"Armenian Wines in Russia" program kicked off

 Thursday, September 24 2020 17:43:00

ArmInfo. The program "Armenian Wines in Russia" was launched. The official launch of the project was given during the festival of Armenian wine in the  Armenian pavilion of VDNKh in Moscow, the press service of the RA  Ministry of Economy reported.

Armenia and EDB to revise terms of investment loan provided for  construction of North-South road corridor
 Thursday, September 24 2020 14:13

ArmInfo. Armenia and the Eurasian Development Bank will revise the terms of the investment loan provided for the construction of the North-South road corridor.  At the meeting on September 24, the RA government considered it  expedient to conclude a third supplementary agreement between the RA  and the EDB.

Armenian government approved the 25th program of anti-crisis measures  aimed at neutralizing economic consequences of COVID-19 
 Thursday, September 24 2020 11:09

ArmInfo. The Armenian government approved the 25th program of anti-crisis measures aimed at neutralizing the economic consequences caused by the COVID-19  pandemic.

Process of recovery of labor market is underway in Armenia
 Wednesday, September 23 2020 16:55

ArmInfo.In Armenia, the process of recovery of the labor market is underway after its significant decline due to the coronavirus crisis.

BANA will host an online conference with leading international  investors
 Wednesday, September 23 2020 13:00

ArmInfo. The Business Angel Network of Armenia (BANA) initiated an online conference dedicated to early stage investments (Early Stage Investment  Conference - ESIC).

Analyst: Development strategy is good. But a strategy with ways to  implement it is even better
 Wednesday, September 23 2020 12:54

ArmInfo. The Prime Minister's proposed Development Strategy for Armenia until 2050 is undoubtedly a necessary conceptual document. At the same time, it is also of  course, in this concept it is necessary to designate, and designate  very clearly, the ways of this development. Head of the Center for  Human Development Tevan Poghosyan expressed a similar opinion to  ArmInfo.

Discussions were held on draft state budget of Armenia in 2021
 Tuesday, September 22 2020 18:13

ArmInfo.  On September 22, a  meeting was held under the chairmanship of RA Prime Minister Nikol  Pashinyan, at which the draft state budget of Armenia for 2021 was  discussed.

Manifold growth in sales of e-CMTPL policies continues in Armenia
 Tuesday, September 22 2020 16:22

ArmInfo.  In Armenia, the  share of online-colcludedcompulsory motor third party liability  policies (e-CMTPL) in the total number of agreements increased 3-fold  by September 2020 - up to 14% from 5% a year earlier. According to  the Armenian Motor Insurers' Bureau in January-August 2020, the  number of CMTPL contracts concluded online reached 82,690, having  increased 2.5-fold in y-o-y terms. At the same time, the total number  of concluded CMTPL contracts decreased in y-o-y terms (January-August  2020 to January-August 2019) by 16.8%, amounting to 600,271.  The  volume of insurance premiums collected on them amounted to 13 billion  drams, with a y-o-y decline of 8, 2%. And this happened amid y-o-y  decline of 2.9% in the number of vehicles with compulsory motor third  party liability insurance policy. During the reporting period, there  were 617,032 CMTPL contracts that entered into force, the number of  which decreased by 16.9% in y-o-y terms, and the volume of insurance  premiums on them amounted to 13.9 billion drams with a y-o-y decline  of 8.6%. The number of CMTPL contracts terminated during this period  decreased by 59.8% - to 11,312, under which 183 million AMD premiums  were returned or are subject to return. To note for comparison that a  year earlier, in January-August 2019, the growth of vehicles with a  CMTPL contract by 13% was accompanied by an increase in CMTPL  contracts by 33.5% (and e- CMTPL - 3.6-fold) and the volume of  collected premiums - by 25.2%.

EBRD and EU to provide Armenia with 21.1 mln EUR for the  modernization of the Meghri checkpoint
 Friday, September 18 2020 16:27

ArmInfo. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the European Union will provide Armenia with 21.1 million euros for the modernization of the  Meghri checkpoint bordering Iran. The RA National Assembly at its  session on September 18 discusses the agreement with the Bank  submitted by the government for ratification.

Armenian wines to be presented at festival in Moscow
 Friday, September 18 2020 16:20

ArmInfo.A wine festival will be held in Moscow on September 20, in which such wine brands of Armenia as Karas, Keush, Van Ardi, Voskevaz, Kataro, Old Bridge,  Alluria, Tushpa, Armenia Wine Company will participate.

MP: Recession in Armenian economy will continue
 Friday, September 18 2020 11:52

ArmInfo.The recession in the Armenian economy will continue. On September 18 from the rostrum of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia the MP from the  opposition "Prosperous Armenia" faction Mikael Melkumyan stated this.

Armenia and Georgia will exchange preliminary electronic information  on the movement of vehicles and goods
 Friday, September 18 2020 11:50

ArmInfo. Armenia and Georgia will exchange preliminary electronic information on the  international movement of vehicles and goods. The RA National  Assembly at its session on September 18 ratified the corresponding  Armenian-Georgian protocol, signed in November 2019.

Heads of SNCOs of Armenia will be selected on a competitive basis
 Thursday, September 17 2020 12:52

ArmInfo. Heads of state non-profit organizations of Armenia to be selected on a competition basis. The RA National Assembly at its planar session on September 17  in the first reading discusses the amendments to the law "On State  Non-Commercial Organizations".

Armenia ratified the Optional Protocol to the International Covenant  on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
 Thursday, September 17 2020 11:50

ArmInfo. The National Assembly of Armenia, at a sitting on September 17, ratified the  Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Economic, Social  and Cultural Rights.

Mher Grigoryan: The EAEU will decide on the formation of unified  mechanisms for air transportation on October 8-9, 2020
 Wednesday, September 16 2020 18:26

ArmInfo.There is no regular air travel today, not only in Armenia, but also in the entire EAEU, Deputy Prime Minister Mher Grigoryan stated this from the rostrum of  the parliament.

RA Prime Minister: As for Amulsar, the RA Government`s priority is a  balanced approach
 Wednesday, September 16 2020 18:24

ArmInfo. On September 16, Armenia's Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan received Member of Lydian Canada Ventures Board of Directors Geoffrey Coach  and Managing  Director of Lydian Armenia Hayk Aloyan.

Government of Russian Federation approved for ratification  EAEU  agreement on excise taxes on tobacco products
 Wednesday, September 16 2020 18:23

ArmInfo. The Russian government approved for ratification an agreement on the principles of tax policy in the field of excise taxes on tobacco products of the  states of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). This is stated in the  decree of the Cabinet of Ministers, which is the TASS agency reports.

EEC Board adopted a recommendation in the field of consumer  protection
 Wednesday, September 16 2020 18:22

ArmInfo. The Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission adopted a recommendation according to which the Commission and the authorized bodies of the countries of  the Eurasian Economic Union will carry out information exchange on  consumer protection issues.

Armenia reduced exports and imports of cigarettes, cigarillos and  cigars
 Wednesday, September 16 2020 18:20

ArmInfo.In the first half of 2020, Armenia reduced the export of cigarettes, cigarillos and  cigars by 13.8% - to 10.7 billion pieces. The customs value  accordingly decreased by 11.1% - to $ 106.2 million.

SRC intends to carry out a complete mapping of business processes for  managing the risks of large taxpayers
 Wednesday, September 16 2020 18:19

ArmInfo. The State Revenue Committee of Armenia (SRC) intends to carry out a complete mapping of business processes for managing the risks of large taxpayers. 

Armenia and USA discussed a wide range of issues at meeting of joint  Council on Trade and Investment 
 Wednesday, September 16 2020 18:18

ArmInfo. Armenia and the United States discussed a wide range of issues of mutual interest during the 3rd meeting of the joint Council on Trade and Investment.   This was reported by the press service of the RA Ministry of Economy.



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