Tuesday, August 1 2017 12:01
Karine Melikyan

In Armenia, the capacity of the retail insurance market has improved the annual trend from negative 3.9% to positive 2.7%, while accelerating corporate growth from 7.3% to 8.5%

In Armenia, the capacity of the retail insurance market has improved  the annual trend from negative 3.9% to positive 2.7%, while  accelerating corporate growth from 7.3% to 8.5%

ArmInfo. The share of retail insurance in the  portfolios of premiums of Armenian insurers for the first half of  2017 was 54.6% (9.3 billion drams), corporate - 45.4% (7.7 billion  drams). At the same time, the capacity of the retail insurance market  improved the annual trend from negative 3.9% to positive 2.7%, while  the growth rate of corporate insurance accelerated from 7.3% to 8.5%. 

Before the introduction of OSAGO in Armenia, as well as obligatory  individual health insurance of state employees, the share of  corporate insurance significantly prevailed over retail.

According to Ranking of insurance companies of Armenia as of July 1,  2017, prepared by IA ArmInfo, retail insurance prevails in premium  portfolios of all insurers, with the exception of INGO Armenia, with  corporate insurance prevailing - 54.4%. The largest disproportion  between retail and corporate insurance was recorded by three  companies - RESO (74.2% and 25.8%), Insurance Company Armenia  Insurance (66.9% and 33.1%) and Insurance Company Nairi Insurance  61.9% and 38.1%). At Rosgosstrakh Armenia, the share of retail  insurance slightly prevails over the corporate one - 51.1% and 48.9%,  and this insignificant difference appears in the Insurance Company  "Sil Insurance" - 51.7% and 48.3%.

In the structure of insurance reimbursements, the share of payments  to retail customers was 70.5% or 5.6 billion drams, corporate - 29.5%  or 2.4 billion drams. At the same time, reimbursements to legal  entities slowed the annual growth from 37.9% to 7%, with the  improvement in the trend of payments by the physical - from 2.3% to a  positive 23%.In the structure of premiums listed for reinsurance, the  share of corporate insurance was 93.4% or 1.8 billion drams  (acceleration of annual growth from 4.4% to 34%), retail - 6.6% or  128.9 million drams (annual trend yield With a 6.4% decline in 13%  growth).Armenian insurers for the II quarter of 2017 concluded 252711  contracts, exceeding the number of contracts of a year ago by 3.4%.  Thus, the number of insurance contracts effective as of July 1, 2017  was 662880 with an annual growth of 3.7%. Among the classes, the  OSAGO retains the leading position in terms of the number of  concluded contracts - in the second quarter more than 181 thousand,  the number of valid contracts for which as of July 1 exceeded 448  thousand. 

Among  voluntary types of insurance, the most popular is accident  insurance, which in the II quarter was concluded 33.9 thousand  contracts, and the number of acting as of July 1 reached 127.1  thousand.  According to the number of contracts in the segment of  compulsory motor third party liability insurance, Rosgosstrakh  Armenia (120.4 thousand active as of July 1, of which 43.6 thousand  are concluded in the II quarter), insurance (95.6 thousand and 3.9  thousand respectively acting as of July 1, respectively), in terms of  property insurance, leadership was entrusted to INGO Armenia (15.4  thousand effective as of July 1), health insurance continues to be in  the lead "Sil Insurance" (5.5 thousand effective as of July 1), and  for insurance of those leaving abroad, the "Rosgosstrakh Armenia"  (5.1 thousand effective as of July 1) was assigned to it.Rosgosstrakh  Armenia is leading in terms of the number of contracts concluded in  the second quarter of the year - 60.4 thousand, RESO - 56.7 thousand,  SECOND of the INGO Armenia - 49.8 thousand, at the fourth Nairi  Insurance -39.1 thousand, at the fifth Force Insurance - 24.5  thousand and closes the list of Armenia Insurance - 22.2 thousand.  For all six companies, the compulsory motor third party liability  insurance with a maximum of Seoul Insurance (88%) and a minimum of  RESO (50%) falls on all six companies.

It should be noted that in Armenia, 17 out of the existing 19  insurance classes are involved, except for railway transport,  judicial and extrajudicial expenses. Ingo Armenia works for 16 types,  Rosgosstrakh Armenia for 15, Armenia-11 for insurers, Armenia  Insurance and RESO, 10 for Nairi Insurance. (The calculated exchange  rate of the dram to the dollar as of 30.06.17 was 480.47 AMD / $).

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