Monday, June 19 2017 17:21
Alina Hovhannisyan

Bank Anelik restarted Careful pension card product in an expanded format

ArmInfo. Bank Anelik restarted Careful pension card product in an expanded format, Nerses Karamanukyan, chairman of Anelik Bank Management stated during the press conference on June 19.

He reminded that the given product  was launched the first year of the implementation of the pension card project in Armenia (since June 2012), being involved at that time in partnership with the Gedeon Richter pharmacy network and one of the large supermarket chains. During the previous 2 years, the operation of this product has been stopped , and now a restart has taken place with an expanded format of opportunities and benefits for pensioners, including lending, discounts in the pharmacy network, benefits at Astghik Medical Center and others.

Karamanukyan noted that Caring product is based on local Arca card, provided to the pensioners for free, and without levying  commissions for cashing funds. He noted that, according to research conducted on the demand for such services, Anelik Bank expects a significant growth in the customer base.

For his part,  the Director of Retail Business of Bank Anelik Vardan Gevorgyan presented the opportunities, discounts and advantages of Careful product. In particular, he noted that today most banks in the Armenian market do not provide loans to pensioners, drew attention to the fact that Anelik Bank for the product Careful provided for pensioners two types of loans - with collateral and unsecured collateral. He explained that with mortgage lending, pensioners would be able to get  maximum 3 million AMD with a maturity of up to 60 months, and with non-pledge loan, for 550,000 AMD for up to 48 months. At the same time, on the positive balance of the card account of the pensioner of the Bank Anelik on this product charges 3% annually.

Regarding benefits in pharmacies, Gevorgyan noted that ArCA Careful cardholders will receive 5% discount in Gedeon Richter ArmPharm networks of pharmacies . In addition, retiree cardholders for the product Caring will be able to undergo a one-time free general examination of blood in the medical center Asthik together with calculating the dose of insulin in it. Within the framework of cooperation with Rosgosstrakh Armenia insurance company, Anelik Bank's pension customers will be able to purchase an insurance policy for accidents in the framework of the Family product, and a policy on property insurance for the product Active fixed assets. This will give them the opportunity to undergo a series of examinations at the Astghik Medical Center for only 5,000 AMD instead of 55,500 thousand AMD, including a consultation with the therapist, a gynecologist, a urologist, a vision test from an ophthalmologist, an ultrasound of the abdominal cavity, pelvic organs and the thyroid gland , ECG, a general blood test, and in addition, 10% discount for outpatient and inpatient treatment. In fact, pensioners-cardholders of Bank Anelik, policies on these classes of insurance will cost 5 thousand-18 thousand AMD, instead of the usually used 500 thousand-2 million AMD. "This is a completely unique offer in the Armenian market," Gevorgyan stressed.  In the end, Chairman of Anelik Bank Management Karamanukyan informed that within the Caring product it is considered to extend partnership network with involvement of other insurance companies of Armenia.

According to Armenian Banks in the Card Business analytical survey, prepared by IC ArmInfo, the number of active cards of Anelik Bank reached 34 thousand pieces by April 1, 2017, of which about 18 thousand - ArCa, almost 13 thousand - Visa and over 3 thousand - MasterCard. The total volume of plastic transactions Anelik Bank increased by 38% on an annual basis, of which over 41% are ATM transactions.  The bank has 210 own POS-terminals and 56 ATMs, mostly concentrated in the capital. Anelik Bank was the first among Armenian banks to issue and service international Visa and Mastercard along with local cards. Anelik Bank has been operating on the market since October 1996. The shareholders of the Bank are Cyprus Company FISTOCO LTD with a stake of 59.68% and Lebanese Bank CreditBank S.A.L - 40.32%. 

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