Thursday, November 9 2017 18:53
Karine Melikyan

The four telecom operators for 9 months of 2017 transferred $ 41 million to the state treasury line

ArmInfo.Four communications  operators of Armenia paid 9.6 billion drams or $ 41 million in taxes  to the state budget in the 9 months of 2017, which is 16.2% lower  than the figure of the previous year. Of this amount, 6.6 billion was  received in the state treasury for direct taxes (including profit  tax, income tax) and 7.1 billion for indirect taxes (including VAT,  excise tax). This is evidenced by the published data of the RA State  Revenue Committee.

MTS Armenia (the VivaCell-MTS trademark) is in the list of the  largest taxpayers among Armenian telecoms operators, ranking 12th in  the list of 1000 largest taxpayers of the country. "MTS Armenia" paid  7.5 billion drams to the state budget for 9 months of 2017, of which  287.2 million drams - on customs duties, 2.73 billion drams - on  direct taxes (including profit tax, income tax), 2.72 billion drams -  for indirect taxes (including VAT, excise tax).

"Armenia Telephone Company" (BeeLine trademark), charged 6.8 bln  drams to the budget through taxes, of which 2.1 bln - on direct  (including profit tax, income tax) and 3.2 mln - on indirect (in  including VAT, excise tax), customs duty payments amounted to 950.4  million drams, ranked 14th in the total list of 1000 largest  taxpayers, compared to the 10th year earlier.

UCom, which paid 4.7 bln drams to the budget for taxes, out of which  848.3 million drams - on customs duties, 1.5 billion drams - on  direct (including income tax, income tax) and 904.3 million drams -  on indirect (including VAT, excise tax), took the 16th place in the  general list of 1000 largest taxpayers, against 25th year earlier.

JNC Alfa (a trademark of Rostelecom) paid out 619.5 million drams to  the budget on taxes, of which 78.1 million drams - on customs duties,  309.5 million on direct taxes (including income tax, income tax) and  278.6 million - indirect (including VAT, excise tax), ranking in the  general list of 1000 largest taxpayers 163rd place, against 191 the  year before.

Note that the data on Orange in the list of the largest taxpayers in  Armenia are no longer figured due to the merger with UCom (the merger  started in the second half of 2015).

It should be recalled that in the first 9 months of 2016, four  telecom operators paid a total of 23.4 billion drams to the budget  through the taxes, of which 9.1 billion drams fell on the share of  Armenia Telephone Company (BeeLine trademark). (Estimated exchange  rate for September 30, 2017 was 478.41 dr / $ 1).


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