Armen Melikyan: in the field of telecommunications, Armenia may get   in a situation of the late 90s

 Saturday, July 11 2020 02:15:00
Armen Melikyan: in the field of telecommunications, Armenia may get   in a situation of the late 90s

ArmInfo. The communications market of Armenia ceases to be part of the world telecom and is locked within its small borders. The news published in the media that MTS following VEON is going to leave Armenia is depressing.

Ucom becomes an apple of discord and blackmail
 Monday, April 13 2020 17:52

ArmInfo. In recent days, Ucom, one of the leading telecommunications operators in Armenia, has become not only an apple of discord between major shareholders and top management, but also a subject of multilateral blackmail, in  which both sides, sorting things out and pursuing their own goals,  are trying to involve in the issue the state, the company's team and  their colleagues-competitors. Unfortunately, the situation in the  country due to the coronavirus pandemic is quite favorable for this.

The license for the activities of the Armenian NPP may be extended  until 2026
 Tuesday, March 3 2020 11:26

ArmInfo.As it is known, a program is being implemented at the Armenian  Nuclear Power Plant to extend the life of the second power unit, the  most important component of which is to increase the safety level of   the ANPP.  ArmInfo correspondent Alexander Avanesov's interview with  Ashot Martirosyan, Chairman of the RA Nuclear Security Regulatory  Committee, on the process of the project implementation and other   relevant issues.

Armenian NPP is not satisfied with the work of Rosatom State  Corporation and intends to complete the modernization program of the  second power unit independently
 Friday, February 28 2020 12:50

ArmInfo.Armenian Nuclear Power Plant intends to complete the program of modernization of the second power unit without the participation of Rosatom State  Corporation.

RAEX-Europe confirmed Armenia`s ratings at `BB-` with outlook  "Positive"
 Thursday, January 16 2020 14:53

ArmInfo. Rating-Agentur Expert RA confirmed the  sovereign government credit rating (SGC) of Armenia at 'BB-'  (Sufficient level of creditworthiness of the government) in national  currency and at 'BB-' (Sufficient level of creditworthiness of the  government) in foreign currency.

AmRating: A growing low-cost mortgage is "spurred on" by a steady  increase in property prices
 Tuesday, January 14 2020 19:24

ArmInfo. The growth of the retail loan portfolio of the banking system of Armenia over the past months has become more supported and supported by a growing mortgage,  which in turn is "spurred on" by a trend of stable increase in  property prices.  

AmRating: Increasing toxicity of consumer loans will push banks to  not put all their eggs in one basket
 Tuesday, December 10 2019 21:04

ArmInfo. By November 2019, the banking system of Armenia even more accelerated the annual growth in retail lending - up to 36.3%, which was largely due to the high  activity of consumer lending, including mortgages, whose share  reached 27.5%, thanks to an increase of almost 40 % According to the  Central Bank of Armenia, from 2018 to November, the current growth  rate of consumer lending from 11.1% jumped to 30.9%.

Analysts Opinion on Central Bank Report 
 Friday, December 6 2019 21:54

ArmInfo. The total loan portfolio of Armenian banks as of November 1, 2019 exceeded 3.1 trillion drams ($ 6.5 billion), slowing annual growth from 21% to  15%. At the same time, the volume of dram loans reached 1.5 trillion  drams ($ 3.2 billion), and foreign currency loans -1.6 trillion drams  ($ 3.3 billion). According to the Central Bank of the Republic of  Armenia, in the structure of the loan portfolio, a slowdown in annual  growth was observed both in terms of the dram component and the  currency component. Nevertheless, dram loans showed a high growth of  32.1% (against 40.5% a year earlier), while foreign currency growth  turned out to be meager - 2.1% (against 9.6% a year earlier).

ArmInfo has released its 100th anniversary bank bulletin
 Tuesday, December 3 2019 20:25

ArmInfo. "Agency of Rating Marketing Information" (ArmInfo IC) published and provided its subscribers with a jubilee, hundredth, informational and analytical quarterly newsletter "Financial Ratings of Armenian Banks". "This is  commensurate with ArmInfo's 25 years of presence in the country's  financial analytics market," ArmInfo CEO Emmanuil Mkrtchyan said.

Mining Industry as a Fanciful Game of Cats-and-Mice
 Monday, November 25 2019 20:32

ArmInfo.Arminfo: “Let the people know the facts, and the country will be safe.” These words of Abraham Lincoln have become challenging for post-revolutionary Armenia more than ever. Such huge piles of political and economic “garbage” have accumulated in the country that its rakers , most likely, not keeping up with their own promises and even thoughts, begin to turn their backs on the astringent smell and stench coming from those. Whatever one may touch it breaks down or threatens to collapse the socio-economic structure built up over a quarter-century, which turned out to be worthless and a non-effective one.  

Tigran Khachatryan: Attracting several transnational investors to  Armenia will allow the country to start playing for high stakes
 Tuesday, November 12 2019 16:17

ArmInfo. Attracting several investors to Armenia represented by transnational corporations (TNCs) will allow the country to start playing for high stakes.  This  opinion was expressed by Minister of Economy Tigran Khachatryan in an  interview with ArmInfo's economic columnist.  

During the first 5 years, the agricultural insurance market in Armenia will operate at a loss
 Wednesday, November 6 2019 18:05

ArmInfo. From the next year, the agricultural risk insurance system will start operating in Armenia. At first this program will be pilot, since the situation is similar to the one in mathematics called the equation with many unknowns.

Artak Kamalyan: Education is the key to success. Everything else is of secondary importance
 Wednesday, October 23 2019 18:23

ArmInfo.As a result of structural changes, the Ministry of Agriculture of Armenia was disbanded and became part of the Ministry of Economy. Artak Kamalyan, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Armenia, was appointed to the post of Deputy Minister of the merged Ministry of Economy of Armenia in May 2019 and was entrusted with overseeing the agricultural sector. In a previous interview to ArmInfo IC Kamalyan, summing up the results of his six-month work as deputy minister, complained about the lack of a systematic approach, teamwork and a lack of qualified personnel.

Head of PSRC: Whatever the agreement, the domestic tariff is  dependent on the price at the border
 Wednesday, September 18 2019 13:43

ArmInfo. From January 1, 2019,  the price of Russian natural gas for Armenia was increased from $ 150  to $ 165 per thousand cubic meters. But this is the price "at the  entrance" to Armenia, and the internal tariff for the population has  remained the same.

IMF: Armenia needs to achieve sustainable inclusive growth
 Friday, August 23 2019 12:24

ArmInfo. Jihad Azour, Director of the Middle East and Central Asia (MCD) Department at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), has recently visited Armenia. He is a well-known Lebanese economist and politician, who served as Lebanon’s Minister of Finance under Fouad Saniora’s government from 2005 to 2008, and author of a number of critical reforms in Lebanon's public administration and taxation system.

Artur Atoyan: Problems of fish farmers are solved by the communist  method, that is, they are not solved at all
 Wednesday, July 10 2019 14:30

ArmInfo.The fishing industry in Armenia after the decline in revenue from 2014 to 2016 began to recover only in 2017, increasing turnover by 9.8%. In 2018, the  growth rate of gross output of the Armenian fishery sharply  accelerated to 26.2%, ensuring revenues in the amount of 36.6 billion  AMD.

HSBC Bank Armenia digitalizes cooperation with retail clients 
 Friday, May 31 2019 12:26

ArmInfo.Flow of bank clients to online mode suggests digital transformation of business. The players of the Armenian banking sector have followed the new rules by  actively transferring to the digital format firstly corporate and  retail services, which are in the greatest demand.  

AmRating agency in cooperation with European Rating-Agentur Expert RA  GmbH has issued regular research on Armenia`s banking system
 Wednesday, May 29 2019 20:45

ArmInfo.Against the background of political turbulence associated with the "velvet revolution" in April-May 2018, the Armenian banking system demonstrated high reliability, maintaining a previously reached sufficient level of liquidity,  strong capitalization, healthy loan portfolio, substantial deposit  base and moderate profitability, this is stated in the regular  industry research of Armenia's banking system prepared by experts of  AmRating national rating agency in cooperation with European  Rating-Agentur Expert RA GmbH ( ) As it is noted in the report, the new economic policy of the government, headed by the  leader of the "velvet revolution" and Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, differs in many  ways from the former highly corrupt system, which was built up with the existence of  the so-called "shadow economy". The new policy's significant adjustments of ingrained  economic life affected some spheres of the economy and, as a result, influenced to  some extent macroeconomic indicators. 

Yulia Ustyugova: Armenia can get access to IMF “insurance line”
 Tuesday, May 7 2019 11:20

ArmInfo. Armenia became a member of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on May 28, 1992. Since then, the IMF has been providing macroeconomic policy advice and assistance to Armenia, including under Fund-supported programs.

Armand Arton: The question whether citizenship should be granted in  return for investments is rather rhetorical
 Monday, May 6 2019 10:42

ArmInfo.Citizenship by Investment (CBI) is a concept widely practiced all over the world. For the first time, representatives of Arton Capital, a company registered in  Canada, specializing in citizenship programs through investments,  spoke about it in Armenia in May 2017 at a meeting with the former  head of the Ministry of Economic Development and Investments.

Former head of the Ministry of Finance: with Lydian may cost much to Armenia
 Wednesday, April 10 2019 17:52

ArmInfo. with the Lydian mining company, which operates the Amulsarskoye field, may adversely affect the overall investment image of Armenia and the plans for issuing new Eurobonds in 2020. In an interview with ArmInfo, former Minister of Finance of Armenia Vardan Aramyan stated this opinion



Exchange rates

Government Bonds

Issue volume

10 billion

Volume of T-bills for placement

200 million

Volume of submitted competitive applications

200 million

Volume of satisfied bids

200 million

Yield at cut-off price


Maximum yield


Мinimum yield


Weighted average yield


Number of participants


The maturity date of T-bills




СПРОС (Покупка)


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Средневзв. Цена




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200 000

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96 400 000