Friday, August 18 2017 12:41
Naira Badalian

Armenian winemaking companies will take part in the prestigious ProWine exhibition in Shanghai

Armenian winemaking companies will take part in the prestigious  ProWine exhibition in Shanghai

ArmInfo. With the assistance of  the Wine-Growing and Winemaking Foundation of Armenia, on March  19-21, 2017, 15 wine-producing companies of the country in a single  pavilion will participate in the specialized exhibition of wine  ProWine, which will be held in Shanghai.  Participation in the event  will allow Armenian wine to be presented to a foreign buyer and  expand sales markets. This was stated by the executive director of  the Wine-Growing and Winemaking Foundation Zaruhi Muradyan during the  regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of the organization in the  Ministry of Agriculture of Armenia.

According to the press service of the Armenian Ministry of  Agriculture, current and forthcoming programs of the Armenian  Viticulture and Wine Foundation were discussed during the meeting.  The Executive Director of the Foundation presented the program of the  Wine Conference, which will be held in November this year. According  to her, the event will effectively promote the revival of winemaking  traditions in Armenia. At the same time, it is aimed not only at  preserving the cultural heritage and ancient traditions of the  sphere, but also in spreading technologies, stimulating the process  of introducing international standards of conformity in Armenia.  According to Muradyan, the Foundation aims to provide the  representatives of the viticulture and winemaking sector with a  platform for obtaining valuable and efficient information, which will  significantly help in improving the quality of products and promoting  their own business.

The project of the "Register of Landings of Armenia" program was also  presented, which will allow an inventory of grape seedlings, control  the available varieties, the quality of products and prevent possible  falsifications. "Our goal is to create a unified information system  where it will be possible to find all the latest information about  seedlings and participants in the process," the head of the  Foundation said. The Armenian Wine-Growing and Wine-Making Fund plans  to organize a visit of bloggers and journalists- experts from Europe,  USA and Canada. It is noted that this initiative will help increase  the recognition of Armenian wine in foreign countries and the  interest in wine products from Armenia in foreign markets.

Among the forthcoming initiatives of the Foundation is to remove a  promo-video that tells about the wine- making industry in Armenia.  The video presentation will present in detail the history of the  development of winemaking, modern trends, as well as the potential of  wine tourism in Armenia. It should be noted that the Armenian  Viniculture and Winemaking Development Fund was created by the  government decision of June 23, 2016. The Fund's activities will be  aimed at solving problems in connection with the issues of improving  the quality of produced wine products, to ensure its competitiveness  in the domestic and foreign markets. Plus, it carries out activities  to improve the Armenian wine brand.

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