Ucom becomes an apple of discord and blackmail

 Monday, April 13 2020 17:52:00
Ucom becomes an apple of discord and blackmail

ArmInfo. In recent days, Ucom, one of the leading telecommunications operators in Armenia, has become not only an apple of discord between major shareholders and top management, but also a subject of multilateral blackmail, in  which both sides, sorting things out and pursuing their own goals,  are trying to involve in the issue the state, the company's team and  their colleagues-competitors. Unfortunately, the situation in the  country due to the coronavirus pandemic is quite favorable for this.

HSBC Bank Armenia increases efficiency and focuses on digital services
 Tuesday, March 19 2019 20:04

ArmInfo.HSBC Bank Armenia CJSC (HSBC Armenia) has strong principles of corporate social responsibility.  In line with these principles, the bank has recently held an Open door event to increase the financial literacy in community and ensure awareness of banking services and products. During this event, the bank's management presented to visitors a number of topics including effective management of savings, clients’ rights protection, management and risk assessment of banking products and cost optimization.

Bulgarian Minister: The level of Armenian-Bulgarian economic  cooperation is still unsatisfactory
 Monday, March 18 2019 15:39

ArmInfo. Interview of the Minister of Transport and Communication of Bulgaria Rossen Jeliazkov with ArmInfo News Agency, where he talks about the prospects for the development of Armenian-Bulgarian relations, about the need to  stimulate trade and economic relations, about the upcoming visit of  the RA Prime Minister to Sofia and many other things.

Expert: Despite the adequacy of Armenian banks` capitals, the  opportunities for its optimal use are severely limited
 Monday, December 17 2018 15:23

ArmInfo. Despite the high  ratioof capital adequacy, at least among the largest players in the  Armenian banking market, the opportunities for its optimal use are  severely limited, Financial Director of one of the largest banks in  Armenia, former Minister of Finance David Sargsyan stated at a  banking conference organized by Fitch Ratings international agency  last week in Yerevan.

Expert: Recruitment market in Armenia from the point of view of  supply and demand is sleeping
 Monday, December 17 2018 14:27

ArmInfo. Over the past two  years, the interest of international and local employers in Armenian  IT specialists continues to grow. The director of the well- known  recruitment company of Armenia - "Tangier" Nana Heruni said this in  an interview with ArmInfo.

Association of Organic Agriculture is being created in Armenia
 Monday, November 5 2018 18:32

ArmInfo.In Armenia, the OASI (Organic Agriculture Supporting Initiative) program, initiated in January 2015 by the Austrian Development Agency in cooperation with  the Ministry of Agriculture, is approaching its completion.

Pailak Tadevosyan: Governments change in Armenia, but taxation  approaches do not change
 Wednesday, September 19 2018 18:58

ArmInfo.After the adoption of the Tax Code in 2016, the Armenian government immediately admitted that it is not only imperfect, but also "choking" business from all  sides. Nevertheless, due to a number of objective and subjective  reasons, reforms in the sphere for Karen Karapetyan's cabinet have  come to an end yet, without having begun, at the stage of the  "statement of intent".

Rouben Indjikian: Everyone should follow the established unified and fair rules of the game
 Thursday, May 17 2018 20:48

ArmInfo.The new young government of Armenia, which has occupied high offices on the wave of velvet revolution, will still have a lot to do to be able to meet the expectations related to the equally high trust received from the "protest street". Emmanuil Mkrtchyan, the Director General and Economic Analyst of ArmInfo, asked Dr. Rouben Indjikian, Professor of Economics and Management at Webster University Geneva and former head of programs on trade finance, e-commerce / e-finance and commodities, founder of the Global Commodities Forum and the Information Economy Report of UNCTAD, to share his opinion about the challenges and problems of the new government.

Mher Arakelyan:  Armenia`s payment business has great prospects
 Friday, May 11 2018 19:17

 In recent years, payment business in Armenia shows unprecedented growth. This is facilitated by significant progress in its technological development, a high level of competition and quantitative and qualitative growth in the number of players. One of the leaders is EasyPay, which recently entered the market and already enveloped it not only with a large network of its payment terminals, but also offered a number of original technological and mobile solutions. About the development of the payment systems market in Armenia and its features, the correspondent of ArmInfo was asked to tell the director of EasyPay company Mher Arakelyan.

Rating-Agentur Expert RA GmbH and AmRating issued an industry report on Armenia`s banking system
 Tuesday, May 8 2018 16:04

ArmInfo. In 2017 the Armenian  banking sector dynamics were characterized by a high level of excess  liquidity due to finalization of the consolidation process, connected  with the need to comply with the new normative standard of total  capital. The sector was also characterized by the slowing loan and  deposit portfolios' growth rates, insignificant reduction in the  level of capital adequacy, improvement in the asset quality and  profitability figures.

Igor Nazaruk: Each planted sprout has the right to a successful prospect if it is cherished and taken care of
 Wednesday, April 18 2018 13:51

ArmInfoRelations between Armenia and Belarus have significantly intensified recently. Just the other day NA Speaker Ara Babloyan in St. Petersburg met with Chairman of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus Vladimir Andreichenko, having discussed with him the broad issues of so-called parliamentary diplomacy. In recent months, the economic authorities of both republics have shown special activity in the relationship. According to the information periodically disseminated by the Ministry of Economic Development and Investments, as well as other agencies of Armenia, the parties are finding more and more areas and common interests in the integration of the economy. The need to resume close cooperation between the two countries that have long-standing ties in the industrial, technological and scientific spheres, it is said for a long time and now the impression is created that the ice has finally moved. The visit of the leadership of the Ministry of Industry of Republic of Belarus to Armenia, indicates an increase in investment interest of this country to the possibility of implementing joint projects. The ArmInfo Director General analyst Emmanuil Mkrtchyan addressed the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Belarus to Armenia Igor Nazaruk about this, and what exactly is being done in the direction of economic integration of the two countries that are also under one umbrella of the EAEU.

Ara Khzmalyan: Armenia is comfortable to Russian tourist
 Wednesday, April 11 2018 19:09

ArmInfoRussia has always been and is considered the main tourist market of Armenia. Armenia still has something to show and pleasantly surprise the Russian tourist.  Executive director of the Armenian Tourism Development Fund Ara Khzmalyan stated in an interview with ArmInfo.

The Armenian delegation to the US followed the advice of President Trump
 Monday, March 26 2018 17:09

ArmInfo. The second meeting of the Armenia-US Council on Trade and Investment was held in Washington on March 19. Despite the fact that the meeting was not an extraordinary meeting, at this stage it was very relevant and extremely important - in addition to discussing the expansion of bilateral trade, economic and investment cooperation, the sides touched on the possibility of extending the GSP system, as well as import duties, by the US Congress aluminum foil in the United States. The deputy minister of economic development and investments, the head of the Armenian delegation Hovhannes Azizyan, told in an exclusive interview to ArmInfo that the system of general preferences for Armenian exporters will be prolonged, as well as what solutions the "aluminum issue" the American side offers.

Outflow of population and passivity of the Diaspora pushes property prices down
 Thursday, February 15 2018 14:48

ArmInfo. The State Committee of the Real Estate Cadastre published average market prices for real estate in Armenia in 2017. The downward price dynamics, according to official figures, is accompanied by an increase in the number of transactions for the purchase of sales and mortgage deals. At the same time, the economic activity of Armenia increased by 7.7% during the reporting period. However, with such a positive scenario, prices for real estate are declining. In an interview with ArmInfo, the director of the Real Estate Exchange, Artem A. Pribylsky, explained the situation in the real estate market of Armenia, and described the key factors of the price decline.

Finombudsman: Amendments to the Civil Code on the imposition of fines and penalties will reduce the number of outstanding loans and non-creditworthy consumers
 Tuesday, February 6 2018 17:53

ArmInfo. At the end of 2017  at the meeting of the Armenian parliament in the first reading  amendments were made to the RA Civil Code concerning restriction of  the rights of commercial banks and credit organizations of Armenia in  the accrual of fines and penalties. To learn more about the specifics  and consequences that these changes can bring with them, ArmInfo  talks to the Financial Ombudsman of Armenia, Mrs. Piruz Sargsyan.



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