Tuesday, March 14 2017 16:26
Naira Badalian

Karen Karapetyan: In State Revenue Committee of Armenia fundamental reforms are expected

Karen Karapetyan: In State Revenue Committee of Armenia fundamental  reforms are expected

ArmInfo. On March 14, in Yerevan,  opened a technically equipped Center of Monitoring of Committee of  State Revenue of Armenia (CSR), which will allow carrying monitoring  of the tax and customs services, increasing the level of their work  and allowing to provide analyses and risks. The Armenian Prime  Minister Karen Karapetyan attended the opening, the Armenian  Government's press service reports.  

In the SRC Center of Monitoring, which is quipped with special system  of digital management, is planned to carry centralized and extended  digital analyze, monitoring of the declaring procedure, making  payments and the entire chain of import-logistics-implementation of  the goods. The aim of the novelty will become the replacement of the  Inspection checks on the activities of taxpayers by digital  management. In the Monitoring Center will also be carried fiscal  control on post-terminals, bill of way. Digital procedures  implementation will allow to decrease the risks of non-documented  deals by taxpayers and the risks of understatement of prices in  submitted declarations. "SRC Monitoring Center will become the key  element in the process of rapid detection of risks of the sphere and  prompt response to them", the executive body said. 

As the Armenian Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan told the journalists,  he expects that in the results of the Center's work, the checking  will more addressed and effective. According to him, the opening of  the Center will create a system, due to which the communication of  the good taxpayer with the Tax authorities employees will be minimal,  and those who are not in the tax field, will feel their permanent  presence. "We will reach that for sure. So that the department  employees did not disturb the taxpayers in addition, we must have an  adequate management, equal and just conditions are needed for  everybody. The system digitizes all the subjects of management, while  simultaneously identifying risks for transactions and businesses. And  thanks to this, the information available in the system will allow  selecting places where inspections will be conducted. For example, if  an operation is performed from a cash register at 1:30 am, then there  may be risks, or if there are transactions with excessive volumes. In  these cases, SRC will be able to immediately learn what is happening,  to understand the essence of the transaction. Therefore, we expect  more targeted and effective inspections", Karen Karapetyan said. 

According to Premier, fundamental reforms in SRC are expected, which  have already partially started. In the near future, he said, the  Committee will submit to the government the entire package of reforms  planned in the system. "I am confident that as a result of the work  we will be able to achieve our goals, those who work in the white  field will notice SRC as little as possible, but there is always room  for improvement in the system of the department. There is nothing to  do in addition to the fact that the KGD already has a feedback, in my  administration there are specific people who are engaged in the KGD,  there was no case that complaints about the unfair activities of the  Committee remained unrequited. I regularly communicate with business  representatives and the business is already Less complains, "- said  the head of government.

Speaking about the fight with the "shadow", the Prime Minister stated  that the SRC employees and the partners have task to increase the  productivity of the management and implement "adequate managment".   "The analyze showed the profitability of export and domestic  production are different. The profitability of export is lower,  though, it seemed it should be higher. The reason I think is in  shadow economy and monopoly, which still exist within the state. It  leads to higher profitability. The implementation of the given system  will allow to determine the risks segment of the market and check  them addressed. We must come to this, so that post-terminals covered  the entire retail sale: every citizen should realize the fare. We  will go this way directly", said the Prime Minister.

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