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Armenian Government searches the paths to provide water supply to whole the country: 40% of population is still out

Armenian Government searches the paths to provide water supply to   whole the country: 40% of population is still out

ArmInfo. 560 rural areas of Armenia are  still out of the water supply zone of the sole water supply operator  - French company of Veolia, but the issue is to be solved. This was  stated by Karen Karapetyan, the Prime Minister of the Republic of  Armenia, at the Government session.  Meanwhile, yet in November of  last year, the State Water Committee, announcing the signing of new  Agreement, stated that the policy of responsible entities should  comprise inclusion in the Sole Operator zone of all those who are out  of water supply and sewerage of Armenia.   

According to Karen Karapetyan, the state policy in this respect  should be aimed at mutually beneficial cooperation of public and  private sectors. "It is obvious that it is necessary to implement the  arrangements on financial recovery of the system as soon as  possible," the Prime Minister stated, accentuating the importance of  the complex record implementation in the sector of irrigation. It is  necessary to develop an appropriate program on financial recovery of  the irrigation system,  stating exact steps and arrangements to be  implemented.  

As  it was informed earlier, a 15-year term  agreement will be signed  with a new single operator of water supply  and sanitation Armenia in  November. The new operator of water supply  single throughout the  country with common tariff will start operating  from January 1,  2017. 

Consultant of Water Supply and Sanitation Systems in State Committee   of Water Resources under the Ministry of Energy Infrastructures and   Natural Resources Mushegh Karapetyan informed ArmInfo's correspondent   that preparatory work on holding international tender for choosing   single operator of water supply in Armenia was being done since 2014.   Three international companies:  French operators Saur (manages   "Armwaterchannel") and "Veolie Generale des Eaux (owner of   'Yerevan-Jur'), Italian Akea company (manager of Yerevan Jur in   2000-2005) and Armenian-German Consortium "AEG Service" (maintenance   service of gas supply systems and water supply via Shirak water   channel and Lori water channel") were competing for the position of   single operator of water supply and water disposal. All the four   companies passed the round of evaluation of technical proposals, on   the results of the second round of tender French Veolia Environment   SA was announced the winner. The company offered the lowest tariff on   water. The relevant contract was approved by the Armenian Government   on October 27 and will be signed by the company in the middle of   November. As a matter of fact, starting from January 1, 2017 new   single water operator will take management of five acting operators:   "Yerevan- Jur", "Armwaterchannel", "Shirak Water Channel", "Lori   Water Channel" and "Nor Akunq". 

The State Committee have  mentioned  also the positive sides of the   reforms. It turns out that as of today the five operators were   servicing 410-420 communities in Armenia, mainly large towns and   villages. No water was supplied to around 570 communities due to   small number of population. The current policy of the responsible   agencies is to include these territories in the zone of water supply.   Karapetyan noted that in some of these communities there is no   infrastructure at all and only when relevant water systems are  installed the single operator will be able to manage these   communities. For this reason the situation in these communities has   been already studied and in 30 of them in various regions of Armenia   investments will be made in the nearest future via state funds and   loans. In this context it is expected to attract funds from Asian   Development Bank, German Development Bank (KfW) and European Bank for  Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

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