Thursday, September 21 2017 22:09

Delegation of Rosatom Fuel Company will visit Armenia to develop cooperation in educational and cultural-humanitarian spheres

Delegation of Rosatom Fuel Company will visit Armenia to develop  cooperation in educational and cultural-humanitarian spheres

ArmInfo. On September 25,  2017, two events organized by the Fuel Company of Rosatom TVEL: a  lecture on Russian-Armenian cooperation in the field of nuclear  energy, as well as the opening of the TVEL exhibition as the art of  creating energy, will be held at Yerevan State University (YSU) with  the subsequent transfer of the exposition to gift of YSU.

The TVEL art project is an art project of Fuel Company TVEL, whose  mission is to reveal the aesthetic side of nuclear fuel production  processes and the harmony of technology, personnel, equipment, tools  and materials. The project uses masterpieces of world art to create  unique visual associations between the nuclear fuel cycle and  classical artistic images.

The working trip of the delegation of Fuel Company TVEL led by Vice  President Konstantin Sokolov to Yerevan will be another step in the  development of cooperation between Rosatom State Corporation and  Armenia in the scientific and educational sphere, which has been  actively developing for several years.  Among the Armenian  schoolchildren and students there are presentations, lectures,  olympiads, the winners of which are given the opportunity to continue  their studies in Moscow in the Master's program of the National  Research Nuclear University MEPhI.

The lecture held at the EHU by specialists of JSC TVEL with the  participation of representatives of the youth assets of the leading  manufacturing enterprises of the holding will introduce students in  detail to the subjects of production and operation of nuclear fuel,  whose supplies to the Armenian (Metsamor) nuclear power plant are the  basis of Russian-Armenian cooperation in the electric power industry.  In addition, on the basis of the open communication platform  "Mir-Mir" it is planned to create an international network student  community with a mission to popularize the fundamental foundations  and applied knowledge in the field of nuclear energy and industry.  The first basic universities in the framework of this initiative will  be the EHU and the International Institute of Energy Policy and  Diplomacy of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations  (MFA) of the Russian Federation.

JSC "TVEL" was established on September 12, 1996 in accordance with  the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation, is a part of  the State Corporation "Rosatom". Fuel company TVEL includes  enterprises for fabricating nuclear fuel, converting and enriching  uranium, producing gas centrifuges, as well as research and design  organizations. It is the only supplier of nuclear fuel for Russian  nuclear power plants.  AO <TVEL> provides nuclear fuel for 75 power  reactors in 14 countries, research reactors in eight countries, as  well as transport reactors of the Russian nuclear fleet. Every sixth  power reactor in the world operates on fuel manufactured by TVEL.

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