Armenian government exempted Armenia Wine from customs duties on  import of equipment and raw materials

 Thursday, July 9 2020 19:29:03
Armenian government exempted Armenia Wine from customs duties on  import of equipment and raw materials

ArmInfo.  The Armenian government  exempted Armenia Wine from customs duties on the import of  technological equipment, their components  raw materials and (or)  materials. According to the statement substantiating the draft  government decision, the exemption from customs duties is 106 million  drams.

In the first half of 2020 tax revenues in Armenia declined by 2.3%
 Thursday, July 9 2020 19:25

ArmInfo. In the first half of  2020 tax revenues in Armenia decreased by 2.3% or 17.6 billion drams,  amounting to a total of 745.6 billion drams. According to the press  service of the State Revenue Committee of Armenia (SRC), of this  amount, the revenues actually collected by the tax authority amounted  to 622.2 billion drams (annual growth by 3.2%), and by customs  authorities -123.4 billion drams (annual decline by 23.1%) .

Prime Minister: Two large international companies submitted  applications for participation in a prequalification tender for the  selection of a project contractor solar power station
 Thursday, July 9 2020 14:00

ArmInfo.  Two large  international companies have submitted applications for participation  in prequalification tender for the selection of a contractor for the  construction project of the Aig-1 solar power plant. This was  announced on July 9 at a government meeting by Prime Minister Nikol  Pashinyan.

Fly Armenia Airways enters Armenian market
 Thursday, July 9 2020 11:53

ArmInfo. After receiving the  Operator Certificate issued by the Civil Aviation Committee of the Republic of Armenia, Fly Armenia Airways is pleased to announce the entry into the Armenian market with new profitable offers for the  Armenian public and business community.

Total foreign investments in the Armenian economy dropped by April  2020 amid stagnation of FDI
 Wednesday, July 8 2020 17:03

ArmInfo. The volume of total  foreign investments in the real sector of the economy of Armenia  decreased in the I quarter of 2020 by 38.6% y-o-y, amounting to $ 418  million, while a year earlier an increase of 12.7% was recorded. In  their structure, the volume of FDI demonstrated stagnant growth of  1.4%, amounting to $ 143 million, against a decline of 20.5% a year  earlier. As a result, the share of FDI in total foreign investments  in the first quarter of 2020 increased to 34.2%, exceeding not only  the year-ago period (20.7% in the first quarter of 2019), but also  the two-year one (29.4% in the first quarter) 2018).

EU announced open call for applications to support green and organic  agribusiness in Armenia
 Wednesday, July 8 2020 14:31

ArmInfo.  In order to promote  sustainable, innovative and market- oriented agribusiness in Armenia,  the EU Green Agriculture Initiative in Armenia (EU-GAIA) has  announced an open call for applications to support green and organic  projects.  According to the EU press service, the EU-GAIA project is  funded by the European Union and co-financed and implemented by the  Austrian Development Agency (ADA) in cooperation with the United  Nations Development Programme in Armenia. The project's Government  counterpart in Armenia is the Ministry of Economy. 

In Armenia, the investor will not receive permits for the development  of the field in the absence of studies on the reserves of the mine
 Wednesday, July 8 2020 13:39

ArmInfo. In Armenia, the  investor will not receive permits for the development of deposits in  the absence of research on the reserves of the mine. The country's  parliament at an extraordinary meeting on July 8 in the first reading  discusses amendments to the law "On bowels "and in a package of  related laws.

In the context of COVID-2019, volume of cargo transportation  continues to grow in Armenia amid the decline in passenger traffic
 Tuesday, July 7 2020 18:29

ArmInfo.   In the context of  COVID-2019, the volume of cargo transportation continues to grow in  Armenia amid the decline in passenger traffic. Thus, according to the  Statistical Committee of the Republic of Armenia, cargo  transportation in Armenia in January-May 2020 versus the same period  last year increased by 5.3% - up to 5 117.1 thousand tons, of which  2973.7 thousand tons (58.3% of the total) accounted for by road  transport, with a y-o-y miserable increase of 0.3%.

Armenian national debt continued growth in May 2020 amid resumed  growth of external debt 
 Tuesday, July 7 2020 16:33

ArmInfo. The state debt of Armenia  in January-May 2020 increased by 1.5% (against growth by 0.03% a year  earlier), amounting to $ 7.433 billion (3.597 trillion drams).   According to the RA Statistical Committee, in January-May 2020,  external debt decreased by 1.2% to $ 5.717 billion (2.767 trillion  drams), and domestic debt grew by 11.6% to $ 1.716 billion (830.5  billion drams), repeating last year's multidirectional dynamics (in  January-May 2019, the decline in external debt by 1.3% was  accompanied by an increase in domestic debt by 5.3%).

Foil production in Armenia  growing
 Tuesday, July 7 2020 14:21

ArmInfo.The y-o-y production of  aluminum foil increased by 10.9% (against the decline by 3.6% a year  earlier) , in Armenia in January-May 2020, amounting to a total of 14  518 tons. This is evidenced by the data of the Statistical Committee  of RA.

Armenia`s manufacturing industry declined in January-May
 Tuesday, July 7 2020 14:16

ArmInfo. The volume of  industrial production in Armenia in January-May 2020, against the  same period a year ago, slowed down the y-o-y growth rate - from 5.6%  to 2.4%, which was due to the subsidence of manufacturing production  volumes. So, according to the Statistical Committee of the Republic  of Armenia, during the reporting period, the industrial production  volume of Armenia amounted to 735.6 billion drams ($ 1.5 billion). In  May alone, the Armenian industrial sector grew by 11.9% (after the  April decline of 9.2%) to 150.4 billion drams ($ 310.6 million), with  an y- o-y decline of 3.9%.

In May, economic activity in Armenia grew in May with a fixed annual  decline
 Tuesday, July 7 2020 12:49

ArmInfo. In Armenia, economic  activity in January-May 2020 decreased by 3.9% per annum amid a  deepening decline in exports and imports. In May this year by May  2019, economic activity decreased by 12.8%, while only in May 2020 it  showed an increase of 13.3% (after the April decline of 13.5%). A  year earlier, during the same periods, economic activity showed  growth: in January-May 2019, by the same period of 2018, by 7.3%, the  same in May 2019 compared to May 2018, and only in May - by 8.4%.

From Ancient Armenia to South African Republic: Mastering the Secrets of Dried Fruit Production
 Monday, July 6 2020 17:53

ArmInfo.The practice of drying fruit in Armenia originated centuries ago. Back in the 5th century BC Greek historian Herodotus mentioned the sun-kissed dried fruit that was transported by Armenian merchants along with wine and other products.

Government will pay lump sum benefits to citizens who have lost their  jobs for the period from March 1 to June 30
 Monday, July 6 2020 14:56

ArmInfo.  As part of the 22nd  package of anti-crisis measures developed by the Armenian government  to mitigate the socio-economic consequences of the coronavirus  pandemic, citizens who lost their jobs for the period from March 1 to  June 30 this year will receive lump sum benefits. According to the  press service of the government, the amount of the benefit is 68  thousand drams.

"Luding" created a joint "Aivazovsky" brand with the Armenian MAP  plant and will promote it in Russia
 Monday, July 6 2020 12:11

ArmInfo. The Armenian brandy  segment remains attractive to large alcohol distributors. Thus,  Luding Group of Companies has created an Aivazovsky brand jointly  with the Armenian plant MAP CJSC for its promotion in Russia. In two  years, the partners intend to invest $ 10 million and bring the  product to the top three in the segment. Experts doubt success: many  consumers of such drinks switch to whiskey, and it will be difficult  to promote a new brand in conditions of advertising restrictions.

Under pandemic conditions, EU supports the Syrian Armenians in  developing their business
 Friday, July 3 2020 15:39

ArmInfo. From June 30 to July 2 an online pitching of business projects of self-employed Syrian Armenians, repatriates - residents of the SPARK program of the IRIS Business Incubator Fund was held.

EAEU lifts ban on export of cereals, flour and garlic
 Friday, July 3 2020 11:14

ArmInfo. A temporary ban on the  export from the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) of certain types of food products has been canceled, TASS reports.

Armenia and Iran discuss  possibility of implementing joint projects  in  field of transport and energy infrastructures
 Friday, July 3 2020 11:11

ArmInfo.   Minister of  Territorial Administration and Infrastructures of Armenia Suren  Papikyan during the meeting with   newly appointed Ambassador of the  Islamic Republic of Iran to the Republic of Armenia Abbas Badakhshan  Zohouri  expressed his conviction that the diplomat will contribute  to the expansion and deepening of the Armenian-Iranian long-term  relations. ArmInfo was informed about this in the press service of  the RA Ministry of Territorial Development.

Natural gas supplies to Armenia from Russia temporarily suspended
 Thursday, July 2 2020 16:56

ArmInfo.Natural gas supplies to Armenia from Russia have been temporarily suspended. This was reported by Gazprom Armenia CJSC.

A new sales control system at gas stations will be introduced in  Armenia
 Thursday, July 2 2020 16:00

ArmInfo. A new sales control  system at gas stations will be introduced in Armenia. This was  announced on July 2 during a government meeting by the head of the  bureau for coordinating the activities of inspection bodies Arthur  Asoyan.

SRC: The situation with the collection of taxes to the state budget  of Armenia causes some concern
 Thursday, July 2 2020 15:57

ArmInfo.The situation with the  collection of taxes to the state budget of Armenia causes some  concern. On July 2, after a government meeting, Chairman of the State  Revenue Committee of the Republic of Armenia, Eduard Hovhannisyan,  told reporters.



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