Armenia`s foreign trade deficit registers decline

 Monday, October 26 2020 16:37:00
Armenia`s foreign trade deficit registers decline

ArmInfo. A more impressive decline in imports than exports reduced the foreign trade deficit of Armenia in January-September 2020 by 23.6% per annum (against an  increase of 0.5% a year earlier against the background of an increase  in exports and imports).

GDCA: In February 2019, passenger traffic at Armenian airports  amounted to 166,451 people
 Tuesday, March 5 2019 19:52

ArmInfo. In February 2019  Passenger traffic at Armenian airports totaled 166,451 people, with a  y-o-y growth of 11.6%. It is reported by the press service of the  General Department of Civil Aviation of Armenia (GDCA).

The volume of freight in Armenia in January 2019 declined by 67.8%  per annum, with a decline in passenger traffic by 1.4%
 Tuesday, March 5 2019 19:06

ArmInfo. The volume of cargo  transportation in Armenia in January 2019 and January 2018 went down  by 67.8% to 901.3 thousand tons. Of these, 495.9 thousand tons (55%  of the total) accounted for road transport, which decreased by 79.3%  in y-o-y terms, the report of the RA Statistical Committee says.

Armenia`s y-oyinflation of 1.9% recorded in Armenia`s consumption  market in February 2019
 Tuesday, March 5 2019 17:07

ArmInfo. In February 2019,  inflation at 0.6% was recorded in the Armenian consumer market, with  y-o-y l inflation of 1.9%, against deflation of 0.5% in February 2018  and y-o-y inflation of 3.3%. As the RA Statistical Committee told  ArmInfo, in February, consumer prices in Yerevan increased by 0.7% in  February 2019, against a decline of 0.6% in February 2018.

Industrial sector of Armenia reduced volumes by 0.6% per annum in  January 2019
 Tuesday, March 5 2019 16:30

ArmInfo. The volume of  industrial production of Armenia in January 2019 to the same period  of 2018 decreased by 0.6% (against a growth of 13.9% a year earlier),  amounting to 123.3 billion drams ($ 253.8 million).

In January, electricity generation in Armenia decreased by 26.3% per  annum
 Tuesday, March 5 2019 15:43

ArmInfo.Electricity generation in Armenia in January 2019 amounted to 612.1 million kWh, with a y-o-y decline of 26.3%, against a growth of 7% a year earlier.

Armenia`s international reserves fell by 11.3% in January 2019 to $  1.9 billion
 Thursday, February 28 2019 20:07

ArmInfo. Gross international reserves (VMP) of Armenia in January 2019 decreased by 11.3% or $ 255.1 million, reaching $ 1.994 billion. This is evidenced by the  data of the Central Bank of Armenia.In the structure of VIR, foreign  assets in hard currency decreased in January of this year. also by  11.3%, amounting to $ 1.989 billion. The share of SDR in the IMF was  $ 5 million, with a decline of 16.1% in January.According to the  regulator's report, on an annualized basis, the value of GIR  decreased by 12.8%, due to a decline in foreign assets in hard  currency by 13%, while the share of SDR in the IMF increased by 2.6  times.

Armenia increased soap exports in 2018 by 2 times, with growth import  by 13.2%
 Wednesday, February 27 2019 23:34

ArmInfo. In 2018, Armenia is almost 2 times increased the export of soap - up to 111.9 tons. According to the data of the RA Customs Service, in value terms,  exports increased by 70.6% - up to $ 87.7 thousand.Almost all exports  fell to the Russian market (98.4%), with a volume growth of almost 2  times. The rest was distributed between Georgia, Hong Kong, Korea,  USA, United Kingdom, Iran.Armenia imported soap in the amount of  4,029.3 tons, exceeding a year ago by 13.2%. At the same time, the  customs value increased by 1.1% to $ 8.6 million. 

Armenia reduced exports of copper ore and molybdenum concentrate in  2018
 Wednesday, February 27 2019 18:01

ArmInfo.In 2018, Armenia reduced the export volume of copper ore by 13.2% per annum to 424.8 thousand tons. 

Armenia increased imports of wheat and wheat flour
 Wednesday, February 27 2019 16:34

ArmInfo. In 2018, Armenia increased wheat imports by 5.8% to 325.8 thousand tons, with a decline in value terms by 2% to $ 62.8 million. The main importer  of wheat was the Russian Federation (96.9%), while the remaining the  volume falls on Georgia (3%) and Belarus (0.1%).

The volume of imports of petroleum products in Armenia decreased in  2018 by 4.6%, with a 14.1% increase in value
 Tuesday, February 26 2019 14:32

ArmInfo. The volume of imports of petroleum products in Armenia declined in 2018 by 4.6% - to 330.3 thousand tons, with a 14.1% increase in value - to $ 278.2 million. This is evidenced by the data of the Customs Service of Armenia.

RA Statistics Committee has stopped publishing monthly data on the  agricultural sector
 Monday, February 25 2019 18:09

ArmInfo.The Statistical Committee of Armenia has stopped publishing monthly data on the agricultural sector. Namely, the monthly reports of the Statcommittee  will no longer feature the gross agricultural output and the growth /  decline dynamics of the agricultural sector.As ArmInfo explained to  the press service of the RA Statistical Committee, that according to  subparagraph 3.1.2. 

Armenia increased gold exports in 2018 by 14.3%
 Monday, February 25 2019 15:03

ArmInfo. From Armenia in 2018 5,007.3 kg of gold (including electroplating) was exported. According to the report of the RA Customs Service, in fact, in terms  of weight, gold exports accelerated the growth rate from 9.4% in 2017  to 14.3% in 2018. The customs value of exported gold in 2018  increased by 19.5% per annum - to $ 175.6 million.

Armenian Prosecutor General`s Office presented statistics for 2018:  The number of unauthorized abandonment of part or duty station  decreased significantly
 Wednesday, February 13 2019 19:43

ArmInfo. On February 12, the Prosecutor General's Office of Armnei summed up the activities of the Military Prosecutor's Office for 2018, as well as the results of the  work of law enforcement agencies in the fight against crime.

Inspection body for protection of nature and mineral resources  reported on work carried out and violations found
 Tuesday, February 12 2019 14:46

ArmInfo. The Inspection  body of nature protection and bowels of the Ministry of Nature  Protection of the Republic of Armenia from January 29 to February 1,  2019 as a result of the work, revealed 39 offenses that caused  environmental damage in the total amount of 54.2 million drams.

In Armenia Unemployment rate decreased for Q2 of 2018 from 20.2% to  20.1%
 Tuesday, February 12 2019 14:26

ArmInfo. The unemployment  rate in Armenia, calculated using the new methodology, declined  slightly in the Q3 of 2018 - to 20.1% from 20.2% in the Q2. A year  earlier, in the third quarter of 2017, the unemployment rate in  Armenia was 19.9%. According to the RA Statistics Committee, the new  calculation method does not take into account those employed in the  household.

Deposits in Armenian banks in 2018 increased by 12.7% - exceeding $ 6  billion
 Monday, February 11 2019 16:45

ArmInfo.The volume of  deposits attracted by Armenian banks increased in 2018 by 12.7%, and  only in the fourth quarter - by 5.2%, reaching 2.9 trillion by  January 1, 2019. drams (over $ 6 billion). In their structure,  currency deposits traditionally dominate over dram deposits - 60.4%  against 39.6%.

In the loan portfolio of Armenian banks, the dram component is  growing at an accelerated pace
 Monday, February 11 2019 11:03

ArmInfo. In the total loan portfolio of Armenian banks, the share of the dram component increases along with the dollar decline.

General Department of Civil Aviation: In January 2019, passenger  traffic at Armenian airports amounted to 212,171 people
 Saturday, February 9 2019 15:41

ArmInfo. In January 2019 passenger traffic at Armenian airports was 212,171, with a y-o-y growth of 12.2%. This is stated on the website of the General  Department of Civil Aviation.

The service sector of Armenia increased the volume in 2018 by 18.8% -  to $ 3.6 billion
 Thursday, February 7 2019 23:20

ArmInfo.In Armenia, the service sector in 2018 increased its volumes by 18.8% to 1.4  trillion. drams ($ 3.6 billion), against 14.4% growth a year earlier.  In December alone, the service sector provided a growth of 15.7% - to  181.5 billion drams ($ 374.4 million).

The turnover of the trade sector of Armenia in 2018 exceeded $ 6  billion.
 Thursday, February 7 2019 18:38

ArmInfo.In the trade sector of Armenia, the turnover for 2018 increased by 8.7% per annum (against 14% growth in 2017), amounting to 2.9 trillion drams (over $  6 billion). In December 2018 alone, trade turnover in Armenia  increased by 34.1% to 359.2 billion drams ($ 741.1 million).



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