Friday, March 3 2017 13:45
Alina Hovhannisyan

Anelik Bank releases second USD bonds emission with a volume of USD 5 mln

Anelik Bank releases   second USD  bonds emission  with a  volume of  USD 5 mln

ArmInfo. Anelik Bank releases    second USD based  registered bonds emission  at the total volume  of  USD 5 mln, with annual indemnity of 6,5% and  2 year  turnover term.   According to the information shared with ArmInfo at the press office  of the Bank, the nominal cost is stated at  USD 100, and the interest  disbursement is  set as once in a semester. Bonds could be purchased  both by legal entities and private persons at 14 branch offices of  Anelik Bank in Yerevan and Regions. 

 "With these bonds, the Anelik Bank offers to its clients a flexible  investment tool largely used in the world and an effective inflation  protection mechanism," Nerses Karamanukyan, the Anelik Bank Board  Chairman stated. 

According to the source, the bonds are guaranteed by the Private  Persons Deposits Securing Fund. The peculiarity  of bonds is that  being not a demand-based tool, those could be sold at any moment at  the market price. Beside that, the owners of the bonds could use a  number of advantages: credit line in AMD and USD, 25%  bank  commission discount while implementing transfers within the SWIFT  system, Hotel Express-Anelik  joint co-branded gift card, Priority  pass services at 700 airports of the world, VIP-lounge service and  medical insurance depending on the volume of bonds purchased. 

To remind, in December 2016 first time in its history Anelik bank  released coupon bonds with an emission volume at USD 5%, annual  indemnity of 6,5% and  2 year  turnover term. The bonds of first  emission passed the listing  at the stock on  January 20, 2017 and  are quoted in the main list of Abond.   

To note, as of 1 March 2017, 25 issues of corporate bonds of 9  issuers are listed on NASDAQ OMX Armenia. 16 of the issues were  carried out by 6 banks, 14 of them being USD issues: Araratbank - 6  issues (5 in terms of USD), Ameriabank - 3 issues (2 - in terms of  USD), Armswissbank - 3 issues (all issues in terms of USD),  Armbusinessbank - 2 issues (1 issue in terms of USD), Anelik Bank and  Unibank - 1 issue each (in terms of USD). Ameriabank's three issues,  Anelik Bank's 1 issue and Unibank's 1 issue are included in the Abond  list, Araratbank's 6 issues, Armswissbank's 3 issues and  Armbusinessbank's 1 issue are included in the Bbond list, and  Armbusinessbank's 1 issue is included in the Cbond list.

According to the RA Central bank data shared with ArmInfo by national  Statistics service, the corporate bonds transactions trend at  NasdaqOMX Armenia dropped down for 19,3% from rising 32% in 2015.   During 2016, a corporate bonds based transactions  total amount at  the stock  formed AMD 11.482 bln (USD 23,7 mln), versus AMD 14.231  bln  in 2015.  

To remind, Anelik bank is a market player since October 1996. After  the additional emission implemented in 2016, the shareholders staff  of the bank has changed - the FISTOCO LTD Company from Cyprus entered  in share of 59,68%.  The indirect  beneficiary shareholders are  private persons - Tarek J. Khalefe (CreditBank S.A.L)  and Vardan  Dilanyan (FISTOCO LTD).


Exchange rates

Government Bonds

Issue volume

10 billion

Volume of T-bills for placement

200 million

Volume of submitted competitive applications

200 million

Volume of satisfied bids

200 million

Yield at cut-off price


Maximum yield


Мinimum yield


Weighted average yield


Number of participants


The maturity date of T-bills




СПРОС (Покупка)


Средневзв. Цена




Средневзв. Цена




Цена откр.


Цена закр.


Мин. Цена


Макс. Цена


Ср/взв. Цена



Кол-во сделок


Объем (инвал.)

200 000

0бъем (драм)

96 400 000