fund for Southeast Europe (EFSE) has provided two loans to Inecobank, a longstanding partner institution in Armenia, to support the bank in  responding to the economic impacts of the coronavirus crisis the  official website of EFSE reports.  

Martin Galstyan will assume the post of head of the Central Bank on  June 13, 2020
 Monday, April 20 2020 12:47

ArmInfo.Martin Galstyan will assume the post of head of the Central Bank of Armenia on June 13, 2020. ArmInfo was informed about this in the press service of the  CBA.

Converse Bank has increased the authorized capital
 Friday, April 17 2020 18:52

ArmInfo. The authorized capital of Converse Bank has increased by AMD 3,531 B (USD 7.4 m).  The decision on replenishment of the authorized capital was taken at the General Shareholder Meeting of the Bank on April 2.

Martin Galstyan will become the new chairman of the Central Bank of  Armenia
 Friday, April 17 2020 13:31

ArmInfo.  Artur Javadyan will  be replaced by Martin Galstyan as chairman of the Central Bank of  Armenia, whose candidacy was approved on April 17 by secret ballot in  the RA National Assembly by a majority of the MPs.

VTB Bank (Armenia) has reduced its monthly loan debt burden and  extended the repayment period for borrowers who lost their income  during the coronavirus pandemic
 Friday, April 17 2020 11:42

ArmInfo.  VTB Bank (Armenia), has  reduced its monthly loan debt burden by an average of 3%, and  extended the loan repayment term by 3-5 months for individual  borrowers who, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the  suspension of the activity of a number of sectors, lost all or part  of their income. As the press service of the Bank reported to  ArmInfo, the decision was timely for customers, and important for the  bank: "Comfort and customer care is our most important task."

Advertisement of micro loans up to 200 thousand AMD to be banned in  Armenia 
 Friday, April 17 2020 11:22

ArmInfo.Micro loans of up to 200 thousand drams will not be advertised in Armenia. Amendments to the law "On consumer lending" have been adopted at the plenary  meeting of the country's parliament in the first reading.

Martin Galstyan ruled out the possibility of freezing funds received  in pension funds
 Thursday, April 16 2020 19:38

ArmInfo. In no case should you freeze incoming and accumulated funds in pension funds. A similar opinion from the rostrum of the National Assembly of the Republic of  Armenia on April 16 was expressed by the candidate for the post of  head of the Central Bank of Armenia Martin Galstyan.



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