Wednesday, November 1 2017 14:24
Karine Melikyan

The car owners got an option to obtain OSAGO certificates online

The car owners got  an option  to obtain   OSAGO  certificates online

ArmInfo. The Bureau of Motor  Insurers of Armenia notifies the car owners about a new possibility -  now the contract of OSAGO with any insurance company can be concluded  also in on-line mode and in this case the insurance policy is drawn  up at a 5% discount. ArmInfo was informed about it by the Bureau of  Motor Insurers.

The Bureau of Motor Insurers also informs that within the next 1-2  months another option will be provided for the conclusion of an e-car  insurance - cash acceptance when paying for an insurance policy  through payment terminals TelCell, EasyPay and Mobidram. The Bureau  will inform about this launch in addition.  According to the source,  the advantages of the electronic mode of concluding MTPL contracts  are the following: first, this simplified procedure takes a maximum  of 3-4 minutes; secondly, the insurance premium is paid through a  payment card; and thirdly, immediately after the conclusion of an  on-line contract, the insurance policy certificate is sent to the  e-mail address specified by the insured (car owner). 

The electronic insurance of an auto citizen can be carried out on the  official website of the Bureau of Motor Insurers of Armenia in the section "Conclusion of the OSAGO contract in  on-line mode", with access to the website, or on the  official website of any Armenian insurance company. It is pertinent  to note that with there is an exit to the websites of  insurance companies.  The Bureau of Motor Insurers explains to car  owners that a paper version or a printed version of an e-car  insurance does not need to be stored in a car. The traffic police, if  necessary, can, on-line on its database and a single OSAGO  information system, request / verify data on the vehicle and verify  the existence of a MTPL contract.

According to the Bureau of Motor Insurers, as of September 30, 2017  in Armenia with the presence of MTPL-contract there are 479,356  vehicles, against 451132 a year earlier. The volume of accrued  insurance premiums for OSAGO made 13.9bln AMD (with an annual growth  of 4.5%), and paid insurance claims - 8.2bln AMD (with an annual  growth of 34.4%) for the 9 months of 2017. The loss ratio for OSAGO  was 60% at that date, with annual growth of almost 10 percentage  points. There are six insurance companies operating  in Armenia.

According to Ranking of insurance companies of Armenia as of  30.09.2017, prepared by IA ArmInfo, Rosgosstrakh Armenia holds the  leading position on insurance premiums and insurance indemnities in  the class of OSAGO, while INGO Armenia and Nairi held the 2nd and 3rd  positions Insurance. " The share of OSAGO in the total volume of  insurance premiums is 56.08%, and in the total volume of insurance  claims - 66.82%, against 55.7% and 59.82% respectively. Under OSAGO,  the annual growth in insurance premiums accelerated from 1.4% to 4.5%  last year, and the dynamics of insurance claims of this class went  out of the recession to significant growth. In total, the volume of  insurance premiums (total for all classes of insurance) was 24.6  billion drams (with an annual growth of 3.8% against 0.3% a year  earlier), and insurance indemnities - 11.98 billion drams (with an  annual growth of 19.3 % against 4.8% a year earlier). 

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