Central Bank of Armenia announces bank details for donating funds to  the All-Armenian Fund

 Monday, September 28 2020 18:13:00
Central Bank of Armenia announces bank details for donating funds to  the All-Armenian Fund

ArmInfo.The Central Bank of Armenia provides bank details for donating funds to the All-Armenian Fund. Information about this is posted on the website of the Central  Bank of the RA.

The work in IDBank is well under way during the pandemic
 Wednesday, August 5 2020 15:52

ArmInfo.The pandemic has become a reason of rearrangement of work, responsibilities and resources in different organizations. Sona Manucharyan, the head of HR department of IDBank speaks about arrangement of work in the new reality.

It is very important for the Armenian economy to develop the adaptive  capacity of the business sector in the new situation
 Tuesday, August 4 2020 20:19

ArmInfo.It is very important for the Armenian economy to develop the adaptive capacities of the business sector in the new situation. Arsen Melkonyan, Deputy CEO at ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank for Business Operations, expressed this  opinion.

 “Ameria Tour” Draw: Chance to Explore Armenia with Us
 Saturday, August 1 2020 16:59

ArmInfo.Ameriabank in cooperation with Visa payment processing system has announced a special campaign aiming to promote tourizm in Armenia and surprise and delight its customers preferring noncash payments.

Central Bank of Armenia predicts inflation in the range of 1.7-2% by  the end of 2020
 Tuesday, July 28 2020 20:29

ArmInfo.In Armenia, by the end of 2020, inflation will be in the range of 1.7-2% - near the lower border of the permissible range. A similar forecast on July 28  at a press conference timed to the meeting of the Council of the  Central Bank of Armenia regarding the refinancing rate (left at the  same level of 4.5% - Ed.), Was announced by the Chairman of the  Central Bank of Armenia Martyn Galstyan.

Central Bank of Armenia left refinancing rate unchanged - at 4.5%
 Tuesday, July 28 2020 16:06

ArmInfo.The Central Bank of Armenia left the refinancing rate unchanged - at the level of 4.5%. As ArmInfo was told in the press service of the Central Bank of  Armenia, this decision was made on July 28 at a meeting of the  Central Bank Board.

Ministry of Finance of Armenia presented a report on the activities  of the department for 2019
 Friday, July 24 2020 16:10

ArmInfo.The Ministry of Finance of Armenia presented a report on the activities of the  department for 2019 during a meeting in the government, held with the  participation of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

IDBank and Idram announce the expansion of strategic partnership and offer a revolutionary digital tool in non-touch and online shopping field
 Thursday, July 23 2020 13:38

ArmInfo.Considering the efficiency of the partnership between IDBank and Idram, the companies announce the expansion of strategic partnership and offer joint digital new services to a wide range of users.

IDBank is issuing its 10th jubilee tranche of bonds
 Tuesday, July 21 2020 16:13

ArmInfo.On 22nd of July, IDBank will issue bonds at the volume of USD 5 million. The maturity of the issue of bonds is 2 years and 3 months, the annual coupon interest rate is 4.75%, and coupons should be paid quarterly․

IDBank to put up for sale the next tranche of dollar bonds in the  amount of $ 5 million on July 22 
 Monday, July 20 2020 20:25

ArmInfo. On July 22, IDBank will  start the primary placement of the next tranche of dollar bonds in  the amount of $ 5 million. According to the issue prospectus of this  issue posted on the Central Bank's website, completion of the primary  placement of this tranche is scheduled for October 20. 

In H1 of 2020, Armenian banks reduced tax payments to state treasury  by 9.2%
 Monday, July 20 2020 18:51

ArmInfo. In the H1 of 2020, the  banking system of Armenia allocated 26.7 billion drams or $ 55.4  million to the state treasury through taxes, which is 9.2% lower than  the indicator a year ago. Of this amount, over 86.5% or 23.1 billion  drams was paid under direct taxes (including income tax and tax on  profits), with a y-o-y  decline of 17.5%. According to the data of  the RA State Revenue Committee, in the total volume of payments of  1000 large taxpayers in Armenia, the share of 17 banks is 5.4%.

Ardshinbank received Euromoney Award 2020 as the Best Bank in Armenia
 Friday, July 17 2020 13:15

ArmInfo.The "Euromoney" magazinehighly appreciated Ardshinbank's leading role in the financial market of RA, announcingEuromoney Award for Excellence 2020 for outstanding achievements as the Best Bank in Armenia.

AMX held unprecedented auction on the placement of the maximum volume  of government bonds
 Tuesday, July 14 2020 20:39

ArmInfo. On July 14, the unprecedented auction on the placement of the maximum volume of government bonds took place at the AMX Armenian Stock Exchange.

200 million drams allocated to the enlarged community of Akhtal under  the World Bank program
 Monday, July 13 2020 12:29

ArmInfo. As part of the <Social Investments and Local Development> program of the Territorial Development Fund of Armenia (DFA) of the Ministry of Territorial  Administration and Infrastructures of the Republic of Armenia, 200  million drams were invested in the enlarged community of Akhtal.

International reserves of Armenia for the first half of the year  decreased, but in annual terms remained in growth
 Friday, July 10 2020 20:08

ArmInfo.  The gross international  reserves of Armenia decreased by 7.1% or $ 201.3 million in the first  half of 2020 (against a decline of 1.7% a year earlier), amounting to  $ 2.648 billion. This is evidenced by the data of the Central Bank of  Armenia. Of these, the lion's share - $ 2.597 billion falls on  external assets in hard currency, and the share of SDRs in the IMF  amounted to $ 51 million. According to the regulator's report, for  the first half of this year foreign assets in hard currency decreased  by 8.7%, and the share of SDR in the IMF jumped 8.3 times. Moreover,  in monthly terms, the decline in BMD was recorded in January-April  (with the highest rate in January - 6.3%), after which growth  followed in May, but in June the decline resumed. And the share of  SDRs in the IMF was decreasing monthly during the first quarter,  freezing in April at the same level, then in May it jumped sharply,  but again in June it marked a drawdown.

A number of new privileges on the joint platform of IDBank and Idram
 Friday, July 10 2020 18:01

ArmInfo.IDBank and Idram continue the development process of Banking department of their joint digital platform and application not only to present an easy and clear platform to their customers but also profitable offers for them.

Government and World Bank representatives discuss cashless payments  of pensions and benefits
 Tuesday, July 7 2020 20:45

ArmInfo.Under the chairmanship of Armenian Deputy Prime Minister Mher Grigoryan and Global Director of the Social Protection and Jobs Global Practice at the World Bank Michal Rutkowski , discussions were held on the issues of  digitization and decriminalization of social payments.  Representatives of the UN, the International Monetary Fund and the EU  Delegation also participated in the discussion.

Hovhannes Khachatryan nominated to the Council of the Central Bank of  Armenia
 Tuesday, July 7 2020 13:00

ArmInfo. The ruling "My Step"  faction in Armenia nominated Hovhannes Khachatryan to the vacant post  of member of the Council of the Central Bank of Armenia.  As the  press service of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia  reports, the candidacy of Hovhannes Khachatryan will be considered at  a meeting of the NA Standing Committee on Financial- Credit and  Budgetary Affairs on July 8. The keynote speaker will be Artak  Manukyan, Deputy Chairman of the Commission.

IDBank’s new offer to the Business
 Friday, July 3 2020 15:49

ArmInfo.IDBank offers to move your business to online platform to use the new privileges of Internet-acquiring with profitable conditions and give an opportunity to your customers to avoid contact with cash and use your services remotely.

EFSD Assessed Accessibility of Macroeconomic Stabilization Financing  in Armenia
 Friday, July 3 2020 12:55

ArmInfo. The Eurasian Fund for  Stabilization and Development (EFSD, Fund), has published a working  paper "Global Financial Safety Net in Eurasia: Accessibility of  Macroeconomic Stabilization Financing in Armenia, Belarus,  Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan". The analysis is of particular importance  in the context of the current crisis associated with the COVID-19  pandemic, the Official Website of Organization reports.

Armswissbank successfully placed tranche of Eurobonds in the amount  of 5 mln 
 Thursday, July 2 2020 15:58

ArmInfo. Armswissbank has  successfully placed a tranche of Eurobonds in the amount of 5 million  euros. According to the press service of the bank, this tranche was  issued on June 1 and, as envisaged, the initial offering ended on  July 1.



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