The insurance sector of Armenia transferred $ 3.2 million to the  state treasury for taxes in 9 months of 2020

 Saturday, October 17 2020 22:00:00
The insurance sector of Armenia transferred $ 3.2 million to the  state treasury for taxes in 9 months of 2020

ArmInfo.The insurance sector of Armenia in January-September 2020 paid taxes for 1.6 billion drams ($ 3.2 million), which is 33.3% higher than a year ago (against a 25%  decline a year earlier). Of this amount, 1.4 billion drams fell on  direct taxes, with an annual growth of 16.7% (against a 14.3% decline  a year earlier).

From October 1, 2019, insurance companies began offering insurance  policies in six regions of Armenia
 Thursday, October 3 2019 12:54

ArmInfo. From October 1, 2019, insurance companies began offering agricultural insurance policies in six regions of Armenia, Armavir, Ararat, Aragatsotn, Tavush, Kotayk and Vayots  Dzor. This was stated by Minister of Economy of Armenia Tigran  Khachatryan on October 3 at a government meeting. "The program will give visible results in the near future," the  minister said.

Pashinyan: Agricultural risk insurance process starts in Armenia 
 Monday, September 30 2019 15:35

ArmInfo. The agricultural insurance process starts in Armenia.  Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan announced on his Facebook page .

Armenian insurance sector in the first half of 2019 reduced tax  payments by 18.2%
 Thursday, August 22 2019 20:08

ArmInfo. In the first half of 2019, the insurance sector of Armenia paid taxes at 928.5 million drams, which is 18.2% lower than the indicator a year ago. Of this  amount, 246.8 million drams accounted for income tax, which is 38.5%  lower than last year. According to the RA State Revenue Committee,  according to the results of the first half of 2019, only "Armenia  Insurance" IC was not included in the list of 1000 largest taxpayers  of Armenia from the functioning 6 insurance companies.

A court in Moscow refused to return to Rosgosstrakh its former  Armenian "daughter"
 Wednesday, August 21 2019 11:03

ArmInfo.The Tenth Arbitration Court of Appeal, following the lower court, denied the  lawsuit by Rosgosstrakh, which demanded to recognize as invalid the  sale of 100% of the shares of Rosgosstrakh-Armenia, a subsidiary of  the Cypriot company Cimarex Management by the former management,  ''Prime'' reports.

Armenian insurance companies paid previously unpaid taxes in the  amount of 138 million drams to the state treasury
 Tuesday, August 13 2019 16:03

ArmInfo.In 2018, the State  Revenues Committee of Armenia initiated criminal cases against  insurance companies of the republic, with the exception of one.  Deputy chairman of the State Revenue Committee (SRC) of Armenia  Edward Hovhannisyan announced this on August 13 at a meeting with  reporters.

Annual growth in insurance premiums for OSAGO and health insurance is  slowing
 Thursday, August 1 2019 19:03

ArmInfo. In the first half of 2019, Armenian insurers reimbursed AMD 11.9 billion or $ 24.9 million for different classes (the figures are given from the reports of UK  portfolios according to the standards of the Central Bank of the  Republic of Armenia).

FinRating ArmInfo: insurance premiums and indemnities in Armenia  slowed growth by July 1, 2019
 Thursday, August 1 2019 17:23

ArmInfo.  Premiums of Armenian  insurance companies increased in the first half of 2019 by 18.7% per  annum, with an increase in indemnities of 16.5%, while a year earlier  the rates were higher - 30.6% and 30.1%, respectively.

The total net profit of Armenia`s IC in the first half of 2019 jumped  by 71% per annum
 Wednesday, July 31 2019 15:02

ArmInfo.In the first half of 2019, the total net profit of insurance companies of Armenia increased by 71% per annum (against a decline of 65.1% a year  earlier), reaching 757.8 million drams or $ 1.6 million. According to  the Financial Rating of insurance companies of Armenia prepared by IC  ArmInfo, due to higher growth rates of insurance premiums (18.7%),  rather than refunds (16.5%), against almost the same high growth and  premiums and refunds a year earlier - 30.6% and 30.1% respectively.  Only for the II quarter of 2019, the net profit of insurers increased  4 times, against the background of a significant decline in premiums  with a meager increase in refunds.

In the insurance market of Armenia, the corporate component dominates  in premiums, and retail
 Wednesday, July 31 2019 14:35

ArmInfo. The share of retail insurance in the portfolios of premiums of Armenian insurers in the first half of 2019 amounted to 44.1% (11.6 billion drams), corporate  - 55.9% (14.7 billion drams), against almost similar figures a year  earlier - 44.7% and 55.3%, respectively. According to the data of the  Financial Rating of insurance companies of Armenia, prepared by  ArmInfo Investment Company, the retail insurance market capacity  accelerated annual growth to 18.1% from 6% in the first half of 2018,  along with which the growth of corporate insurance slowed  significantly from 58.2% to I half of 2018

"Rosgosstrakh Armenia" continues to lead among insurance companies in  list of major taxpayers in Armenia
 Friday, May 24 2019 18:33

ArmInfo. Following the results of the Q1 of 2019, the insurance sector of Armenia paid taxes of 633.9 million drams ($ 1.3 million), which is 11.8% more than a year  ago.  Of this amount, 86% or 542.3 million drams were paid on direct  taxes (including income tax and profits tax). According to the RA  State Revenue Committee, all 6 insurance companies operating in the  market were included in the list of the top 1000 taxpayers of Armenia  during the reporting period.

ArmInfo Financial Rating: Insurance premiums and reimbursements in  Armenia slowed growth by April 1, 2019
 Tuesday, April 30 2019 12:56

ArmInfo. The premiums of Armenian insurance companies increased by 17.6% per annum in the first quarter of 2019, with a rise in refunds of 11.9%, while the year before the rates were higher - 47.9% and 26% respectively. In the first quarter  of 2019 alone, premiums increased by 59.8%, with a drop in payments  of 6.8%, against premium growth of 36.1% and a fall in refunds of  22.2% in the first quarter of 2018. By April 1, 2019, the cumulative  amount of insurance premiums was 16.3 billion drams, and the amount  of insurance claims was 6.1 billion drams (figures are from IC  reports on IFRS standards).

Following the results of the first quarter of 2019, in the insurance  market of Armenia, the corporate component dominates in premiums, and  retail
 Monday, April 29 2019 17:51

ArmInfo. The share of retail insurance in the portfolios of premiums of Armenian insurers in the first quarter of 2019 amounted to 34.2% (5.6 billion drams),  corporate - 65.8% (10.9 billion drams), against 36.8% and 63.2%  respectively a year earlier.

ArmInfo IC: In Armenia,  CMTPL loss ratio increased up to 64.5% in Q1  2019
 Monday, April 29 2019 14:46

ArmInfo. The loss ratio  of compulsory motor third party liability insurance (CMTPL) in Armenia increased on average from 62.9% in the first quarter of 2018 to 64.5%  in the first quarter of 2019 (without deduction of reserves), and  according to the Bureau of Auto Insurers - from 71.1% to 73.7% (after  deduction of reserves).

Head of Ministry of Emergency Situations doubts effectiveness and  justification of anti-hail stations and calls for thinking about  introduction of agricultural insurance
 Friday, April 19 2019 14:30

ArmInfo. The Minister of Emergency Situations of Armenia, Feliks Tsolakyan, calls for concentrating not on anti-hail stations, but on networks and insurance of agricultural  risks in the fight against hail. He stated this on April 19 at a press conference.

RA Ministry of Agriculture: Agricultural loans under the state  subsidy program are available at a rate of 5%, and 3% for farmers`  cooperatives 
 Thursday, March 14 2019 13:45

ArmInfo. As part of the state program of subsidizing agroloans, for beneficiaries loans are available at an interest rate of 5%. Moreover, if farmers unite into  cooperatives, the rate for this state program will be 3%.

Italian insurance broker Bruno Sforni may take up agricultural  insurance in Armenia
 Wednesday, March 6 2019 20:26

ArmInfo. First Deputy Minister of  Agriculture of Armenia received Bruno Sforni, Executive Director of  the Italian reinsurance brokerage company Bruno Sforni  S.p.A.According to the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture,  Bruno Sforni presented in detail the activities of the company he  headed, in particular, experience in the field of insurance of  agricultural risks.  He expressed interest in participating in the  program of introducing agro-insurance in the Republic of Armenia and  readiness to contribute, in particular, by providing consulting,  exchanging experience, and also implementing risk reinsurance in the  agricultural sphere. 

Pilot agricultural risk insurance program launched in Armenia for the  first time
 Thursday, February 28 2019 13:50

ArmInfo. For the first time in Armenia, pilot agricultural risk insurance program has been launched. On February 28, after the government meeting, answering the question  of ArmInfo, the First Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Armenia Gegham Gevorgyan said.

Rosgosstrakh Armenia "retains leadership among insurance companies in  the list of major taxpayers in Armenia
 Thursday, February 14 2019 17:07

ArmInfo. Following the results of 2018, the insurance sector of Armenia paid taxes of 2.3 billion drams, which is 14.8% less than a year ago. Of this amount,  91.3% or 2.1 billion drams was paid on direct taxes (including income  tax and profit tax). According to the RA State Revenue Committee,  according to the results of 2018, all 6 insurance companies operating  in the market were included in the list of the top 1000 taxpayers in  Armenia.

Agricultural insurance system introduced in Armenia for the first  time
 Thursday, February 14 2019 11:48

ArmInfo.An agricultural risk insurance system is introduced for the first time in Armenia.

In Armenia, growth of corporate insurance prevails over retail
 Tuesday, February 12 2019 19:00

ArmInfo.  The share of retail  insurance in the portfolios of premiums of Armenian insurers by the  end of 2018 was 51.8% (21.3 billion drams), corporate - 48.2% (19.7  billion drams).



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