Tuesday, June 20 2017 12:05
Naira Badalian

Armenian Government is aimed at increasing the share of taxes in GDP of the country by 2.5 percentage points

ArmInfo. The share of taxes to GDP of Armenia in upcoming five years is planned to increase by 2.5 percentage points. According to the Government program, the authorities intend to reach through effective tax and customs administration, which should lead to stable tax incomes.

According to the new program of the Government, tax-customs system should work effectively, dispose necessary potential to decrease the Shadow in the country's economy and development of the business field.

Following the results of consistent administration by the tax and customs bodies, it is proposed to strengthen the fight against taxpayers who deliberately evade taxes, to continue work towards full documentation of economic transactions. In this context, the main idea is that the instruments of tax and customs control will be applied exclusively to unscrupulous taxpayers, and planned inspections will be conducted on an electronic platform. In terms of improving the business environment, it is important to maximally simplify administration for taxpayers and foreign trade participants, as well as improve the quality of services provided to taxpayers.

Based on the results of structural reforms in the customs and tax system and the transformation of the "image" of the employee of the sphere, confidence in the system is expected to increase. In general, the Government's efforts in this direction over the next 5 years will be directed, in particular, to improve the effectiveness of tax and customs control through the introduction of a risk assessment system, the development of the necessary tools to reduce the shadow turnover and ways to evade taxes. In the framework of this activity, it is planned to replace the existing system of control over the activity of taxpayers e, which will lead to an expansion of the analytical capabilities of tax and customs bodies, providing the necessary correlation between the results of analytical work and control and risk management activities.  In order to form and expand partnerships, as well as create a favorable tax and customs environment for law-abiding taxpayers, the Cabinet of Ministers of Armenia plans to introduce a system of preferences for a bona fide  taxpayer. In particular, by the end of 2018 the deadlines for the return of the value-added tax will be reduced, and by the end of 2019 a horizontal monitoring system will be introduced.

In the direction of ensuring the application of the new Customs Code of EEU, the Cabinet plans during 2017-2019,to carry out its harmonization and implementation in the national legal system.

In the long term, as part of reforms in the field of tax administration, the priority will be the process of automating procedures in the system and reducing costs for taxpayers. Within the framework of comprehensive measures to improve tax and customs administration, special attention will be paid to increasing the transparency of the system and raising awareness of the rights and obligations of economic entities.  Besides, it is awaited to form optimal structures of the department as a result of structural changes, which will allow to eliminate the double of competences at all levels.

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