Monday, July 31 2017 12:11
Naira Badalian

In Ararat region of Armenia, by the end of 2017, state-private programs with a total cost of 72.6 billion AMD to be launched

In Ararat region of Armenia, by the end of 2017, state-private  programs with a total cost of 72.6 billion AMD to be launched

ArmInfo. The volume of industrial  output of the Ararat region in 2016 amounted to about 178bn 975mln  AMD, the gross agricultural output - about 132bln 900mln AMD, the  head of the regional administration Aramis Grigoryan reported to the  Prime Minister of Armenia Karen Karapetyan. In the Ararat region on  July 29, a meeting was held under the chairmanship of the head of  government to discuss the progress of development programs of the  region and communities, work carried out and forthcoming plans.

Presenting the social and economic situation in the region and  macroeconomic indicators, the Governor noted that the share of Ararat  province in Armenia's GDP is 6.3%. Drying, hothouse and refrigeration  facilities were activated in the region, as well as work on creating  intensive orchards. For today in Ararat there is one enlarged  community "Urtsadzor", electronic passports of communities are  developed, where information is given about the socio-economic  situation in a particular community and its investment potential.

Priority tasks for the region in 2017, as the governor said, the  organization of the production of agricultural products, work to  ensure continuous irrigation of land, inventory problems in terms of  the necessary urban development, improving the accessibility of  general education, as well as the quality provided in the field of  medical services.

15 investment programs for a total of 1bln 966mln AMD were submitted  to the Government from the Ararat region. Approval received two  investment programs - the construction of a garbage collection  station in the city of Vedi and the expansion of an abattoir in the  slaughterhouse of Masis (857.5mln AMD). The remaining programs are  under discussion. According to Aramais Grigoryan, until the end of  the year, public-private programs with a total cost of 72.6 billion  AMD will be launched, on the development of greenhouses, intensive  gardens, light industry, road construction.

According to the Governor of the Ararat region, during the reporting  period, the region's own revenues for 2017 were fulfilled by 35.9%,  while the regional budget fulfilled by 112.2% compared to the same  period.  For the first half of this year revenues to the regional  budget, compared with the same period in 2016 increased by 93.2%. In  the framework of the "Clean Armenia" program, 217 illegal landfills  from 260 were liquidated in the region. As the head of the regional  administration noted, state support is needed for cleaning the rest.

The Prime Minister stressed that in the region they do not collect  their own taxes adequately. According to him, the studies show that  the plan for the region's own revenues of 2.1 billion AMD, in fact,  should be 3.8- 3.9 billion. "You have great opportunities, and the  growth of 10-15% cannot be considered satisfactory, but the  indicators show a great imbalance. "All this should be regulated,"  Karen Karapetyan said.

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