Monday, July 31 2017 18:43
Alina Hovhannisyan

Results are carried out of six-day business forum Sevan Startup Summit 2017

Results are carried out of six-day business forum Sevan Startup  Summit 2017

ArmInfo. According to the  results of the six-day tent business forum Sevan Startup Summit 2017  the owner of the main cash prize of $ 8 thousand was the start-up  ANIX.

According to the National Center for the Development of Small and  Medium Enterprises press service, ANIX acts as a virtual assistant in  a networked environment that automates customer service, and is also  a virtual avatar for attendants using voice and text communication  facilities.

According to the source, prize fund this year was $ 50 thousand, and  the volume of attracted investments reached $ 200 thousand. A special  prize of $ 5 thousand was given to the start-up Triple, $ 3 thousand  was awarded to the start-up Lenz, and the test-shops Augment-Ar,  Chesifay , Trimaran hotel, Match-up, Play and do received $ 2.5  thousand each, $ 2,000 $ Saber Mantis, $ 1 thousand for two start-ups  and $ 500 for two more.

At the same time, within the framework of the summit, incentive  prizes were provided. In particular, some of the participants will  receive consulting services, for certain start-ups, experienced  companies will conduct marketing audit. Among the participants there  were also such start-ups, for which the partners of the summit  expressed their readiness to assist in creating the site and  conducting special lectures.

The forum was attended by a well-known Russian presenter, orator  Dmitry Chumak, who taught young start-ups how correctly andMore  influential to represent your business idea in terms of attracting  investment. Financial and technical assistance to the Forum GIZ  provided within SMEDA program funded by EU.

"Anyone who has presented his ideas at the summit can achieve great  success. They need help in this matter, and National Center for SME  Development will always support young entrepreneurs, as before, "said  Levon Mnatsakanyan, co-organizer of the summit and executive director  of the National Center for SME Development. According to him, this  year the number of participants has tripled, and this indicates that  the event is in demand and will become traditional.

As part of the entertainment program, well-known Armenian TV hostess,  actress Nazeli Hovhannisyan, and Sofia Mkheyan, guests of the forum  heard several incendiary hits. And the culmination of the summit was  several dance programs, which provided a professional DJ.  To recall,  Sevan StartUp Summit business forum this year was held from 24 to 30  July, and aims to create new ways of cooperation for start-ups, and  exchange of experience. More than 1000 participants took part in the  forum, including 100 startups and development teams, investors,  venture companies and mentors. As in the past year, the forum was  held in the format of a tent camp on the shores of Lake Sevan. Within  six days for the participants were organized various competitions,  presentations and entertainment events. A distinctive event this year  were the Campfire Pitch sessions, in which more than 20 investors  held discussions with the development teams.

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