Friday, June 30 2017 12:28
Naira Badalian

Russian company of "General International Trade" in Armenia is ready to finance works on processing territories

Russian company of  "General International Trade" in Armenia is ready  to finance works on processing territories

ArmInfo. The Russian company  of   (GIT) in Armenia is ready to finance  works on processing of territories in the area of 3 thousand hectares  (with zero interest rate) in order to assist the farms during the  spring field works. The corresponding venture investment program was  proposed by the company's CEO Vladimir Pogosyan in the Aragatsotn  region of Armenia. This was reported to ArmInfo in the press service  of the Ministry of Agriculture of Armenia.

According to the information, the head of the Ministry of Agriculture  Ignaty Arakelyan, on the eve of the working meeting in Aragatsotn,  presented the governor of the region Gabriel Gezalyan with the events  envisaged by the government program for the next five years aimed at  developing the agricultural sector of the republic. Ignaty Arakelyan,  in particular, touched upon the events for 2018-2022. On the  introduction of a drip irrigation system, anti-hail networks, the  laying of intensive fruit gardens, a pilot program to mitigate the  conditions of agricultural credit and the prospects of agricultural  insurance in Armenia. The minister said that since 2018, with the  co-financing of the government of Armenia and the Federal Republic of  Germany, it is planned to introduce agricultural insurance, without  which, according to him, the sphere can not develop

Introducing the program of the Russian company (GIT), it was noted at the meeting that this initiative will  allow eliminating the dependence of villagers on banks.  The head of  the Ministry of Agriculture also visited the intensive gardens of the  Ashtarak region. The total area of the gardens is 35 hectares, of  which 10 hectares are the gardens of apple and sweet cherry. In these  gardens, drip irrigation systems and anti-hail grids are introduced.  According to the director of the enterprise Atom Fahradyan, the drip  irrigation system was costly only in the initial period, and its  further operation became profitable.

According to the minister, as part of the government's program to  create intensive orchards, long-term loans will be provided in  Armenia on affordable terms. "The program will be launched in 2018,  but starting from this year it will be put into circulation so that  private companies that offer seedlings, drip systems or anti- hail  grids, can take orders, and farmers - be ready for spring sowing,"  stressed Ignaty Arakelyan.

As the government program for 2017-2022 reads, the goal of the  Armenian government is to ensure an annual increase in gross output  in the agricultural sector by at least 5%. According to the program,  for the development of agriculture, government actions will be aimed  at the development of crop production by increasing the capacity of  breeding stations for the production and growing of seeds. To ensure  a sustainable harvest, the government plans to implement plant  protection measures, including pest control measures. In 2018-2022 it  is expected to implement a program to ensure the availability of a  wide range of fertilizers for the villagers. Until the end of 2017  will be developed and during 2018-2022 implemented a program of state  action to create intensive orchards, bringing their area to 100  hectares. For the introduction of modern technologies into the sphere  of agriculture during 2018-2022. The government proposes to implement  a program on subsidizing loans for the introduction of drip  irrigation systems for 10 thousand hectares of land. In addition, the  state program is implemented in the direction of introducing  anti-hail networks on conditions accessible to farmers. During the  period of 2018-2020. On the basis of the state action, it is also  planned to introduce a pilot program on agricultural insurance. To  increase the level of forest management in the country until the end  of 2017, it is planned to develop a program to ensure the  preservation of forests, measures to increase control over the area. 

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