Non-cash plastic transactions continue to gain momentum; 30%  threshold in total volume has already been passed
 Wednesday, November 24 2021, 14:28

ArmInfo. In Armenia, the total volume of plastic transactions slowed down the y-o-y growth from 32.5% in 9 months of 2020 to 21.6% in 9 months of 2021, amounting to  2.3 trillion AMD (including transactions abroad with cards of  Armenian issuing banks). This is evidenced by the data of the RA  Central Bank.

2.621mln plastic cards in Armenia`s banking market 
 Tuesday, November 23 2021, 17:10

ArmInfo.Over 2.621mln plastic cards had been registered in Armenia   `s banking market by October 1, 2021, with a year-on-year increase of 5.3% against 9.1% the  previous year.

"Amundi-ACBA Asset Management" company will allocate 10 thousand  euros to study the strategy of introducing a social housing system in  Armenia
 Tuesday, September 28 2021, 20:11

ArmInfo."Amundi-ACBA Asset Management" company and the RA Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs signed a memorandum of cooperation. As noted in the message of the  company, within the framework of cooperation "Amundi-ACBA Asset  Management" from its profits will provide 10 thousand euros for the  study of the strategy of introducing a social housing system in  Armenia.

Head of ACBA Bank Hakob Andreasyan was awarded the French National  Order of Merit
 Friday, June 25 2021, 17:57

ArmInfo. Chief Executive Officer  of ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK Hakob Andreasyan was awarded the French National Order of Merit. On behalf of the President of France, the award was presented to the head of the Bank by the  Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of France to Armenia  Jonathan Lacote.

Number of cards on Armenia`s plastic market exceeded 2.5 million, but  the growth shrinks to nullity
 Tuesday, May 11 2021, 13:08

ArmInfo. By April 1, 2021, there were over 2.5 million cards in the plastic market of Armenia, with a slowdown in y-o-y growth to 3.5% from 20.8% in the same period of  2020. And most of them are debit and payment cards - 50.5% and 40.2%,  respectively, and credit accounts for only 9.3%, but annual growth is  observed in debit cards (by 13%), while settlement and credit in  decline (by 4.7-4%). This is evidenced by the data of the RA Central  Bank.

 Tuesday, May 11 2021, 00:42


Banks of Armenia in the Q1 of 2021 reduced tax deductions to the  state treasury by 3.2% per annum
 Monday, April 19 2021, 14:56

ArmInfo. Banking system of Armenia in the first quarter of 2021 reduced tax deductions to the state treasury by 3.2% per annum - to 12.15 billion drams ($ 22.9  million), against an increase of 12.6% a year earlier in the same  period.

 Wednesday, February 3 2021, 22:20


 Saturday, October 17 2020, 18:28


 Wednesday, September 23 2020, 17:13


 Friday, August 7 2020, 17:35


Arsen Bazikyan: In Armenia, the leasing regulation is transferred  from the contractual to the legislative field
 Thursday, August 6 2020, 19:35

ArmInfo. In Armenia, during  implementation of leasing agreements, organizations previously used  different approaches, but from now on, thanks to changes in the Civil  and Tax Codes, a common methodology will be in effect, which will  allow transferring the regulation of the sector from the contractual  to the legislative field. Arsen Bazikyan, Co-Founder & CEO at  Armenian Leasing Company, stated this at a press conference on August  6.

In Armenia, the share of non-cash card transactions remained at the  level of 30% by July 2020
 Thursday, August 6 2020, 12:27

ArmInfo. In Armenia, the share of  non-cash card transactions remained at the level of 30% in the total  volume of plastic transactions by July 1, 2020. But the y-o-y growth  in the volume of non-cash card transactions slowed down from last  year's 48% to the current 38%, amounting by the results of the first  half of this year to 351 billion drams ($ 728 million). The  preservation of the share, despite the slowdown in volumes, is due to  the activity of Internet commerce, the popularization of mobile and  web applications by banks and Armenian Card, and such effective  measures to encourage non-cash transactions as CashBack. According to  the data of the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia, five years  earlier (H1 of 2015), the share of non-cash transactions in the total  volume of plastic transactions was 12%, and by July 1, 2019 it had  reached 24%.

It is very important for the Armenian economy to develop the adaptive  capacity of the business sector in the new situation
 Tuesday, August 4 2020, 20:19

ArmInfo.It is very important for the Armenian economy to develop the adaptive capacities of the business sector in the new situation. Arsen Melkonyan, Deputy CEO at ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank for Business Operations, expressed this  opinion.

 Thursday, July 23 2020, 17:40


Expert: Investing in the economy through pension funds will create  favorable launch environment in the post-crisis period
 Wednesday, July 22 2020, 17:45

ArmInfo. "I do not think that the pension reform is untimely, since today the share of citizens in terms of social payments accounts for only 2.5%," Vigen Shahnazaryan, a leading expert of the Financial System Regulation Department of the Central Bank of Armenia, said during a conference initiated by the  Club of Economic Journalists of Armenia.

In H1 of 2020, Armenian banks reduced tax payments to state treasury  by 9.2%
 Monday, July 20 2020, 18:51

ArmInfo. In the H1 of 2020, the  banking system of Armenia allocated 26.7 billion drams or $ 55.4  million to the state treasury through taxes, which is 9.2% lower than  the indicator a year ago. Of this amount, over 86.5% or 23.1 billion  drams was paid under direct taxes (including income tax and tax on  profits), with a y-o-y  decline of 17.5%. According to the data of  the RA State Revenue Committee, in the total volume of payments of  1000 large taxpayers in Armenia, the share of 17 banks is 5.4%.

ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank attracts USD 20 mln loan from EBRD to  finance enterprises affected by COVID-19
 Thursday, June 25 2020, 15:50

ArmInfo. ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank has signed a loan agreement with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for $ 20 million, which will be used to finance micro, small and medium-sized enterprises affected by COVID-2019.

 Tuesday, June 23 2020, 13:28


 Wednesday, June 10 2020, 18:41


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