Thursday, October 19 2017 12:07
Alexandr Avanesov

Karen Karapetyan: We set ourselves the task of forming a competitive, advanced nation that provides Armenia a place at the global level

Karen Karapetyan: We set ourselves the task of forming a competitive,  advanced nation that provides Armenia a place at the global level

ArmInfo. The Armenian  government sets itself the task of forming a competitive, advanced  nation that provides a place on the global level for Armenia. This  was announced by Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan at the opening of  the International Seminar "Machine Learning as an Incentive for  Scientific Discoveries", which opened in Yerevan on October 19.

Expressing gratitude to the organizers of the event for their  initiative and willingness to share their experience and activities  with their Armenian specialists, Karen Karapetyan stressed that  science and economy are closely interconnected, and one sphere should  become a moving force for the other. "In the 21st century,  globalization and the use of communication technologies are the main  condition for this interaction.

The Scientific and Technological Fund of Armenia together with its  partners can become an integrator of these processes, ensuring the  connection of our experts with the best world technological centers,"  the RA Prime Minister said.

According to him, today the world is going through the fourth stage  of the industrial revolution.  Breakthrough technologies, artificial  intelligence, voluminous solutions, new methods of obtaining  renewable energy play a key role in ensuring the progress of society.  "I am confident that the states that are rapidly adapting to the new  conditions will be successful," the head of the Armenian government  said. In his opinion, today there are very good opportunities for the  development of Armenia. On this path, a very important modern  ecosystem, the creation of innovative campus across the country to  ensure the development of modern technologies and knowledge. The  state is ready to assist this process with all its potential. 

"We set ourselves the task of forming a competitive, advanced nation,  providing a place on the global level for Armenia.We are united by  the belief in the possibility of achieving the set goal, and this  concrete work we must implement jointly," Karen Karapetyan said.

Note that the organizers of the seminar were the US National Science  Foundation (NSF) and the FIDE- Foundation for Armenian Science and  Technology (FAST-Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology). The  seminar is the largest scientific event in the region, from the point  of view of international coverage and participation in it of  scientists who are leading specialists of the spheres represented at  the seminar.

 The seminar brings together more than two hundred researchers  engaged in the science of data (Data Science) and related disciplines  in order to create a platform for stable inter-scientific cooperation  and stimulate scientific discoveries in this field. The seminar  presupposes close communication of young researchers and  post-graduate students of the industry with leading specialists with  a world-wide name and strives to become a platform for further  expansion of cooperation.

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