Thursday, February 8 2018 18:57
Naira Badalian

With Hrazdan Thermal Power Plant support, a mining center to be established in FEZ territory of Armenia

With Hrazdan Thermal Power Plant support, a mining center to be  established in FEZ territory of Armenia

ArmInfo. ECOS-M concluded an  agreement with the Hrazdan Thermal Power Plant to provide electricity  for the construction of a 50 MW mining center on the territory of the  Free Economic Zone in Armenia. The parties also agreed on a potential  increase in capacity to 200 MW.

As the press service of ECOS and Armenian Blockchain Forum reports,  the mining center, whose main advantages are an autonomous electric  power source, an effective management system and preferential tax  conditions, is currently under construction and will be launched  already in April 2018.

The creation of the farm will ensure broad access to mining - ECOS-M  will create opportunities not only for large investors, but for all  potential project participants, regardless of their financial  capabilities. Due to an affordable source of electricity, as well as  preferential tax conditions that operate on the territory of the FEZ,  the platform will seriously compete with companies in the global  blockbuster market.

The managing partner of ECOS-M, Ilya Goldberg, said that the first  stage of the implementation of the program for the creation of a  technological cluster in Armenia has been launched. He also added  that in April 2018, together with the Armenian Blockchain Forum, an  international forum will be held in Yerevan.  Key representatives of  the international blockbuster industry will attend the event. The  forum will be the first global event in Armenia dedicated to blockade  and artificial intelligence. Earlier, ArmInfo informed that in  Armenia they will create a free economic zone, where an innovative  technology center will be established - the Armenian silicone valley.  According to the information of the Armenian Blockbuster Forum (ABF),  the main task of the cluster will be the organization and regulation  of infrastructures for the development of projects of international  startups in the sphere of high technologies. The international  company KPMG, which developed the rules for the development of  international business, will provide consultancy and audit support.  At the same time, resident companies will be exempted from VAT, as  well as income taxes as part of the supply of products and services  in the FEZ. In particular, within the framework of the program,  educational and research projects will be implemented in cooperation  with universities. According to ABF estimates, during the first year  of the ecosystem's launch, about 250-300 high-paying jobs will be  created, and the volume of attracted investments will reach $ 120  million. It should be noted that ABF is an information and  educational platform for combining the practice of leading companies,  specialists and entrepreneurs with the goal of creating favorable  conditions for the development of technology companies. As part of  its activities, the forum conducts international conferences,  hackatons, business marathons aimed at finding new solutions, as well  as educational courses, mentoring programs for the exchange of  experience in the IT industry.

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