Tuesday, July 11 2017 12:54
Naira Badalian

"Lydian Armenia" support Armenian IT development

ArmInfo. From June 29 to July 8, the annual summer innovation camp "DigiCamp" and the technological camp "ArMat", organized by the Union of Information Technology Enterprises of Armenia, was held in Armenian Hanqavan. This year 8 children participated in them - students of the village of Kechut of the Vayozdzor region and the engineering laboratory of the educational complex of the resort town of Jermuk. The engineering laboratories were founded with the assistance of Lydian Armenia in the spring of 2017, and under the program, 8 students from the newly created laboratories participated in the summer camp Zepyur in hanqavan.

The 5th innovation camp "DigiCamp" gathered 45 participants at the age of 14-17. The purpose of this camp is to support and direct young people who have innovative ideas, to promote the development of their technological ideas and further transformation into business projects. In the framework of the innovative camp, students listened to lectures by representatives of leading IT companies, the history of successful IT companies such as SPIT, PicsArt, Ucom, Arloopa, AEGEE-Yerevan, Global am, LimeTech, , "Synergy International", "Instigate", and teamwork helped them develop their ideas. As a result, the best 3 projects were selected, and their authors received a monetary reward.

In its turn, summer camp ArMat, which is held for the second time is unique in the terms of young people of 13-17 from Diaspora participating in it. The aim of the program is to draw attention on the IT sector and develop team spirit. The courses include robotics, programming, contests, activities of Homeland history studying.  

Coordinator of engineering laboratories programs Sedrak Vardanyan noted the importance of having engineering laboratories in educational institutions. According to him, during the work of the camp it became obvious that children who had the opportunity to acquire knowledge in such laboratories were very well prepared. He stressed that companies like Lydian, having a contribution to the development of science, IT, are significantly contributing to the development of information technology in Armenia.

To note, thanks to Lydian Armenia, schoolchildren of adjacent communities of the Amulsar deposit participate in summer camps for 5 years.  To recall, Lydian Armenia is a subsidiary of the British Lydian International, whose shareholders are large international institutional investors from the United States, Great Britain, a number of European countries, including IFC and EBRD. The Amulsar project is the largest industrial project in Armenia for the development of the Amulsar gold deposit at a total cost of $ 370 million. In August 2016, a project was launched that assumes the construction and development of the field. Preliminary work has been carried out since 2006. The life of the Amulsar field will be 10 years and 4 months, an annual average of 200,000 ounces of gold (about 10 million tons of ore) will be produced. Within the framework of the Amulsar program, 1,300 jobs will be created in the construction process (construction works will last about 2 years) and 650-700 jobs throughout the entire operation of the field. The company's shares are quoted on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Amulsar deposit is the second largest in Armenia.

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