Thursday, November 23 2017 19:10
Alina Hovhannisyan

Expert: Only after expanding the area of vineyards can we talk about stimulating the export of Armenian wines

Expert: Only after expanding the area of vineyards can we talk about  stimulating the export of Armenian wines

ArmInfo. Armenian wines  cannot compete with wines produced in Spain, Southern Italy, from a  quantitative point of view, but in terms of producing high-quality  wines there is great potential. The executive director of Semina  Consulting company Vahe Keushguerian voiced opinion on the margins of  the International Wine Forum in an interview with ArmInfo on November  23.

To ensure the high quality of wines produced by Armenian winemakers,  according to the expert, it is possible due to the quality and  characteristics of the soil, microclimate, the location of the  vineyards at an altitude of 1000-1800 m above sea level, and the  availability of exclusive historical grape varieties. "We should work  to increase the production of wines from the best grape varieties,  and not focus on quantity and produce wines at a cost of $ 1-2, which  will be extremely unprofitable for Armenia." Speaking about the  expansion of export markets, in particular about the prospects for  cooperation with China, which Georgia is successfully implementing  today, V. Kushgherian noted that the Georgian partners succeeded due  to the production volumes that exceed the liter of Armenian wines. In  his opinion, state subsidy programs stimulate the increase in the  output of Georgian wines. However, the expert criticized this  approach of the Georgian authorities: "State subsidies are limited in  terms. The state cannot constantly promote farmers. And when, in the  end, this process is over, the Georgian winemakers will have to  return to the very beginning and learn how to promote their  production without any support. In my opinion, this is an extremely  incorrect approach. " Returning to the supply of Armenian wine  products to China, the expert noted, "our production volumes do not  satisfy the scale of the Chinese market."

"Every year there are customers who want to buy about 200 tonnes of  grapes. We hardly find 100 tons.  Therefore, first of all, we need to  expand the area of vineyards, and then talk about stimulating wine  sales in foreign markets. In the meantime, we do not have as many  grapes," he stressed.  Based in Armenia, Semina Consulting offers  viticulture consulting services as well as strategic winery and  marketing management support. Our aim is to develop a wine culture  while modernizing a rapidly growing wine sector

The International Wine Forum is held in Armenia at the initiative of  the Vine and Wine Foundation of Armenia (VWFA), within the theme  "International Trends and Experience in the Wine Market:   Observations and Suggestions for Armenia". Over 30 leading experts  from 7 countries took part in the Forum.

According to the National Statistical Service of Armenia, in Jan-Sep  2017, 5.9 million liters wine were produced, with annual growth of  36.7%. In 2016, Armenia exported 1.8 million liters of wine with an  annual growth of 27.7%, with a customs value increase of 43.6% to $  5.9 million.

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