Wednesday, August 30 2017 17:16
Naira Badalian

The construction works of the power lines Vardenis and Vayk will be completed by the end of 2017

The construction works of the power lines Vardenis and Vayk will be  completed by the end of 2017

ArmInfo. The construction of the  Vardenis and Vaik power lines will be completed by the end of 2017,  the press service of the Ministry of Energy Infrastructures and  Natural Resources of Armenia informs. The project is being  implemented with credit from the International Bank for  Reconstruction and Development under the program "Reliability of  electricity supply".

According to the source, within the framework of the loan agreement,  the modernization of the 230- kilometer transmission line along the  Noraduz-Lichk-Vardenis-Vaik-Vorotan-1 route between the Hrazdan  Thermal Power Plant and the Shinuayr substation is being carried out.  The main work under the project has already been completed. The  transmission line will link the two generation sites - the Hrazdan  Thermal Power Plant and the Vorotan Cascade of HPPs. The project will  improve the reliability of the country's energy system, increase its  capacity from the current 250 megawatts to 310 megawatts. Its  technical parameters will also be improved, and losses from the  current 1.6% will decrease to 0.7%.

In addition, the project works reconstruction of power transmission  lines "Lalvar" and "Noyemberyan" with a capacity of 110 kV. And the  length of 50 km, which are operated since 1962, are at the stage of  completion. Currently, the preparatory works for the modernization of  power transmission lines are underway, and construction work is  planned to be completed in 2018.

Vardan Martirosyan, Head of the Department of Credit and Grant  Programs of the Ministry of Energy, stated that the construction  works of the Noraduz-Lichk-Vorotan-1 power line have been completed  and put under tension. The construction of the power lines "Vardenis"  and "Vaik" is continuing, which is planned to be completed before the  end of this year.

As previously reported ArmInfo, on June 1, 2011, The International  Bank for Reconstruction and Development, a part of the World Bank,  and the Armenian government signed a loan agreement "Reliability of  electricity supply", which is provided with a loan of $ 39.0 million.  The goal of the program is to improve the reliability of electricity  supply to consumers, the capacity of the transmission line, reducing  the number of outages and increasing Stability of the energy system  of Armenia. In order to achieve the goals stipulated by the program,  it was decided to reconstruct the 220 kV Noroduz-Lichk-  Vardenis-Vaik-Vorotan-1 overhead transmission lines built in the  1950s and physically worn out. The power transmission line will pass  through Kotayk, Gagarkunik, Vayots-Dzor. The main power production  centers in the central part of Armenia, Hrazdan Thermal Power Plant  and the Vorotan cascade of hydroelectric power stations (Spandaryan,  Shamb and Tatev HPPs) are connected to the Syunik regions.

Within the framework of the program, due to the savings,  modernization of the Lalvar and Noyemberyan power lines is underway.  As a result of the international tender held in August of this year,  the company "Gam Arak" won the victory for obtaining the status of  the general contractor for the reconstruction of these transmission  lines, with which an agreement worth about $ 4.4 million was  concluded.

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