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Armenian NPP takes measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus

 Wednesday, April 1 2020 15:24:00
Armenian NPP takes measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus

ArmInfo.Given the current situation in Armenia related to the spread of coronavirus, the leadership of the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant is taking all possible  measures to implement the unhindered operation of the nuclear power  plant and monitor the health status of employees. In the current  situation, a headquarters was created at the ANPP, which implements  measures aimed at preventing the spread of the virus.

Gazprom Armenia CJSC plans to revise gas tariffs
 Wednesday, April 1 2020 14:30

ArmInfo. Gazprom Armenia CJSC applied to the Public Services Regulatory Commission to review gas tariffs.

Economist: New "gas negotiations" with Gazprom are logical
 Tuesday, March 31 2020 16:21

ArmInfo. The new "gas negotiations" with Gazprom are logical in a situation when the  pricing of natural gas has already changed by 180 degrees and  continues to change from day to day. Economist Vahagn Khachatryan  expressed a similar opinion to ArmInfo.

President of Belarus and Prime Minister of Armenia noted overestimated  level of prices for natural gas
 Tuesday, March 31 2020 15:04

ArmInfo.A telephone conversation between the President of Belarus and the Prime Minister of Armenia took place on March 31 at the initiative of the Armenian  side.  BelTA  by the reference of the press service of Belarusian  Leader reports..  According to the source, Alexander Lukashenko and  Nikol Pashinyan discussed the functioning of the economy in the  current difficult conditions, noting the existing serious problems  and difficulties.

Gazprom Armenia will refrain from suspending the gas supply to  consumers in case of untimely payment for services rendered
 Friday, March 27 2020 12:54

ArmInfo.Gazprom Armenia CJSC will refrain from suspending the gas supply process to consumers in case of untimely payment for the services rendered. This was said in  a statement.

Armenia increased liquefied gas supplies
 Monday, March 9 2020 18:27

ArmInfo. In 2019, Armenia slightly reduced natural gas imports by 0.3% - to 2,499,947 cubic meters. The customs value of imported natural gas increased by 11.1%,  amounting to $ 417.6 million.

Transparency Initiative Will Extend to Armenian Energy Sector
 Wednesday, March 4 2020 10:59

ArmInfo. At the March 4 meeting, with a reservation in the second and final reading, the  Armenian parliament voted against the amendments to the law "On  Energy".

General Director: Armenian NPP will not be able to complete the  program to extend the life of the second power unit without Rosatom`s participation 
 Friday, February 28 2020 17:58

ArmInfo. The Armenian NPP will not be able to complete the program to extend the life of the second power unit without the participation of Rosatom. director general of  the station Movses Vardanyan said in a conversation with ArmInfo  correspondent.  According to him, without the participation of  "Hydropress", "Atomenergoremont" and "Rusatom Service", it is  impossible to complete the program.

Ambassador: The issue of Russian gas supplies to Armenia will not  become a bone of contention between Moscow and Yerevan
 Thursday, February 27 2020 17:32

ArmInfo.The issue of Russian gas supplies to Armenia will not become a bone of contention between Moscow and Yerevan. Russian ambassador to Armenia Sergey  Kopyrkin said this in an interview with reporters on February 27,  answering a corresponding question.

RA Government exempts ``High Voltage Electric Networks`` CJSC from  paying dividends to state budget
 Thursday, February 27 2020 17:24

ArmInfo.The Government of Armenia made a decision on exemption of High Voltage Electric Networks CJSC according to the results of 2018 from dividends payable  to the state budget in the amount of 1,240,547.0 thousand drams. This  is stated in the certificate - justification of the draft decision of  the Government of the Republic of Armenia.

Armenian MPs intend to limit wages of top managers of large energy  companies
 Wednesday, February 26 2020 15:35

ArmInfo.The MPs of the Armenian parliament intend to limit the salaries of top managers of large energy companies. Amendments to the law "On Energy" were  discussed at a meeting of the parliamentary Standing Committee on  Economic Affairs on February 26.

The list of goods and equipment purchased for the development of  renewable energy sources will be determined by the RA Government
 Thursday, February 13 2020 11:08

ArmInfo.The list of goods and equipment purchased by companies for state needs in order to develop energy-saving technologies and renewable energy sources will  be determined by the RA government. The RA National Assembly at the  plenary meeting on February 13 in the first reading amended the law  "On Energy Saving and Renewable Energy Sources".

Mnatsakanyan: Armenia highly appreciates the role of the IAEA and  continuous support aimed at ensuring the highest safety standards for  the Armenian NPP
 Monday, February 10 2020 20:15

ArmInfo. As a strong supporter of the non-proliferation policy, Armenia confirms its full commitment to the Non-Proliferation Treaty and other relevant treaties, as well as to the IAEA safeguards agreements and the Additional Protocol. Speaking  at the international conference on nuclear safety ICONS2020, Armenian  Foreign Minister Zohrab Mnatsakanyan stated.

Timur Urazaev: For its part Kazakhstan has entirely completed the  agreement on petroleum products with Armenia 
 Thursday, January 30 2020 17:34

ArmInfo.Work on a draft agreement on the import of petroleum products into Armenia continues and, in principle, is in the final stage at which it was at the end  of last year. Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Armenia Timur Urazaev  stated this in an interview with ArmInfo correspondent.

Gromyko: EAEU cannot be considered a full-fledged union without a  unified energy strategy
 Thursday, January 30 2020 14:02

ArmInfo. The EAEU, like any other integration union, cannot be a full-fledged without a single energy strategy and, accordingly, infrastructure. Alexey     Gromyko,   Chairman of the Gromyko Association for Foreign Policy Studies  (AFPS) and Director of the Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy  of Sciences expressed a similar opinion to ArmIn fo.

MP: Armenian NPP is paid for work that has not been completed until  the end
 Friday, January 24 2020 14:10

ArmInfo. Despite the incompleteness of the program, the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant is already making loan payments of $ 270 million, previously provided by  the Government of the Russian Federation to extend the life of the  Armenian NPP. On January 24, Mikayel Melkumyan, Chairof the Standing  Committee on Regional and Eurasian Integration, said this from the  rostrum of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia.

Economist: Unlike its predecessors, the new government of Armenia has  no personal interest in the "gas talks."
 Friday, January 24 2020 13:01

ArmInfo. Unlike its predecessors, the current Armenian government does not have a  personal interest in negotiations with Gazprom. We have repeatedly  had the opportunity to make sure that the previous authorities had a  similar personal interest in pricing natural gas for our consumers. A  similar opinion was expressed by ArmInfo economist Vahagn  Khachatryan.  

Will the Transparency Initiative be extended to the field of Armenian  energy?
 Friday, January 24 2020 11:26

ArmInfo.It is planned that the Transparency Initiative will be extended to the sphere of  Armenian energy. At a meeting on January 24, the country's parliament  continued discussions on amendments to the law "On Energy".

Forecast: Possible increase in the cost of gas for the Armenian  consumer will not exceed 4-4.5%
 Thursday, January 23 2020 13:33

ArmInfo.A possible increase in the cost of gas for the Armenian consumer, according to my calculations, will not exceed 4-4.5%. MP of the National Assembly of  Armenia from the 'My Step" bloc Hayk Gevorgyan expressed a similar  opinion to ArmInfo.

Armenia is negotiating with "Gazprom" on developing  mechanisms for fixed gas pricing for a period of 10 years
 Saturday, January 18 2020 14:48

ArmInfo. Armenia is negotiating with Gazprom subsidiary "Gazprom" to develop fixed-pricing mechanisms for gas for a period of 10 years in case the  company declares a tariff increase. This was announced on Saturday by  Chairman of the Commission for the Regulation of Public Services  Garegin Baghramyan.

Gazprom Armenia does not exclude the possibility of applying to PSRC with a request for a change in gas tariffs
 Friday, January 17 2020 13:30

ArmInfo. Gazprom Armenia  CJSC does not exclude the possibility of applying to the Public  Services Regulatory Commission with a request to review gas tariffs. 


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