Statistical Committee of Armenia presented data on alcohol production

 Wednesday, October 7 2020 10:37:00
Statistical Committee of Armenia presented data on alcohol production

ArmInfo.  In January-August  2020, according to the data of the Statistical Committee of the  Republic of Armenia, 21.6 million liters were produced in Armenia.  cognac, which is 12% less than a year ago (against 44.5% growth a  year earlier).

Production of aluminum foil in Armenia increased by 14%
 Tuesday, October 6 2020 17:59

ArmInfo. The production of aluminum foil in Armenia in January-August 2020 compared to the same period in 2019 increased by 14%, with a volume of 23.515 thousand  tons provided. This is evidenced by the data of the RA Statistical  Committee.

Electricity generation in Armenia increased by 1.9% in 8 months
 Monday, October 5 2020 19:18

ArmInfo. Electricity generation in Armenia in January-August 2020 amounted to 5104.8 million kWh,  increased by 1.9% in y-o-y turns  (against the decline  by 3.5% a year earlier), and  in August  alone increased by 1.6% - up  to 656.4 million kWh.

Y-o-y inflation was 1.4%, with a 9-month deflation of 1.4% in  Armenia`s consumer market in September
 Monday, October 5 2020 15:31

ArmInfo. In the consumer market of Armenia in January-September 2020, a deflation of 1.4% was recorded, against deflationary 2.1% in the same period of 2019. This  was triggered by a decrease in prices for food products (including  alcohol and cigarettes) by 4.1% and non-food products by 0.3%, while  tariffs for services increased by 1.3%.

Armenia`s foreign trade deficit increased by 13% in August 2020
 Friday, September 25 2020 18:04

ArmInfo. A more impressive decline in imports compared to exports reduced Armenia's foreign trade deficit in January-August 2020 by 18% per annum. At the same  time, in August 2020 alone, the growth of this indicator accelerated  to 13% from 7% in July, against the background of a more accelerated  growth of imports than exports. And in August 2020, compared to  August 2019, the foreign trade deficit decreased by 5% as a result of  an almost equal decline in exports and imports.

During COVID outbreak, Armenia significantly increased imports of  wheat, barley and buckwheat
 Monday, September 14 2020 20:29

ArmInfo.During the period of the state of emergency declared in the country due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, Armenia significantly increased imports of wheat, barley and buckwheat.

Alcoholic beverages industry in Armenia is experiencing a negative  trend and difficulties with ensuring former volumes due to the COVID  crisis
 Wednesday, September 9 2020 22:59

ArmInfo.The coronavirus crisis has seriously affected the alcoholic beverages industry in Armenia - the alcohol market is experiencing a negative trend, and  restrictive measures that lasted for months make it impossible to  restore the former production and sales volumes. In particular, in  January-July 2020, the dynamics of absolutely all alcoholic beverages  produced in the country turned towards a decline, whereas a year  earlier, in the same period, a significant increase was recorded.

In the conditions of COVID-19, the catering sector registered a  significant decline
 Wednesday, September 9 2020 17:52

ArmInfo.In Armenia, the service sector in January-July 2020 reduced volumes by 9.3% per annum - to 968.7 billion drams ($ 2 billion), against 15.2% growth a year  earlier. According to the data of the RA Statistical Committee, in  July the volume of provided services increased slightly - by 0.9%,  amounting to 139.7 billion drams ($ 288.4 million).

Revenue of Armenian trade sector decreased by 11%
 Wednesday, September 9 2020 12:54

ArmInfo.In January-July 2020, the revenue of the trading sector of Armenia decreased by 11% (against 8.9% growth in the previous year), amounting to 1.5  trillion.  drams ($ 3.1 billion), of which 255.3 billion drams were  provided in July with a slowdown in monthly growth to 11.7% from  14.3% in June. According to the Statistical Committee of the Republic  of Armenia, such dynamics was provoked by the reversal of the  dynamics of retail and wholesale trade from growth to decline, as  well as the continuing subsidence of the purchase / sale of cars.

Passenger traffic declines with an increase in cargo traffic
 Wednesday, September 9 2020 10:36

ArmInfo.The volume of cargo transportation in Armenia in January-July 2020 to the same period in 2019 increased by 3.4% (against 55.7% decline a year  earlier), amounting to 7745.1 thousand tons. Of these, 61.6% or  4774.4 thousand tons are accounted for by road transport with an  annual growth of only 0.2%. This is evidenced by the data of the RA  Statistical Committee.

Telecommunications revenue of Armenia is sinking
 Wednesday, September 9 2020 10:36

ArmInfo.Revenue in the communications sector of Armenia in January-July 2020 in comparison with the same period of 2019, it sank by 4.5% (against 1.5% growth a  year earlier), amounting to 80.7 billion drams. This is evidenced by  the data of the RA Statistical Committee.

Armenia`s metallurgical industry accelerates growth
 Wednesday, September 9 2020 10:35

ArmInfo.Metallurgical industry of Armenia in January-July 2020 accelerated y-o-y growth from 1.2% to 13.2%.

19.530 children were born in Armenia in the first 7 months
 Tuesday, September 8 2020 14:59

ArmInfo. In January-July 2020, the viability ratio, that is, the ratio of births to deaths, amounted to 114.0% compared to 122.7% in the same period last year, the RA Statistical Committee reports.

Electricity production in Armenia increased by 3.4% in January-July  2020
 Monday, September 7 2020 20:41

ArmInfo.In January-July 2020, Armenia generated 4,448.4 million kWh. electricity, which is 3.4% higher than a year ago (against a decline of 5% a year earlier).  According to the data of the Statistical Committee of the Republic of  Armenia, in July alone, electricity generation increased by 16.2% -  to 646.3 million kWh.

Processing  industry in Armenia is sinking
 Monday, September 7 2020 20:39

ArmInfo. The volume of industrial production in Armenia in January-July 2020 against the same period of 2019 increased by 1.3% (against 8.4% growth a year  earlier), amounting to 1.1 trillion. drams ($ 2.2 billion). According  to the data of the Statistical Committee of the Republic of Armenia,  the slowdown in growth is due to the subsidence of the manufacturing  industry volumes while the dynamics of the mining industry improves.

"Armenal" confidently increasing  production of foil
 Monday, September 7 2020 20:18

ArmInfo.In Armenia, the production of aluminum foil in January-July 2020 compared to the same period in 2019 showed high growth rates - by 13.1% to 20,505 tons, against 3.5% decline a year earlier. This is evidenced by the data of  the RA Statistical Committee.  According to statistics, in July  alone, the production of aluminum foil increased by 4.7%, amounting  to 3,062 tons.

Armenia reduced external debt to Russia for the first half of 2020 by  5.3% - to $ 378 million
 Monday, September 7 2020 20:17

ArmInfo. Armenia's foreign debt to Russia decreased in the first half of 2020 by 5.3% - to $ 378 million, but the debt increased by 20% on an annualized basis.  In the first half of the year, the external debt to Germany (KfW) was  also reduced by 2% to $ 373 million, to Japan (JICA) - by 0.5% to $  224.3 million, to the United States - by 7% to $ 15.5 million, and  the debt to France, on the contrary, it grew by 8.5% - up to $ 137.9  million. This is evidenced by the data of the RA Statistical Committee.

Economic activity decreased by 5.7% in Armenia in Jan-July 2020
 Monday, September 7 2020 17:48

ArmInfo. In Armenia, economic activity in January-July 2020 decreased by 5.7%, and the only sectors that kept growing were the industrial sector and the energy complex. 

In consumer market of Armenia, y-o-y inflation in Aug 2020 amounted  to 1.8%, with deflationary 1.2% in Jan-Aug
 Thursday, September 3 2020 20:33

ArmInfo. In the consumer  market of Armenia in January-August 2020, a deflation of 1.2% was  recorded, against a 2.3% deflation in the same period of 2019. This  was triggered by a decline in prices for food products (including  alcohol and cigarettes) by 3.4% and non-food products by 0.6%, while  tariffs for services increased by 1%. According to the Statistical  Committee of the Republic of Armenia, on an annualized basis  (compared to January-August 2019), the consumer market recorded  inflation of 0.8% (against inflation of 1.8% a year ago), which was  facilitated by the rise in prices for food and non-food products by  05% and 0.8%, respectively, and an increase in tariffs for services  by 1.3%. The average monthly decline in prices on the consumer market  amounted to 0.2% in January-August 2020, against 0.3% decline a year  earlier.

In H1 2020, Armenia increased the export of aluminum foil by 3% amid  reducing the customs value
 Thursday, September 3 2020 15:32

ArmInfo. In the 1st half of 2020, 17.3 thousand tons of aluminum foil were exported from Armenia, which is 3% higher than a year ago (against 0.8% growth a year  earlier). At the same time, in monetary terms, the export of foil  showed a decline of 8.1% per annum - to $ 45.8 million.

Armenia`s national debt grew by 14% per annum by August and almost  reached $ 8 billion
 Thursday, August 20 2020 17:01

ArmInfo. The national debt of Armenia, having increased by 8.4% in January-July 2020 (against growth by 0.9% a year earlier), exceeded the level of $ 7.9 billion (3.9 trillion AMD).



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