Thursday, November 9 2017 18:20
Karine Melikyan

Banks of Armenia for 9 months of 2017 sent to the state treasury 31.7 billion drams with an annual growth of 13.6%

ArmInfo. The banking system  of Armenia in January- September 2017 sent 31.7 billion drams to the  state treasury, which is 13.6% higher than the figure of a year ago.  Of this amount, over 89.3% or 28.3 billion drams was paid for direct  taxes (including income tax and income tax), with an annual growth of  12.8%. According to the RA State Revenue Committee, in the first  hundred of the largest taxpayers of Armenia in the first 9 months of  2017, out of 17 operating banks, 12 (12 out of 19 of those operating  in the same period in 2016) fell. Among them in the top five banks of  taxpayers - Ardshinbank, ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank, VTB Bank  (Armenia), Ameriabank and Armbusinessbank, which figured in the top  five and a year earlier. Over the first 9 months of 2017, the top  five banks sent 16.5 billion drams to the state treasury (annual  growth of 18.7%), of which 15.1 billion drams - on direct taxes  (annual growth of 18.9%).

The leader among the banks in the list of large taxpayers in terms of  the amount of taxes paid is Ardshinbank, which took the 20th place  (against the 29th year earlier), paid 3.99 billion drams, of which  3.8 billion - direct taxes (including income tax and income tax).  Then follows: ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank - 24th place (against 28th  year earlier) - 3.4 bln drams, of which 3.1 bln - on direct taxes,  VTB Bank (Armenia) - 25th place (against 27 3.3 billion drams, of  which 2.9 billion drams - direct taxes, Ameriabank - 26th place  (against 23rd year earlier), sending to the state budget 3.2 billion  drams, of which 3.1 billion drams - direct taxes. The first five  banks, large taxpayers, is closed by Armbusinessbank, which took 36th  place (against 33rd year earlier) and paid 2.7bln AMD, of which 2.3bn  - on direct taxes.

In the first hundred large taxpayers also INECOBANK (40 place - 2.5  billion, out of which 2.3 billion - under direct taxes), Unibank  (47th place - 2.1 billion drams, out of which 1.6 billion drams -  under direct taxes), Bank Anelik (51 places - 1.92 billion, of which  1.6 billion - for direct taxes), Converse Bank (53rd place - 1.9  billion drams, of which 1.7 billion on direct taxes), Armswissbank  (68th place - 1.5 billion, out of which 1.49 billion - on direct  taxes), Araratbank (76 places - 1.402 billion, of which 1.2 billion -  on direct taxes) and Armeconombank ( 77th place - 1.399 billion, of  which 1.2 billion - on direct taxes).  In close to the first hundred  - on 101 positions Evocabank (it was renamed at the end of September  of this year Prometey Bank) was placed, sending 1.1 billion drams to  the state treasury in the reporting period, of which 934 million - in  direct taxes.

In the second hundred of the largest taxpayers of Armenia, Evocabank  (which was renamed at the end of September of this year Prometey  Bank), ranked 101 billion - 1.1 billion drams (of which 934 million -  on direct taxes), and HSBC Bank Armenia - 192 places - 535.9 million  (of which 396.4 million - on direct taxes). The list of 1000 large  taxpayers of Armenia also included Mellat Bank - 215th place - 465.7m  (of which 441.9m. - on direct taxes), Byblos Bank Armenia - 427th  place -215.6 mln drams (including 171 mln drams - under direct taxes)  and Artsakhbank - 519th place - 172.5 mln (including 159.3 mln drams  - - for direct taxes). 

According to the Financial Rating of the Armenian Banks prepared by  the IA ArmInfo, the aggregate accumulated profit of the banking  system of Armenia in the first 9 months of 2017 amounted to 151.2  billion drams, having decreased by 8.1% in the annual section. In the  top five in terms of accumulated profit Ameriabank is 28.4 billion  drams, HSBC Bank Armenia - 25.4 billion drams, ACBA- Credit Agricole  Bank - 19.4 billion drams, INECOBANK - 19.2 billion drams and  Araratbank - 14.2 billion drams. The banking system completed 9  months of 2017 with a balance-sheet profit of 37.7 billion drams (an  annual growth of 76.3%), which after taxes provided net profit of  29.5 billion drams with an annual growth of 69.8%. Only for the III  quarter of this year. net profit of the banking system increased by  18%, amounting to 10.3 billion drams. (the calculated exchange rate  of the dram to the dollar as of 30.09.17 was 478.41 drams / $ 1).

It should be noted that four participants - ProCredit Bank, BTA,  Areximbank-Gazprombank Group and Armenian Development Bank, merged  with the INECOBANK, Armeconombank, Ardshinbank and Araratbank  respectively from 2015 to 2006 from the banking market of Armenia. In  particular, ProCredit Bank and BTA - in 2015, and  Areximbank-Gazprombank Group and Armenian Development Bank - in 2016.  The consolidation of the banking sector in Armenia, including through  a merger, was dictated by the need to implement by 2017 a new  regulatory requirement for a minimum amount of total capital - 30  billion drams. As a result, since 2017, there are 17 banks in  Armenia.

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