Tuesday, November 29 2016 16:01
Marianna Mkrtchyan

Vardan Voskanyan: Iranian President will pay a visit to Armenia in Dec 2016

Vardan Voskanyan: Iranian President will pay a visit to Armenia in  Dec 2016

ArmInfo. Vardan Voskanyan,  Armenian expert in Iranian Studies, is convinced that Iran's  President Hassan Rouhani will pay a visit to Armenia in Dec 2016.     

"Rouhani's visit to Armenia should be considered in the context of  deepening and dynamically developing Armenian-Iranian relations. A  fresh impetus should be given to the economic relations," Voskanyan  said at a press conference in Yerevan on November 29.  

The expert thinks that today Armenia is an important link between the  Black Sea and the Persian Gulf.  "One of the bilateral cooperation  directions is multimodal transportation from Europe to Iran and back  via Armenia. This route was already tested on November 23, 2016.  Armenia can become an important link between Iran and Europe in the  context of construction of the North-South transport corridor as  well. Iran is interested in enhancement of Armenia's role amid the  problematic relations with Turkey. In this light, Iran seeks to find  alternative ways via Armenia bypassing Turkey," he said. 

He noted that the gas sector is another direction for effective  cooperation He recalled that Iran has signed an experimental contract  on gas export to Georgia via Armenia. The contract will allow  enhancing the Armenian side's role in this matter. In addition, Iran  is supplying Armenia with gas for thermal power plants. Due to the  construction of two power transmission lines (Iran-Armenia and  Armenia-Georgia), the cross flows will exceed the current indices  almost 10-fold and will allow Armenia to become a serious transiter  of electricity," he said. 

Voskanyan pointed out that a serious role in promotion of the  bilateral relations belonged to visa liberalization that enables the  Armenian citizens to travel from the Black Sea to the Persian Gulf  without hindrance, as well as the Armenian-Iranian Memorandum of  Cooperation in customs administration.  "Armenia is also considered a  gateway in the Iran-EEU cooperation. The Armenian-Iranian ties in the  scientific and education area are also at a good level, however,  there is a potential to develop the cultural ties. So, Rouhani's  visit to Armenia is expected to allow summing up the results of  cooperation and outlining new directions," he said. 

The expert added that the Iranian President's visit is also topical,  because his first term of presidency will shortly be completed and  the visit can give him certain dividends from the Armenian community  of Iran during the elections.  

Voskanyan does not share the opinion that Russia can influence  Armenia and Iran in cooperation in the gas sector.


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