Armswissbank financed the modernization of Arzni breeding poultry  farm and the launch of a solar power plant
 Monday, December 28 2020, 15:11

ArmInfo.Armswissbank financed the modernization of the Arzni pedigree poultry farm and the launch of a solar power plant. As ArmInfo was told in the press service of  Armswissbank, over 670 million AMD has been invested in the  re-equipment of the poultry farm and the construction of a solar  power plant.

Armswissbank will resume issue of euro bonds on September 22
 Monday, September 14 2020, 14:12

ArmInfo.On September 22 Armswissbank will resume an additional issue of registered coupon euro bonds in the amount of 5 million euros. As the press service of  the bank explained, this issue is provided in the program prospectus  of the issue, registered by the Central Bank of Armenia on May 15  this year. The initial placement of this tranche will start on  September 22, and it is planned to complete it on October 22.

Armswissbank plans a phased placement of a large tranche of AMD bonds  with a total volume of 25 billion for autumn
 Tuesday, August 18 2020, 12:22

ArmInfo.Armswissbank is planning a gradual placement of a large tranche of inscribed AMD coupon bonds totaling 25 billion in autumn. As the press service of the bank explained to ArmInfo, the bank's management is currently  considering the probable date of the placement and the volume of the  first tranche of this issue. The specific date and the proposed  initial volume will be announced later as soon as the bank's  management makes a specific decision.

Armswissbank successfully placed tranche of Eurobonds in the amount  of 5 mln 
 Thursday, July 2 2020, 15:58

ArmInfo. Armswissbank has  successfully placed a tranche of Eurobonds in the amount of 5 million  euros. According to the press service of the bank, this tranche was  issued on June 1 and, as envisaged, the initial offering ended on  July 1.

EBRD awards Armswissbank TFP Awards as the most active issuing bank  in Armenia for the second year in a row
 Monday, June 8 2020, 15:42

ArmInfo. European Bank for  Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for the second year in a row,  this time following the results of 2019, names its trade finance  partner, Armswissbank, as the most active issuing bank in Armenia. As  the Bank's press service told ArmInfo, the TFP Awards ceremony, which  was to be held at the annual meeting and the EBRD business forum in  May 2020, had to be canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but the  list of winners is presented on the EBRD published on June 4. The  winners of the honorary award were 27 banks, along with Armswissbank  TBC (Georgia), Belinvestbank (Belarus) and JSC Bank Centercredit  (Kazakhstan) are also on the list.

Armswissbank`s bonds are bought up like hot cakes
 Wednesday, June 3 2020, 20:48

ArmInfo. Armswissbank's dollar-denominated bonds, the placement of which by open subscription started on June 1, sold up to $ 10 million in full. According to the  press service of the bank, it was originally planned to complete the  placement of this tranche before July 1.

Armswissbank successfully placed the third tranche of its AMD bonds
 Tuesday, June 2 2020, 13:31

ArmInfo.Armswissbank successfully placed the third tranche of its AMD registered coupon bonds. As the press service of the bank told ArmInfo, the bonds of this issue  (AMSWISB2CER2) were placed at the Stock Exchange of Armenia as a  result of which the bonds with a nominal value of AMD 9,700 bln were  fully placed, demand exceeded supply by almost 14%.

Nikol Pashinyan in Zurich with a group of investors discussed  investment prospects of Armenia
 Monday, January 21 2019, 17:16

ArmInfo. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, who is on a working visit to Switzerland, discussed investment prospects in Armenia with a group of investors, the press  service of the Armenian government reported.In particular, Pashinyan  discussed with the chairman of the Switzerland-Armenia Chamber of  Commerce Mike Baronian issues relating to the possibilities of  expanding investment programs in the field of pharmaceuticals in  Armenia. 

The most important task of Armenian President is to make the country  attractive for investors
 Tuesday, October 23 2018, 12:31

ArmInfo.Armenian President Armen Sarkissian, who is on a working visit to Switzerland, visited the Franck Muller company and met with its president, the famous  Swiss businessman of Armenian origin Vartan Sirmakes.

AMD, dollar and euro bonds of Armswissbank were listed on NASDAQ OMX Armenia
 Tuesday, August 1 2017, 17:07

ArmInfo. AMD, dollar and euro  bonds of Armswissbank were listed on NASDAQ OMX Armenia. As the press  service of the exchange told ArmInfo, these bonds entered the  secondary exchange list of Bbond and are admitted to conclusion of  targeted and repo deals. In the secondary market, Ameriabank and  ARARATBANK will act as market-makers of these securities.  

Initial placement of AMD bonds in ArmSwissBank successfully completed before the scheduled time
 Wednesday, July 12 2017, 15:51

ArmInfo. The initial placement of nominal coupon AMD bonds of 2 billion AMD was successfully completed on July 10 - 4 days earlier than planned. The placed bonds were purchased by both local and foreign legal entities, including Armenian banks and private investors.

Demand for AMD bonds is same as for USD
 Monday, June 19 2017, 18:08

ArmInfo. Armswissbank, after successfully issuing three tranches of USD bonds, brought AMD securities to the market. The placement of AMD bonds as well as in the case of USD bonds turned out to be successful - applications for the purchase of only 2 billion were presented within the first hour of the start of the open subscription.

ArmSwissBank increases total regulatory capital to 33 bln AMD due to direct investments by shareholders
 Thursday, September 8 2016, 12:05

ArmInfo. At the moment the total regulatory capital of ArmSwissBank is nearly 33 bln AMD versus 30.4 bln AMD as of late March and 19 bln AMD as of early 2016. The press office of the Bank has told ArmInfo that the capital has increased due to 8 bln AMD direct investments by the shareholders in March 2016. The capital replenishment was dictated by the need to comply with the Armenian Central Bank's new standard for total capital of the banks - at least 30 bln AMD versus the current 5 bln AMD.

From now on Vardan Sirmakes will participate in ArmSwisBank capital through his companies
 Friday, March 25 2016, 20:33

ArmInfo. Vardan Sirmakes, Swiss businessman, CEO, founder and 100% owner of world-known "Frank Muller Watchland" company will not participate in ArmSwisBank capital directly anymore, ensuring participation through his foreign companies. 

Export Insurance Agency of Armenia and ArmSwissbank join efforts to support exporters/producers
 Thursday, March 24 2016, 19:32

ArmInfo. Export Insurance Agency of Armenia (EIAA) and ArmSwissbank signed today a memorandum, which envisages deepening of cooperation for assisting export-oriented businesses and introducing new export-insurance financial products in order to give local producers an opportunity to enter new foreign markets. 

ArmSwissBank was awarded Grand Prix for "Best Exchange Member 2015" in "Best member Award" of NAZDAQ OMX Armenia
 Tuesday, February 16 2016, 19:54

ArmInfo. ArmSwissBank was awarded the Grand Prix for "Best Exchange Member 2015" in "Best member Award" annual ceremony organized by NASDAQ OMX Armenia. 

Vardan Sirmakes allocated 1 mln USD to Gyumri textile factory under Shirak Development Program
 Wednesday, January 20 2016, 18:50

ArmInfo. Famous Swiss investor and benefactor of Armenian descent, founder and owner of world known Franck Muller Watchland, owner of ArmSwissBank Vardan Sirmakes made a decision to allocate 1 mln USD under Shirak Development Program to Gyumri textile factory for business expansion, as the press service of ArmSwissBank informed ArmInfo, the first part of financing was already made in January 2016.

"Armenbrok" OJSC the Market-Maker of Armswissbank`s Three Debut USD Issues of Denominated Bonds
 Monday, June 29 2015, 16:10
"Armenbrok" Investment Company OJSC has become the market-maker of Armswissbank's three debut USD issues (SWISB1, SWISB2, SWISB3 stock abbreviations) of denominated bonds. The Bank's press-office has informed ArmInfo that Armbrok was assigned the status on June 26 in accordance
EBRD to lend USD 2 million to ArmSwissBank under Caucasus Energy Efficiency Programme
 Tuesday, June 2 2015, 18:08

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and ArmSwissBank have concluded a new USD 2 million loan agreement under the Caucasus Energy Efficiency Programme. ArmSwissBank has told ArmInfo that the companies meeting the programme requirements will be able to receive a loan for up to 5 years at 10-11 per annum. 

1st and 2nd Issues of Foreign Currency Denominated Bonds by ARMSWISSBANK Listed at NASDAQ OMX Armenia
 Tuesday, May 5 2015, 20:00
On May 05, 2015 the first and the second issues of corporate bonds by "ARMSWISSBANK" CJSC  listed at NASDAQ OMX Armenia on the secondary Bbond list, the press office of NASDAQ OMX Armenia has told ArmInfo.      The Company's bonds first issue c

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