The real effective exchange rate of the dram in August fell by 0.6%,  with an annual growth of 2.4%

 Sunday, October 18 2020 23:36:00
The real effective exchange rate of the dram in August fell by 0.6%,  with an annual growth of 2.4%

ArmInfo. In August 2020, the real effective exchange rate of the dram to the basket of currencies of the states - the main trading partners of Armenia decreased by  0.6%, and the nominal effective exchange rate - by 0.3%, thereby  fixing a slight weakening of the national currency.

EBRD awards Armswissbank TFP Awards as the most active issuing bank  in Armenia for the second year in a row
 Monday, June 8 2020 15:42

ArmInfo. European Bank for  Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for the second year in a row,  this time following the results of 2019, names its trade finance  partner, Armswissbank, as the most active issuing bank in Armenia. As  the Bank's press service told ArmInfo, the TFP Awards ceremony, which  was to be held at the annual meeting and the EBRD business forum in  May 2020, had to be canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but the  list of winners is presented on the EBRD published on June 4. The  winners of the honorary award were 27 banks, along with Armswissbank  TBC (Georgia), Belinvestbank (Belarus) and JSC Bank Centercredit  (Kazakhstan) are also on the list.

The Audit Chamber gave a positive opinion on the implementation of  the 2019 budget
 Friday, June 5 2020 18:56

ArmInfo.The RA Audit Chamber gave a positive conclusion on the implementation of the 2019 state budget. The head of the Audit Chamber Levon Yolyan said this on June  5 during a meeting of the parliament.

Armswissbank was awarded "Most active issuing bank in armenia in 2019" by ebrd
 Friday, June 5 2020 18:52

ArmInfo.In prestigious annual TFP Awards organize by EBRD within the scope of Trade Facilitation Programme (TFP) ARMSWISSBANK CJSC was awarded the "Most Active Issuing Bank in Armenia in 2019

Financial regulator sees the need to create a solid foundation for  increasing capital expenditures
 Friday, June 5 2020 17:07

ArmInfo. On June 5, Chairman of the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia Artur Javadyan presented the conclusions of the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia on the implementation of the 2019 state budget during a meeting of the  Parliament of the Republic of Armenia. First of all, Javadyan  emphasized that the implementation of the budget in 2019 contributed  to the sustainability of the public debt. In this vein, he said that  the ratio of debt to GDP in y-o-y terms decreased by 1.3%, amounting  to 50%.

Debit cards of IDBank can be already ordered also by Idram
 Friday, June 5 2020 16:17

ArmInfo.Constantly improving and attaching great importance to the wishes and suggestions of the customers, the digital platform of IDBank and Idram already provides the opportunity to order IDBank's Visa Gold, Visa Signature, Visa Infinite debit cards without wasting time in any currency and with a free delivery.

Prime Minister: Armenian banks provided loan payment holidays to  almost 550 thousand citizens
 Thursday, June 4 2020 15:33

ArmInfo.Commercial banks of Armenia provided loan payment holidays for almost 550 thousand citizens of the country. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan announced  this on June 4 at a government meeting.  According to him, the matter  concerns individuals with a total volume of loans worth 682 billion  drams, of which 45 billion drams are current payouts. In addition,  17,400 business entities were granted holidays with a total volume of  loans of 647 billion drams, of which 57 billion drams - current  payments.

IDBank and “Armleasing” will cooperate
 Thursday, June 4 2020 14:01

ArmInfo.IDBank and “Armenian Leasing Company” have signed a cooperation agreement, according to which:

Armswissbank`s bonds are bought up like hot cakes
 Wednesday, June 3 2020 20:48

ArmInfo. Armswissbank's dollar-denominated bonds, the placement of which by open subscription started on June 1, sold up to $ 10 million in full. According to the  press service of the bank, it was originally planned to complete the  placement of this tranche before July 1.

IDBank encourages its customers to visit the Bank only in case of extreme necessity
 Wednesday, June 3 2020 14:30

ArmInfo.Dear customers, taking into consideration the pandemic situation, we strongly encourage and ask you to make use of IDBank's complete remote toolset.

EBRD and ADB to provide Electric Networks of Armenia CJSC with $ 25  million and $ 20 million credit resources respectively
 Tuesday, June 2 2020 14:13

ArmInfo.The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) will provide Electric Networks of Armenia CJSC with $ 25 million and $ 20 million credit resources respectively, the press  service of the electric networks reports.

Dividends on foreign currency bonds can be received in foreign  currency in Armenia
 Tuesday, June 2 2020 14:01

ArmInfo. Transaction losses in  the acquisition of securities will be reduced in Armenia. The  National Assembly of Armenia at the sitting on June 3 in the first  reading adopted the amendments to the law "On Currency Regulation and  Currency Control" submitted by the NA lawmaker from the "My Step"  faction Artak Manukyan.

Armswissbank successfully placed the third tranche of its AMD bonds
 Tuesday, June 2 2020 13:31

ArmInfo.Armswissbank successfully placed the third tranche of its AMD registered coupon bonds. As the press service of the bank told ArmInfo, the bonds of this issue  (AMSWISB2CER2) were placed at the Stock Exchange of Armenia as a  result of which the bonds with a nominal value of AMD 9,700 bln were  fully placed, demand exceeded supply by almost 14%.

EBRD launches online learning resourcefor small and medium  enterprises
 Monday, June 1 2020 15:40

ArmInfo.The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is launching a free-to-use online learning and advice programme to support micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) confronted with the economic impact  of the coronavirus pandemic, the press service of the Bank reports.

Central Bank of Armenia and the Alliance for Financial Inclusion  (AFI) arrange  the 5th Experts Group on Financial Inclusion Policy  (EGFIP)
 Monday, June 1 2020 12:33

ArmInfo.Central Bank of Armenia and the Alliance for  Financial Inclusion (AFI) are organizing the 5th Experts Group on  Financial Inclusion Policy (EGFIP) Meeting on 1-3 June 2020, the  first AFI regional initiative to be held virtually given the  magnitude of the global crisis posed by COVID19.

CBA: High level of liquidity and capital adequacy in the financial  system of Armenia can withstand shocks
 Wednesday, May 27 2020 18:24

ArmInfo. High liquidity and capital adequacy in the financial system of Armenia allow to withstand shocks.

Precious metals price growth accelerated in Armenia
 Wednesday, May 27 2020 17:01

ArmInfo. In Armenia, prices for precious metals have accelerated the growth rate - from 2.6% last week to 6.2% this week. Moreover, a significant acceleration in price  growth was observed for platinum and palladium, relatively moderate  for silver, against which the cost of gold remained almost unchanged.

IDBank reduced interest rates on Student loans in the framework of the state-financed special program
 Wednesday, May 27 2020 16:52

ArmInfo.As of May 1, 2020, if you are still a student and you have got a student loan at IDBank, then the annual loan interest rate will be reduced for you.

UBA: For the first time, non-cash card transactions in Armenia  exceeded cash
 Tuesday, May 26 2020 21:42

ArmInfo. For the first time in Armenia, the number of non-cash card transactions exceeded the number of cash card transactions. According to the results of the first quarter of 2020, in quantitative terms, the share of non-cash card  transactions amounted to 57% of the total number of card  transactions, and the share of cash card transactions was 43%. The  Executive Director of the Union of Banks of Armenia (UBA) Seyran  Sargsyan said this on May 26 during a press conference.

UBA: Risks in the banking system of Armenia are manageable even in  the worst case scenario
 Tuesday, May 26 2020 21:41

ArmInfo. Risks in the banking system of Armenia today associated with the uncertainty of the situation with the coronavirus pandemic are manageable even in the worst-case development scenario. This opinion was held May 26 during  an online press conference, answering a question from ArmInfo,  expressed by Executive Director of the Union of Banks of Armenia  (UBA) Seyran Sargsyan.

Seyran Sargsyan: In the post-coronavirus period, the banking system  will face a significant increase in non- performing loans - but the  limit will be acceptable and quite manageable
 Tuesday, May 26 2020 21:40

ArmInfo. The current situation with coronavirus affected the income of individuals and legal entities, which, of course, could not but affect the lending process.  In response to a question from ArmInfo, this during an online press  conference on May 26, said Executive Director of the Union of Banks  of Armenia (UBA) Seyran Sargsyan.



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