Tuesday, July 11 2017 18:06
Naira Badalian

Transport Minister: Transport routes should be accessible and comfortable for all residents of Armenia

ArmInfo. Transport routes should be  accessible and comfortable for residents of all localities of  Armenia, Minister of Transport, Communications and Information  Technologies of Armenia Vahan Martirosyan stated on July 11 visiting  Central and North Yerevan bus stations The head of Ministry of  Transport assured that the activities of the bus stations are at the  center of his attention.

According to the Transport Ministry press service, during the visit  of the head of the department, issues related to flight schedules,  the quality of passenger transportation, comfort of waiting rooms, as  well as number of issues related to the sphere were discussed. In  particular, the director and deputy director of the Central bus  station presented to the minister the work process. It was noted that  the tickets are sold at the ticket offices, the cars leave  uninterruptedly, according to the set time. Passengers confirmed that  they bought tickets and leave at the exact time. Despite the positive  changes, the tickets are still sold in the traditional way - through  cash desks, in front of which the queues accumulate. The director of  the bus station noted that in this direction steps are being taken to  switch to an electronic ticketing system in a short time.

Vahan Martirosyan interested also in medical space activity. The  Minister was assured that before leaving the route, drivers undergo  medical examination. Often apply passengers.

Minister was also interested in  parking at the territory of bus  station, provided for the departure of cars, including the large  number of taxis. The director explained that these are cars that meet  and see off passengers. The minister instructed to allocate  territories for these machines and not allow that clusters interfere  with the work of regular carriers. Taxis should be parked in  designated places, Martirosyan noted.

The conditions of the building of bus station are also problematic:  the roof, which has not been repaired for a decade, is dripping, the  bathrooms are in poor condition. Vahan Martirosyan instructed to draw  up an estimate, so that, if the necessary amount is available, a  step-by-step solution is given to the problems.

In the "Northern" bus station, from where passenger transportation is  carried out to the southern populated points of Armenia - Masis,  Ararat, Dvin, Goris, Meghri and other directions, the minister was  informed that there is no waiting room at the territory of bus  station. For that, related to the violation of the norms of  construction, the construction of the building was interrupted.  Before solving the problem, a small area is allocated and several  benches are installed.

Minister instructed to separate the territory of the bus station, put  in order, solve the issue of building a waiting room, ensure normal  conditions for carriers as soon as it is possible.

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