Friday, August 25 2017 11:54
Naira Badalian

For recent 5 years area of arable land in Lori area of Armenia increased from 48% to 70%

ArmInfo. Over the past 5 years, the area of arable land in the Lori region of Armenia has increased from 48% to 70%, the Governor of the district Arthur Nalbandian stated to the Minister of Agriculture of Armenia Ignaty Arakelyan. On August 24, the head of the Ministry of Agriculture on a working visit visited the communities Metz Parni and Tashir, Lori region, where he followed the harvesting process of grain and flax.

According to the department's press service, in the Metz community, the guys Ignatiy Arakelyan met with the heads of the communities and representatives of the farm. The prospects of creating a plant for the production of buckwheat and ways to solve problems related to irrigation.

The head of the community Metz Parney informed that out of 1,556 hectares of arable land, more than 1350 hectares are cultivated. In the coming years, it is planned to sow the remaining desert land. In addition to wheat, buckwheat, barley, beech, flax, peas, lentils and other crops are grown. According to him, in 2014 the community created a consumer cooperative "Union of pasture users Metz Parni", which purchased 4 units of agricultural equipment and 10 couplings. The community also operates a milk collection point.  According to the Minister, measures will be taken to purchase the newest agricultural machinery for the community in the framework of the state program for the acquisition of agricultural machinery for lease (leasing). With a view to more effective implementation of the produced wheat, Minister Arakelyan, noting the readiness of importers to purchase local wheat, called for the creation of a single centralized point from which it would be possible to organize the process of selling it. Ignaty Arakelyan also added that at present in the sphere of seed production steps are being taken to implement the import substitution process.

During the visit, the minister visited Bozoyan LTD, where he followed the harvesting process. According to the founder of the company Aramais Bozoyan, the company is currently engaged in the production of wheat and other grains in more than 2000 hectares, this year the harvest was about 2 tons, which is due to frosts in April. As one of the largest grain processing companies, Bozoyan Ltd, if necessary, is ready to supply the country with wheat seeds. According to Bozoyan, the cultivation of wheat is beneficial if it is properly organized. In addition, the company plans to breed pigs. The head of the Ministry of Agriculture expressed his readiness to assist the program in terms of postponing the payment of taxes.  

In Tashir community, the Minister visited Dustr Marianna Ltd. According to the director of the enterprise, the annual volume of processed milk is about 3500 tons, until 2020 the figure will reach 4000 tons. The company sells its products partly in the markets of the Russian Federation, partly - in the US, the rest of the products can be seen on local counters.

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