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COVID-19: Many hotels in Armenia are mothballed due to lack of  tourists

 Monday, March 30 2020 17:52:00
COVID-19: Many hotels in Armenia are mothballed due to lack of  tourists

ArmInfo. The hotel business continues to incur losses due to the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. According to the Chairman of the Tourism Committee of  the Republic of Armenia Susanna Safaryan at a March 30 press  conference, many hotels in Armenia are almost mothballed due to the  lack of tourists.

Due to coronavirus, in the first 3 months the losses of Armenia`s  tourism sector exceeded $ 134 million
 Monday, March 30 2020 17:28

ArmInfo.The situation with coronavirus has undermined the tourism sector of Armenia. According to the chairman of the Committee on Tourism of Armenia Susanna  Safaryan at a March 30 press conference, in the first three months of  this year, Armenia lost about 175 thousand tourists compared to the  same period last year. Losses of the tourist field have not yet been  calculated, however, according to Safaryan, it is worth considering  that each tourist spends $ 770 on average in Armenia. Thus, this  figure may exceed $ 134 million.

European Commission will provide financial assistance to its partners  in fight against Covid-19
 Monday, March 30 2020 16:32

ArmInfo. As part of the global response to the coronavirus outbreak, the European Commission stands by Eastern partner countries and has reallocated 140 million  EUR for the most immediate needs in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus,  Georgia, the Republic of Moldova, and Ukraine. In addition, the  Commission will also redirect the use of existing instruments worth  up to 700 million EUR to help mitigate the socio-economic impact of  the coronavirus crisis, the official website of  the Organization  informs.  

Government will provide lump-sum benefits to employees and  entrepreneurs of most vulnerable areas of economic activity
 Monday, March 30 2020 16:22

ArmInfo.During an extraordinary meeting on March 30, the Government of the Republic of Armenia unanimously adopted the 8th package of anti-crisis measures  to support employees and individual entrepreneurs of the most  vulnerable areas of economic activity in the context of the  coronavirus epidemic.

PAP proposes 7 anti-crisis points to Government
 Monday, March 30 2020 12:21

ArmInfo.The Prosperous Armenia Party held an extraordinary meeting on March 29, during which it was decided to submit to the government 7 anti-crisis proposals to  stabilize the situation in the country.

RA Government presented 2nd package of measures to neutralize   economic consequences of coronavirus
 Saturday, March 28 2020 15:40

ArmInfo. The Government of Armenia presented the second package of measures to neutralize the economic consequences of the pandemic of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Government have published an updated list of temporarily prohibited  economic activities
 Friday, March 27 2020 16:45

ArmInfo. The Government of the Republic of Armenia presented an updated list of economic activities, which temporarily prohibited by decision of the Commandant's Offfice under emergency conditions. Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of  Armenia Tigran Avinyan announced this on his Facebook page.

Ruben Vardanyan: Now we have to save hundreds of thousands of small  companies
 Friday, March 27 2020 11:32

ArmInfo.The crisis associated with the spread of coronavirus will lead to dramatic changes in all spheres of human activity. This opinion was expressed by the founder  of the Troika Dialog company, entrepreneur and philanthropist Ruben  Vardanyan in an interview with RBC.

Yerevan - in the top 10 cities of the CIS for virtual tours
 Friday, March 27 2020 10:55

ArmInfo. Travel portal TurStat has presented a rating of the best cities in the CIS for virtual tours and trips, virtual tours of museums and attractions in cities  and CIS countries.

State approved one-time grants for small businesses
 Friday, March 27 2020 08:54

ArmInfo.The state intends to pay one-time grants to small businesses, which, under the prevailing difficult conditions, have survived without reducing the number of  employees and wages in the period from January 1 to April 1 this  year. This decision was unanimously adopted during the meeting of the  Government of Armenia on March 26.

The state will provide financial support to small businesses
 Thursday, March 26 2020 18:10

ArmInfo. As part of the small business assistance package, the state will provide a loan of up to 50 million drams, with a maturity of 3 years, and a grace period of  the first 6 months. This became known during the meeting of the  Government of Armenia on March 26.

The state will provide significant support to the agricultural sector
 Thursday, March 26 2020 16:41

ArmInfo.The package of assistance to agriculture in Armenia provides for the zeroing of interest rates for a number of previously programs being implemented  with state support. The Minister of Economy of the Republic of  Armenia Tigran Khachatryan announced this on March 26 during the  government meeting, presenting a package of state actions to the  agricultural sector, which was unanimously approved.

Government approves a package of state assistance to business
 Thursday, March 26 2020 15:30

ArmInfo.On March 26, the Armenian government unanimously approved a package of state assistance to business proposed by the Ministry of Economy of the  Republic of Armenia.

Pashinyan: In the first quarter Armenia will exceed the budget in  terms of tax revenues by 5 billion drams
 Thursday, March 26 2020 14:59

ArmInfo."No matter how strange it sounds, but we have good news regarding the implementation of the budget," said Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan during a  government meeting on March 26. In this regard, he said that  following the results of the first quarter of this year, Armenia will  exceed the budget in terms of tax revenues by 5 billion drams. <And  in this regard, 

The government approved the concept of a program to promote business  and socially vulnerable groups
 Thursday, March 26 2020 13:54

ArmInfo.In the comprehensive RA program to prevent the economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, the re-equipment of the health system is a priority.  This  was stated on March 26 during a meeting of the Government of Armenia  by Deputy Prime Minister Mher Grigoryan.

Prime Minister: We intend to provide large-scale assistance to  agriculture and business of Armenia
 Wednesday, March 25 2020 17:37

ArmInfo. Tomorrow at a government meeting, we will consider a package on the provision of large-scale assistance to agriculture and business.  Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan stated this from the rostrum of the parliament.

Deputy Prime Minister: Armenia discusses Russia`s ban on grain  exports within the EAEU
 Wednesday, March 25 2020 17:13

ArmInfo. Armenia is discussing within the EAEU a temporary ban on grain exports introduced in Russia in connection with the situation with coronavirus. On March 25,  Deputy Prime Minister Mher Grigoryan announced this from the rostrum  of the parliament.

Economic activity increased by 8.7% per annum in Armenia in Jan-Feb  2020
 Wednesday, March 25 2020 16:10

ArmInfo. In Armenia in January-February 2020, economic activity increased by 8.7% compared to the same period in 2019, against previous year's 6.5% growth.   According to preliminary data of the RA Statistical Committee, y-o-y  growth was provoked to a greater extent by the industrial sector and  the energy complex.

Spayka company warns: The issue of transit through Georgia to Russia  remains unresolved
 Wednesday, March 25 2020 16:00

ArmInfo.The "Spayka" company engaged in cargo transportation, alarms that the issue of transit through the territory of Georgia remains unresolved.

Ministry of Economy: 159 cattle were imported to Armenia
 Wednesday, March 25 2020 14:33

ArmInfo. As part of the livestock development program for 2019-2024, 159 cattle were imported into Armenia. As the press service of the Ministry of Economy of the  Republic of Armenia reports, in total, within the framework of this  program, financial institutions provided 406 million drams for the  purchase of 315 heads of pedigree cattle.

Prime Minister: Armenia will be able to occupy 1% of the global  economy over the next five years
 Tuesday, March 24 2020 21:06

ArmInfo.Over the next five years, Armenia will have to occupy 1% of the global economy. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan announced this on March 24 in his address.   According to him, Armenia has real prerequisites to improve its  performance in the global economy. As a result of the coronavirus  epidemic, the global recession will exceed $ 3 trillion. In other  words, loopholes will appear in the world economy, which Armenia will  have to occupy with a total turnover of at least $ 30 billion.


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