Friday, October 13 2017 11:15
Naira Badalian

Karen Karapetyan: United States of America is one of the key partners of Armenia

Karen Karapetyan: United States of America is one of the key partners  of Armenia

ArmInfo. Armenian Prime Minister  Karen Karapetyan yesterday attended the event dedicated to the 25th  anniversary of cooperation between Armenia and the Agency of  International Development of US(USAID).

According to the press service of the executive body of the state,  the Prime Minister congratulated on 25th anniversary of the effective  cooperation and implementation of many programs which definitely  had  positive influence in economic and social development of Armenia,  strengthened two-sided cultural and directly simple human relations.  

According to Karen Karapetyan, starting from 1992, Armenia, in the  name of  US Agency for International Development, is a trusted  partner. "Together with the agency, we have completed joint work over  the years, based on the requirements of that period and placing  emphasis on those challenges, which were most relevant at the time  and in that situation, "the prime minister said.

In the 1990s, as Karapetyan pointed out, they were mainly connected  with the formation of market economy and democratic institutions in  Armenia, as well as projects aimed at eliminating the consequences of  the earthquake, humanitarian programs. Since the late 1990s, the  transition to a new format of cooperation has been made - for the  sake of sustainable economic development, emphasis has been placed on  strengthening the market economy, the private sector, macroeconomic  reforms, stimulating the investment environment and laying the  foundations for sustainable development. "We continued to work on the  development and development of civil society and democratic  institutions," he said. Currently, according to the head of the  Armenian government, Armenia continues to work with American partners  on numerous programs aimed at ensuring economic growth, the  development of democratic institutions, social and educational  spheres. The Premier also noted that the American University of  Armenia, during these decades, gave Armenia thousands of highly  qualified personnel, which was also due to the participation of the  International Development Agency and numerous patrons of art.

According to the Prime Minister, the United States of America is one  of Armenia's key partners. "We cooperate in numerous spheres, but I  am sure that we have an even greater potential for cooperation, which  we must develop and implement," he said. As Karapetyan noted, at  present Armenia is going through a new stage of reforms. "We  initiated reforms in our country in all sectors to ensure sustainable  long-term growth for the country and make Armenia competitive in a  changing world." We need a sharp increase in efficiency in all  spheres, as well as changes in thinking and ways of acting, "the head  of government said. 

The Prime Minister stressed that at present the most important decree  for the republic is the reforms we are conducting in Armenia. "We do  not hide the fact that we expect direct and active cooperation of our  partners with Armenia in the process of implementing these most  important reforms, I hope, more accurately, I am confident that the  cooperation that has become stronger and which has been on the  foundation of these 25 years will expand even more in the coming  years and we will attach a new quality and a new level of our  relations, "Karapetyan concluded. It should be reminded that on the  eve, on the sidelines of celebrating the 25th anniversary of USAID  activities in Armenia, the US Ambassador to Armenia Richard Mills,  summing up the results of the Organization's 25-year activity in  Armenia, noted that the US Agency for International Development  (USAID) for a quarter of a century in Armenia the country's  assistance to $ 1 billion. According to him, the allocated funds were  spent efficiently and the assistance was directed at realizing the  priorities important for the Armenian people. At the same time, Mills  noted that he is proud of the fact that the main USAID projects are  implemented by local organizations. "This is due to the fact that  over the past 25 years, civil society and structures have been formed  in Armenia that can meet the needs of the people and they have the  capacity to implement the Organization's programs." Armenia is among  the leaders on this issue, "the diplomat said. 

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