Team Telecom Armenia is undertaking its initial public offering (IPO) 
 Friday, June 2 2023, 19:26

ArmInfo."Telecom Armenia" OJSC (trademark: Team Telecom Armenia) has issued and is allocating stocks  through a public offering, giving everyone the opportunity to participate in the development of the company, make an investment, share the success and become the shareholder of Team.  

Martin Galstyan: Armenia Securities Exchange is currently in process  of forming new board and strategy
 Tuesday, March 14 2023, 17:53

ArmInfo.Governorof the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia Martin Galstyan left the board of the Board of the AMX|Armenia Securities Exchange. He announced this on March 14 during a press conference.

Expert: The Armenian economy is attractive for investors
 Tuesday, October 18 2022, 15:04

ArmInfo. Switzerland’s Symbiotics Investments ranks Armenia in fourth place, along with Peru and Uzbekistan, in terms of the volume of investments it provides. The firm is the largest private investor in the country’s financial sector, providing resources for the development of small and medium-sized businesses. Symbiotics Investments Regional Manager Alexandr Fando provided this information during a conversation with an ArmInfo correspondent during the celebration of the first anniversary of the opening of the regional office in Yerevan.

 Thursday, February 3 2022, 17:38


ACBA Bank: publicity and a new development paradigm
 Tuesday, October 5 2021, 19:04

ArmInfo. This year, one of the largest banks in Armenia, ACBA Bank, has made an extremely serious claim in the market. Due to the accumulated profit, the bank increased its authorized capital from 30 to 50 billion drams, and in mid-September announced an open and free subscription to its shares for a total of 7.5 billion drams.

Transformation and trust are important for success in modern banking. artak hanesyan
 Tuesday, August 24 2021, 12:38

ArmInfoIn an interview for GlobalMarkets, Artak Hanesyan, Ameriabank’s CEO, explains the bank’s strategy and highlights some of the key reasons for its success in the Armenian market.  

Ameriabank ready for initial public offering of shares - Managing Director, Financial Institutions for EBRD
 Friday, June 4 2021, 14:22

ArmInfo.Mr. Francis Malige, Managing Director, Financial Institutions for the EBRD, speaks on how challenging the 2020 was for EBRD, the global economy recovery after the crisis, likelihood of new projects and opportunities, current state of the banking system in Armenia and fruitful cooperation with Ameriabank.

Interview with Mr. Francis Malige
 Monday, May 24 2021, 16:32

ArmInfo.Mr. Francis Malige, Managing Director, Financial Institutions for the EBRD, speaks on how challenging the 2020 was for EBRD, the global economy recovery after the crisis, likelihood of new projects and opportunities, current state of the banking system in Armenia and fruitful cooperation with Ameriabank.

SHASTA, a large state-owned Iranian holding, is considering investing  in a number of areas in Armenia
 Thursday, May 20 2021, 16:02

ArmInfo.SHASTA, the large Iranian holding, the investment arm of the Social Security Investment Company (SSIC), is considering investing in a number of areas in  Armenia. This became known after the meeting of the Minister of  Economy of Armenia Vahan Kerobyan with the delegation of the Iranian  holding, headed by Director General Mohammad Rezvanifar.

Interview Ms. Sabine Gaber, member of the Executive Board at OeEB with Ameriabank
 Friday, May 14 2021, 20:42

ArmInfo.Ms. Sabine Gaber, member of the Executive Board at OeEB (Development Bank of Austria), talks about OeEB’s mission, actions taken in response to the economic impact of the pandemic in the developing countries and the long-lasting and successful partnership with Ameriabank. 

Ameriabank raises Tier 2 Capital from Symbiotics SA
 Tuesday, December 1 2020, 17:26

ArmInfo.5 November, 2020 Ameriabank has entered into long-term subordinated loan agreement with Symbiotics SA for USD 15 million, with possible increase up to USD 25 million. The funds qualify as Bank Tier 2 capital instrument under Basel III framework and are aimed at strengthening the overall capital position of the Bank.

 Friday, August 7 2020, 18:51


 Tuesday, August 4 2020, 18:32


Armen Melikyan: in the field of telecommunications, Armenia may get   in a situation of the late 90s
 Saturday, July 11 2020, 02:15

ArmInfo. The communications market of Armenia ceases to be part of the world telecom and is locked within its small borders. The news published in the media that MTS following VEON is going to leave Armenia is depressing.

 Monday, April 6 2020, 19:09


 Monday, February 24 2020, 18:45


 Monday, February 3 2020, 22:42


 Wednesday, January 22 2020, 19:53


Japanese scientist Takeo Kanade awarded "Global IT Award- 2019``  State Prize of the Republic of Armenia for global contribution to IT 
 Wednesday, November 20 2019, 19:50

ArmInfo.  The winner of the State  Prize of Armenia Global IT Award -2019 was a Japanese computer  scientist and one of the world's leading computer vision researchers  Takeo Kanade. This was announced at a November 20 press conference at  the RA Ministry of High Technology Industry.

Prime Minister: Insufficient development of securities market hinders  investments in Armenia
 Thursday, November 14 2019, 22:55

ArmInfo. From an institutional point of view, the main factor hindering the investment  environment in Armenia is the underdevelopment of the securities  market, which creates problems for both business and citizens. This  opinion was expressed on November 14 by Prime Minister Nikol  Pashinyan during his speech at an event dedicated to the results of  the year of activity of the US Chamber of Commerce in the Republic of  Armenia.

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