Client base of Armenian banks increased by 8.7% by June 2020, with an  increase in accounts by 9.4%

 Friday, August 7 2020 18:45:00
Client base of Armenian banks increased by 8.7% by June 2020, with an  increase in accounts by 9.4%

ArmInfo.  By June 1, 2020, the  client base of Armenian banks totaled 3,016,449 individuals and  100,678 legal entities. According to the Central Bank of Armenia,  provided to ArmInfo by the Statistical Committee, a total of  3,117,127 clients had 6,075,554 accounts in Armenian banks, of which  5,853,174 were accounts of individuals and 222,380 were accounts of  legal entities.

The service sector of Armenia in the first half of the year turned  the dynamics from growth to decline
 Friday, August 7 2020 16:09

ArmInfo.  In Armenia, in the  first half of 2020, the service sector reduced volumes by 6.4% per  annum - to 861.7 billion drams ($ 1.8 billion), against 15.3% growth  a year earlier. According to the data of the Statistical Committee of  the Republic of Armenia, in June alone, the volume of services  provided increased by 8.2%, amounting to 143.5 billion drams ($ 298.2  million).

Revenue of Armenia`s trade sector fell by 11.1%
 Friday, August 7 2020 14:56

ArmInfo.  In the first half of  2020, the trade sector of Armenia registered decline by 11.1% (from  growth by 8.9% a year earlier), providing a volume of 1.3 trillion  drams ($ 2.6 billion). According to the RA Statistical Committee, in  June alone the trade sector provided revenue in 235.7 billion drams  ($ 489.8 million), with a monthly growth of 14.3%. This dynamic is  due to the fact that the wholesale and retail trade turned the vector  from growth to decline, while the car trade accelerated the decline.   In particular, wholesale trade in the first half of the year showed a  decrease by 8% (against growth by 12.2% a year earlier), amounting to  640 billion drams ($ 1.3 billion). In June alone, the proceeds of  wholesale trade increased by 15.2% - up to 123.3 billion drams.

Passenger traffic in Armenia has declined by July 2020, while cargo transportation has grown
 Friday, August 7 2020 13:27

ArmInfo. The volume of cargo  transportation in Armenia in the first half of 2020 compared to the  same period last year increased by 3.4% - to 6 328.7 thousand tons,  against a decline of 57.5% a year earlier.

Revenue in the communication sector of Armenia decreased by 4% in the first half of the year
 Friday, August 7 2020 13:27

ArmInfo. Revenue in the  communications sector of Armenia in the first half of 2020 amounted  to 68.8 billion drams, having decreased in y-o-y terms by 4%, against  growth by 1.8% a year earlier.

In Armenia, the share of non-cash card transactions remained at the  level of 30% by July 2020
 Thursday, August 6 2020 12:27

ArmInfo. In Armenia, the share of  non-cash card transactions remained at the level of 30% in the total  volume of plastic transactions by July 1, 2020. But the y-o-y growth  in the volume of non-cash card transactions slowed down from last  year's 48% to the current 38%, amounting by the results of the first  half of this year to 351 billion drams ($ 728 million). The  preservation of the share, despite the slowdown in volumes, is due to  the activity of Internet commerce, the popularization of mobile and  web applications by banks and Armenian Card, and such effective  measures to encourage non-cash transactions as CashBack. According to  the data of the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia, five years  earlier (H1 of 2015), the share of non-cash transactions in the total  volume of plastic transactions was 12%, and by July 1, 2019 it had  reached 24%.

Metallurgical industry of Armenia in H1 of 2020 increased by 19.4%
 Wednesday, August 5 2020 22:24

ArmInfo. The metallurgical industry of Armenia in the H1 of 2020 showed an increase of 19.4% per annum, against a 3.7% decline in the same period of 2019. According to the RA Statistical Committee, in the H1 of the year, the  production of ferromolybdenum in Armenia increased by 11.2% per annum  (against growth by 5.4% a year earlier), amounting to 4,140.5 tons. 

In Armenia, mortality increased by 5%, while the birth rate decreased  by 0.8%
 Wednesday, August 5 2020 18:32

ArmInfo.  In the H1 of 2020, 15 893 children were born in Armenia, which is 0.8% less than a year ago, and 2.3% compared to the same period of 2018. According to the  Statistical Committee of the Republic of Armenia, the birth rate per  1000 population decreased on an y- o-y basis from 10.9 to 10.8 ppm,  against 11 ppm two years earlier.

Negative migration balance of Armenia decreased significantly 
 Wednesday, August 5 2020 16:06

ArmInfo. Negative migration  balance in Armenia at the end of the H1 of 2020 amounted to 1444  people, which is less than a year ago by 46.6%, and in the two-year  context, a decrease of 44.7% was recorded. This is evidenced by the  data of the RA Statistical Committee. 

Population of Armenia as of July 1, 2020 increased slightly 
 Wednesday, August 5 2020 15:45

ArmInfo. The population of Armenia as of July 1, 2020 amounted to 2.963 million people, having slightly increased on an annualized basis by 0.05% or 1.4 thousand  people.  This is evidenced by the data of the RA Statistical Committee.

Y-o-y inflation in July 2020 amounted to 1.5% on the Armenian  consumer market, with deflationary 1.1% in Jan-July
 Wednesday, August 5 2020 13:59

ArmInfo.Deflation of 1.1% was recorded in the consumer market of Armenia in January-July 2020, against 1.8% deflation in the same period of 2019. According to the RA Statistical Committee, this was provoked by a decrease in prices  for food products (including alcohol and cigarettes) by 2.7% and  non-food products by 1.2%, while tariffs for services increased by  0.9%.

"Armenal" provided the highest indicator for the entire period of  foil-rolling production in Armenia
 Wednesday, August 5 2020 13:58

ArmInfo. In the first half of 2020 "Armenal" plant provided the highest indicator for the entire period of foil-rolling production in Armenia. Thus, according to the  Statistical Committee of the Republic of Armenia, during the  reporting period, the production of aluminum foil increased by 13.7%  in y-o-y terms (against 5.8% decline in the previous year), amounting  to 17 443 tons.

Armenian trade sector turnover continues to decline
 Wednesday, July 8 2020 12:23

ArmInfo. The turnover of the  Armenian trade sector continues to decline. According to the RA  Statcommittee, in January-May 2020, the trade sector showed a decline  of 10.8% yoy (against growth of 9.4% a year earlier), with a volume  of 1.027 trillion. drams ($ 2.1 billion).  This decline is due to a  noticeable decline in retail sales and slightly smaller car and  wholesale trade.  However, only in May 2020, the trade sector showed  a growth of 33.3% after the April recession of 29.4%, with a volume  of 210.6 billion drams ($ 435 million).

Alcohol production decline recorded in Armenia
 Tuesday, July 7 2020 20:47

ArmInfo. In January-May 2020, the production volumes of alcoholic beverages produced in Armenia demonstrate a downward trend. According to the RA Statistical Committee, during the reporting period, the volumes of absolutely all  alcoholic beverages produced in Armenia decreased.

In H1 2020, inflation of 1% was recorded in Armenia`s consumer market  with y-o-y inflation of 0.5%
 Tuesday, July 7 2020 18:58

ArmInfo. In the first half of 2020,  inflation in the consumer market of Armenia was recorded at 1%,  against 0.1% inflation in the same period of 2019. This was triggered  by a 2.3% rise in prices for foodstuffs and an increase in tariffs  for services by 0.6%, amid drop in prices of non food products  (including alcohol and cigarettes) by 0.9%. In y-o-y terms (compared  with the first half of 2019), the consumer market recorded inflation  of 0.5% (against inflation of 2% a year ago), which was facilitated  by a rise in price of non-food products by 1% and an increase in  tariffs for services by 1.3%, with no changes in prices of food  prices. According to the data of the Statistical Committee of the  Republic of Armenia, the average monthly growth in consumer prices  amounted to 0.2% in the first half of 2019, against the growth by  0.02% a year earlier.

Metallurgical industry increased production by 24.4%
 Tuesday, July 7 2020 18:28

ArmInfo. Armenian metallurgical  industry is increasing production volumes. According to the data of  the Statistical Committee of the Republic of Armenia, in January-May  2020 the sector ensured growth of volumes by 24.4%, against the 7.4%  decline a year earlier for the same period.  In particular, the  production of copper concentrate increased by 24.1% to 156.8 thousand  tons, against a decline of 9.2% a year earlier. In monthly terms,  copper concentrate production increased by 10.1% to 35.1 thousand  tons.

An increase of electricity production registered in Armenia in Jan-May 
 Tuesday, July 7 2020 15:21

ArmInfo.  In Armenia in  January-May 2020 electricity generation amounted to 3,246.1 million  kWh, with a y-o-y growth of 8.3% (against a decline of 7.4% a year  earlier). 

Armenian trade sector declines for the first time in many years
 Wednesday, June 10 2020 20:59

ArmInfo. In the first years in  many years, the Armenian trade sector began to decline, which was  associated with the introduction of restrictions by the Commander for  emergency situations on a number of economic activities due to the  spread of a new type of coronavirus.  Thus, according to the RA  Statistical Committee, the revenue of the Armenian trade sector in  January-April 2020 decreased by 8.6% (against growth by 9.8%),  amounting to 816.1 billion drams ($ 1.6 billion). The last time a  decrease in trade in the Republic of Armenia was registered in  January-October 2016 (0.1%).  At the same time, in April 2020 alone,  trade turnover in Armenia showed a decline of 29.4% (annual decline  of 1.8%) to 158.5 billion drams ($ 324.4 million).

Communication sector`s revenues decreased by 2.8%in January-April  2020 
 Tuesday, June 9 2020 14:03

ArmInfo. Communication   sector's revenues of Armenia amounted to 45.8 billion drams ($ 95  million) in January-April2020, having decreased by 2.8% year on year,  against the 4.5% decline a year earlier. According to the RA  Statistical Committee, of the total proceeds, the lion's share is  provided by the telecommunication sector - 90.3% or 41.4 billion  drams with an y-o-y decline of 3.1% (against the 8.7% decline a year  earlier).

In May 2020, y-o-y inflation in Armenia`s consumer market amounted to  1.2%, and in Jan-May - 2.5%
 Tuesday, June 9 2020 14:01

ArmInfo. In January-May 2020,  inflation in the consumer market of Armenia was recorded at 2.5%,  against 2% inflation in the same period of 2019. According to the  Statistical Committee of the Republic of Armenia, this was triggered  by an increase in the prices of food products (including alcohol and  cigarettes) by 5.6% (against 3.7% a year earlier) and tariffs on  services - by 0.4% (against the same 0.4% a year earlier), with the  cheapening of non-food products by 0.5% (against the rise in price by  0.9% a year earlier). In y-o-y terms (compared with January-May  2019), the consumer market recorded inflation of 0.3% (versus  inflationary 1.9% a year ago), which was facilitated by a rise in  price of non-food products by 1.2% and an increase in tariffs for  services by 1,3%, while the cost of food products declined by 0.6%.

In Armenia, economic activity decreased by 1.7% per annum by May 2020
 Tuesday, June 9 2020 12:38

ArmInfo.  In Armenia, economic  activity in January-April 2020 fell by 1.7% per annum (against 7%  growth a year earlier), against the backdrop of a decline in exports  and imports by 8.1% and 11.5%, respectively. According to the final  data of the Statistical Committee of the Republic of Armenia, the  industrial sector, the services sector and the energy sector  demonstrated growth while, the trade and construction sectors were in  decline, and the data on the agricultural sector are published in the  statistical report only quarterly.



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