Friday, October 11 2019 18:23
Naira Badalian

Three programs to increase the birth rate will be launched in Armenia  starting from 2020

Three programs to increase the birth rate will be launched in Armenia  starting from 2020

ArmInfo. In 2020, the Armenian  government will allocate additional 5.3 billion AMD (about $ 11  million) to implement three programs aimed at improving the  demographic situation and stimulating immigration and repatriation.  This was announced on October 11 at a press conference by the Deputy  Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Smbat Saiyan.

According to him, in general, the demographic indicators in the  country are positive and the trend of population decline seems to  show a decreasing trend. Thus, if as of January 1, 2018, the  country's population decreased by 13800 people, then as of January 1,  2019 - by 7600 people. At the same time, in recent years, a decrease  in the birth rate in rural areas has been recorded in Armenia. "More  children are born in cities than in villages, which may adversely  affect the overall demographic situation," he said.  Thus, as Saiyan  pointed out, the programs are aimed primarily at stimulating  fertility among the rural population. Saiyan introduced the  government's birth control programs:

- The lump-sum allowance for the birth of the first child will be  increased six-fold from 50 thousand drams to 300 thousand drams,  instead of the current 55 thousand.

- The amount of the one-time allowance for the birth of a second  child will be doubled - from 150 thousand drams to 300 thousand  drams. In the case of the third and subsequent children, the size of  the one-time benefits will not change and will amount to 1 million  drams and 1.5 million drams.

- The monthly allowance for working mothers will be increased by  about 41% - from 18 thousand drams to 25 thousand drams. Also,  residents of rural settlements will be able to receive monthly  childcare benefits in the amount of 25.5 thousand drams for two  years, while now only working mothers are receiving it.

The state will assist in solving housing problems:

- In 2020, for the purchase of housing on a mortgage, in cases of  childbirth, the state will provide one-time financial assistance, and  guarantee prepayment in regions of the country.

- In the case of the birth of the first or second child, the state  compensates 10% of the down payment (in the regions of the country)  and 5% (in the capital) of the main amount of the mortgage loan,  after the third and fourth children in the regions the compensation  may reach about 50%, and in Yerevan - about 25%. The budget of the  preliminary program will be approximately 500 million drams.

In parallel, work will be carried out on targeted housing programs in  the regions and the Committee for Urban Development is already doing  this.

To note, according to the data of the National Statistics Committee,  for the first half of 2019, 16 111 children were born in the  republic, which is 0.9% less than the same period in 2018. At the  same time, the number of deaths increased by 4.3% in the reporting  period, to 13,790. At the same time, the statistics indicate that the  largest number of children was born in Yerevan in the first half of  the year - 6,378, and the least in Vayots Dzor region - 238.


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