Tuesday, February 6 2018 15:46
Alina Hovhannisyan

Department of State Property Management of Armenia in 2018 intends to implement investment programs for $ 16 million

Department of State Property Management of Armenia in 2018 intends to  implement investment programs for $ 16 million

ArmInfo. The Department of  State Property Management of Armenia intends to implement investment  programs for $ 16 million in 2018, Head of the State Property  Management Department of Armenia Arman Sahakyan told Prime Minister  Karen Karapetyan during the meeting.

He noted that in 2017 the Department planned to implement investment  programs at $ 18 million, while by the end of the year the volume of  investment programs was $ 8 million, instead of $ 5 million a year  earlier.  Speaking about the plans for the current year, Sahakyan  emphasized that during the registration of state property radical  reforms are envisaged, in particular the introduction of an  electronic system that will allow to find out the degree of  effectiveness of the use of the relevant property at any time.   According to the head of the Department, the electronic system of  state property management will be available to all departments.  "As  a result, we will get an ideal base for accounting for state  property," he said. In addition, Sahakyan added that in 2018 auctions  would be held exclusively in electronic format.

At the same time, the head of the Department reported to the premier  that the proceeds from alienation amounted to 685.7 million AMD,  exceeding the figure of the previous year by 5.7 times, of which 544  million AMD were transferred to the state budget and 141.7 million  AMD to the corresponding community budget. As a result of  privatization of the state property, the proceeds increased 5.5%  year-on- year to 66.4 million AMD, of which 62.3 million AMD were  directed to the state budget and 4.1 million drams to the relevant  community budgets. For the lease of state real estate, 398 million  AMD were directed to the state budget, with an annual growth of 8%.

According to contracts from installation and maintenance of  communication equipment on roofs and attics of buildings and  buildings that are state property, 156.2 million AMD were actually  enrolled, of which 40.8 million were transferred to the state budget.   166.4 million were transferred to the corresponding budgets of NGOs,  which is almost 5 times higher than the indicator 2016 year.

Proceeds from payment of the cadastral value of lands considered  state property amounted to 367.4 million AMD, an increase of 9.5  times in annual terms. According to the decree, the received money  amounted to 2.4 billion drams, which is 2.6 times more than the  figure of a year ago. 1.4 billion AMD were transferred to the state  budget, which is almost 3 times higher than in the previous year. As  a result of the lawsuits and subsequent negotiations, the state  budget managed to return 59.3 million AMD. He said that the program  of privatization of state property for 2017-2020 included 47 public  facilities.

The bankrupt companies, he said, repaid a loan debt of 294 million  drams, of which 7 million AMD were transferred to the budget, the  community budget - 1.1 million, wages - 187.4 million, and other  payables amounted to 35 million AMD.

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