Friday, November 17 2017 13:11
Naira Badalian

The State Revenue Committee answered the accusations of the deputies from the Tsarukyan block: "In the Arinj Molle 748 business entities were declared only 338 employees

The State Revenue Committee answered the accusations of the deputies  from the Tsarukyan block: "In the Arinj Molle 748 business entities  were declared only 338 employees

ArmInfo. "Any attempt to avoid  paying taxes, regardless of the taxpayer's category, must be stopped  in all cases where there is a risk of non-payment, which must be the  reaction of the KGD," the RA Customs and Customs Service said in  response to the constantly sounding in the last days in the  parliament accusations of deputies from the fraction of the  "Tsarukyan" block about allegedly carried out by the KGD, tax terror  in the "Arinj Molle" belonging to Gagik Tsarukyan.

As reported by the press service of the department, the control  measures of the State Revenue Committee of Armenia, especially during  the last days, became the topic of speculation for a certain group of  people who, under the guise of social problems, try to avoid proper  fulfillment of their tax obligations, staking on holding mass  protests.  It is noted that only in November 2017 the Committee  initiated control measures in all the fairs of the country. And this  is after there have been no significant trends in improving the tax  behavior of economic entities operating in the country's fairs, even  after one-year large-scale explanatory and preventive measures.  "Meanwhile, the registered data on the activities of the latter on  the basis of analytical work were more than eloquent," the KGD said.

In particular, 196 commissions were initiated in the Committee to  study the activities of the organizers of trade places, of which only  31 were initiated against LLC FIRM NEW (Arindzh Mol). It turned out  that this company, which distinguished itself by active protest  activities, and having the largest number of taxpayers, compared to  other fairs, recorded a much lower income for the fiscal period  January-October 2017. If 345 tax-payers of "Petak" TC for the  reporting period showed a turnover of 4 billion drams, the turnover  of 361 subjects of "Surmalu" amounted to more than 4.5 billion drams,  then 748 subjects of "Arinj Mol" showed a turnover of about 2.9  billion drams.

At the same time, as the tax and customs service notes, as a result  of the relevant work of the Committee's employees with the economic  entities of the TC "Petak" and "Surmalu" and taxpayers of 22 more  outlets, the latter revised their indicators. Meanwhile, LLC "Firm  New", every time, trying to politicize the issue, makes every effort  to avoid declaring taxes in full. Meanwhile, as reminded in the  Committee, the requirements of the CGP for taxpayers are not new and  established by the laws of the Republic of Armenia.

"The KGB under the government of Armenia, being an apolitical body,  believes that a taxpayer who tries to avoid fulfilling his tax  obligations for any political, social or other reason, hoping to  benefit from it, is just an ordinary offender, and the so-called"  soft administration, "can and should only concern a law-abiding  taxpayer," the report said. Therefore, according to the department,  any manifestation of avoiding payment of taxes, regardless of the  taxpayer category, should be prevented in all cases where there is a  risk of non- payment, which must necessarily be the reaction of the  KGD.  Consequently, as noted, all tax offenders are considered by the  Committee as risky and against them, according to the current  legislation, control measures are applied by tax inspectors. Within  the framework of the law, the KGD is authorized to conduct  operative-investigative measures and obtain operational information.  The committee asks the question: "By what right is the shopping  center with 748 business entities and declared only 338 employees,  can accuse the state agency of gross administration and biased  attitude."

Recall that traders belonging to the leader of the party "Prosperous  Armenia" Gagik Tsarukyan shopping center "Arindzh Mall" conduct   protest actions in connection with the actions of the tax service,  which require traders to submit a bill of invoice indicating the  types of goods sold and sales volumes. 

This displeased traders, because they will have to pay more taxes.  Representatives of the tax service told traders that if the documents  were not properly presented, they would be fined. Meanwhile, the RA  Prime Minister stressed earlier that at present small and medium  businesses with an annual turnover of up to 110 million drams are in  the system of simplified taxation, but these volumes should be  recorded by the business. "Currently, about 740 entities operate in  the shopping center" Arinj mall ", of which the annual turnover of  157 entities does not exceed 1 million drams, 280 subjects - turnover  is 1-3 million drams, out of 204 - 3-5 million drams, from 140 - 5-10  million drams, out of 39 - 10-20 million drams, out of 7 - 20-30  million drams.


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