The company "Cascade Energy" in the implementation of the project to  modernize the electrical substation "Lich" will receive the right to  make purchases from one person

 Thursday, July 9 2020 16:34:00
The company

ArmInfo. The company "Cascade  Energy" in the implementation of the project to modernize the  electrical substation "Lich" will receive the right to make purchases  from one person. The corresponding decision was made at a meeting of  the RA Government on July 9.

"TRANSGAS" Co.Ltd. will transport gas at a tariff of 7790 drams per 1  thousand cubic meters
 Friday, June 19 2020 14:40

ArmInfo. TRANSGAS" Co.Ltd.,  which is part of Gazprom Armenia CJSC, will transport gas at a tariff  of 7790.88 drams per 1,000 cubic meters. The decision was made at a  meeting of the Public Service Regulation Commission (PSRC) on June  19.

PSRC: In Armenia electricity tariffs will not increase, at least  until February 1, 2021 
 Monday, June 8 2020 13:26

ArmInfo. In Armenia electricity  tariffs will not increase, at least until February 1, 2021. Chairman  of the Commission for Regulation of Public Services (PSRC) Garegin  Baghramyan announced this on June 8 in a conversation with reporters.

Armenian Ambassador and Iranian Oil Minister discuss Armenian-Iranian  gas program in exchange for electricity
 Monday, June 1 2020 15:37

ArmInfo.Armenia's Ambassador to Iran Artashes Tumanyan at a meeting with Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh noted that construction of the third power  transmission line between the two countries will be completed this  year, which will make it possible to fully use the capabilities of  the Armenian-Iranian gas pipeline, increasing several times volumes  of gas imported into Armenia and electricity in Iran.

"Ayg-1" industrial-scale solar power plant with a capacity of 200 MW  will be built in Armenia
 Thursday, May 21 2020 12:58

ArmInfo.Until October 27, 2020, the results of an international tender to select a company that will build a 200-megawatt Aig-1 solar power plant of industrial importance will be summed up in Armenia.

Forecast: Having embarked on the path of predecessors, the Armenian  authorities will again have a foreign policy circuit closed in Moscow
 Wednesday, May 20 2020 11:23

ArmInfo.The rhetoric of our leadership in "gas" relations with Russia, including within the framework of the EAEU, undoubtedly has its own logic. Secretary of  the Social Democratic Party ''Citizen's Decision'', economist Suren  Sahakyan expressed a similar opinion ArmInfo.

Expert: There are no single gas tariffs in the EAEU as of today and  there cannot be any
 Tuesday, May 19 2020 17:18

ArmInfo.. Commenting on the statement of the Armenian Prime Minister on the need to formulate single gas tariffs in the EAEU, it should be noted that there is no such issue on the agenda of the Union today and there  cannot be any  due to different levels of development and different models of  functioning of energy markets. Director of the Institute for Energy  Security, Doctor of Political Sciences Vahe Davtyan expressed a  similar opinion to ArmInfo.

Expert: Russia`s gas problems in Europe are limited to Poland and  Ukraine 
 Tuesday, May 19 2020 16:47

ArmInfo. Poland's decision to refuse from Russian gas in favor of the United States and Europe by 2022 has exclusively geopolitical motivation. 

Putin responds to Lukashenko and Pashinyan: Unified tariff for gas  transit in the EAEU can be introduced only with a single budget and  taxation
 Tuesday, May 19 2020 13:40

ArmInfo. A single gas transit tariff in the Eurasian Economic Union can be introduced only with a single budget and taxation. Russian President Vladimir Putin stated on May 19 during a meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council.

Pashinyan: A single energy market with non-discriminatory principles  of operation should become one of the foundations of the EAEU
 Tuesday, May 19 2020 13:38

ArmInfo. The public sector of Armenia in the context of the coronavirus pandemic works according to the hybrid method, combining work in the office and remotely, thus, the quarantine has been completely canceled in the country. The Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan announced this on May 19 at a  meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council.

Dates of Armenian NPP`s shutdown for preventive maintenance  rescheduled 
 Monday, May 18 2020 13:04

ArmInfo.The shutdown dates for preventive maintenance of the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant have been rescheduled. This was stated by the Chairman of the Nuclear Safety Committee of the Republic of Armenia Ashot Martirosyan in an interview with ArmInfo correspondent.

Armenia and Iran discussed opportunities to revitalize activities of  joint intergovernmental commission
 Monday, May 18 2020 11:05

ArmInfo. The diplomat of the Armenian Embassy in Iran Rudik Yaralyan met with Mohammad Ali Farahnakian, Senior Advisor of the Iranian Minister of Energy.   According to the Armenian Embassy in Iran, the meeting was held  thanks to preliminary agreements between the RA Ambassador to Iran  and the Minister of Energy of this country, and between the co-chairs  of the Armenian- Iranian intergovernmental commission.

Economist: Gazprom`s submission  is inappropriate and unacceptable
 Saturday, May 2 2020 11:02

ArmInfo. An application by Gazprom-Armenia, or rather Gazprom, to raise gas tariffs for Armenia is inappropriate and unacceptable. Such an  opinion was expressed to  ArmInfo economist Vahagn Khachatryan.

Power Transmission Project between Iran and Armenia Underway
 Wednesday, April 29 2020 20:59

ArmInfo.Armenian Ambassador to Iran Artashes Tumanyan stated that a joint project on  electric power transmission  between the two countries is underway, despite the coronavirus pandemic.

MP: The rise in price of goods is not a reason for bargaining on  Armenia`s sovereignty   
 Tuesday, April 28 2020 13:23

ArmInfo. The impossibility of reaching an agreement in accordance with our interests around any transaction cannot be the reason for bargaining on the sovereignty of  Armenia, member of the My Step parliamentary faction Hayk Gevorgyan  expressed a similar opinion to ArmInfo, commenting on the possibility  of raising gas prices in the country.  

Nikol Pashinyan: We can not allow Armenia`s energy system to collapse
 Tuesday, April 28 2020 12:58

ArmInfo.Unfortunately, in a crisis situation, when you solve one issue, another immediately arises and a peculiar chain develops, Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan said on the air on Facebook.

MP: Russia decided to leave the gas price for Armenia at the same  level, which could adversely affect the country`s economy 
 Wednesday, April 22 2020 14:07

ArmInfo. Under COVID-19  pandemic conditions, Russia decided to leave the gas price for  Armenia at the same level, which could adversely affect the country's  economy. On April 22, MP Arman Babajanyan stated this from the  rostrum of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia. 

Expert: New tariffs proposed by Gazprom Armenia will entail serious  socio-economic problems
 Wednesday, April 22 2020 11:55

ArmInfo.Lavrov's statement on the price of gas supplied to Armenia with an emphasis on the problems of the functioning of Russian companies in Armenia was more than  expected. Doctor of Political Sciences, President of the Institute  for Energy Security Vahe Davtyan expressed a similar opinion to  ArmInfo.

Transparency Initiative to cover the Armenian Energy sector
 Friday, April 17 2020 11:23

ArmInfo.The Armenian parliament at the meeting on April 17 in the second and final reading amended the law "On Energy".

Belarus followed the example of Armenia
 Thursday, April 9 2020 17:58

ArmInfo. Following Armenia, Belarus also turned to the Russian Gazprom with a proposal to lower gas prices.

Expert: There is hope that Moscow will demonstrate understanding on  the issue of gas prices for Armenia
 Thursday, April 9 2020 15:18

ArmInfo. There is hope that Moscow will demonstrate understanding on the issue of gas prices for Armenia Ara Marjanyan, UN National Expert on Energy Issues expressed a similar opinion during the video bridge organized by the Hadvac3 club.



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